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Random Bars In Sai Thong (Koh Tao)

View from a restaurant/bar in Koh Tao.

On the complex of Sai Thong where we are staying in Koh Tao there are a few bars. The Banana Bar is a great little setup positioned right on the edge of the coast surrounded by huge natural boulders and twisted organic trees, it couldn’t be a better place to kick back, relax and unwind with a cocktail or two watching the sunset. A bit further up the sandy hill surrounded by very tall impressive ... Read More »

Routine And Bromantic Stroll In Koh Tao


Well I did my usual routine this morning of awaking at 9:30 am in our beach bungalow to the loud noise of the waves lapping on our secluded beach and the sound of a gecko blasting out a large screechy sound. There is much more wind in the Mai Thong resort compared to New Hut in Koh Samui and provides us with a great cooling breeze throughout the night-heaven. We have still been extremely fortunate ... Read More »

A Quick Note On Toilets In Thailand

toilet 2

So if you were or are as ill prepared as we were then you will not know what anything about the toilet situation and facilities in Thailand. I am basing this brief post solely on the places we have visited so far which are Bangkok, Koh Samui and Koh Tao and on the whole the toilets come in three forms. First up is the  ‘Hover hole’ as I call it, this has been spotted only ... Read More »

Half Moon Half Toe!!!!!!


With a fairly decent hangover, or as we have been informed ‘Changover’, the day of the Half Moon party had arrived. Hair of the dog and a Burmese curry probably wasn’t the best way to start my day but I’m pretty sure it was the afternoon by the time we reached the restaurant/pool so it was a fairly guilt free breakfast!!! The Coral Bungalows isn’t exactly the traveller’s rest bite and its fair to say ... Read More »

Internet And Power Points In Thailand So Far…


Internet – Wi-Fi so far has been either free, charged at a fee (usually 1 baht per minute, so £1.20 an hour), or by using the dongle… (still acquiring prices for this option). It is also important to note that most guest houses, bungalows only have one or two power points and are on opposite sides of the room, so invest in a multi-way extension lead (280 baht for a four-way is cheapest I have ... Read More »

Three Weeks Down…


and we definitely don’t miss….. 1/ British food 2/ Chavs 3/ Shit Weather 4/ Boredom 5/ Cost of British/European Living 6/Words Like ‘innit’ (I use the fact I called that a ‘word’ loosely) Things we are adjusting to….! 1/ Increasingly fuzzy and curly hair 2/ How the diet comes out the other end (to be fair this now seems to have sorted itself out)! 3/ Climate 4/ Cheap beer and spirits…….don’t get us wrong we ... Read More »

Ma leçon De Français, Seconde Partie


Le présent (The present tense) My second lesson with Nelly where I attempt the present tense!! Apparently I can go far with these, so I will learn these bad boys as best I can. Vouloir (to want) Je veux Tu veux Il/Elle veut Nous Voulons Vous Voulez Ils/elles veulent Avoir (to have) J’ai Tu as Il/elle a Nous avons Vous avez Ils/elles ont Faire (to do) Je fais Tu fais Il/elle fait Nous faisons Vous ... Read More »

Koh Samui…Chaweng Curb Action And Sunrise In The Sea!


The next three days and nights in Koh Samui were better than are day of arrival, we were fresher, and less tired and couldn’t help but meet new people. Just sitting outside our tepee at the ’New Hut’ was enough to establish some decent banter with whoever passed us by. Unlike Scotty (who is still going through the burning/browning up stage) I found myself slowly falling into a pattern of sunning up as much as ... Read More »

Beds, Beards and Bartos!


So among all what we are hoping is useful information it’s always good to have a pile of nonsense just to give you little insights into the kind of idiots we are! First of all Ian seems to getting beaten with the lethargy stick pretty hard and so often he can be seen lying on beaches, floors and basically anywhere looking for a quick snooze. This is undoubtedly due to the heat (having a Haribo ... Read More »

More Koh Samui…Sun, Sea And Random Crab Claws :)


The first day after establishing our accommodation was as you can imagine a sunshine filled event, and at a sweltering 33 degrees you can imagine we didn’t do much more other than sample the beach on our doorstep and test out the sea temperature. Well that sea was warmer than most baths I have had so there was no question I was going to be spending quite some time in there. Crystal clear for about ... Read More »

This Is My Hammock, There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine!!!!!


The trip from Koh Samui to Koh Tao is pretty easy. The boat takes a little while, say 1 hour maximum from Koh Samui to Koh Phanang and 2 hour maximum from Koh Phanang to Koh Tao. There are quicker ways of doing this as you can get a faster boat which goes direct (no Koh Phanang stop) but this costs 750 Baht (£15) per person, as opposed to the 420 Baht (around £8.40) we ... Read More »

My Reoccurring Dream


I’m no psychologist, as much as I’d like to think I am (and sometimes I do), but I’m pretty sure my warped OCD ridden, puerile mind can actually work this one out. I keep having a reoccurring dream that for some reason I have to fly back to England. I must have had this around 4 times now. One time it has been because I had to work for two more days and then I ... Read More »

More Of Koh Samui…

samui night

I have delayed this post so I have a good few things to cover over the last few days since we arrived at ‘New Hut’ in Lamai. So with the evenings we have had an assortment of activities ranging from eating beautiful seafood to a very French evening with some people we have met on the beach at an Italian restaurant. Oh we also had a random funny night out in Chaweng where we ended ... Read More »

Jeep, Pizza & Thai Kick Boxing


As the evening drew in we took to our hut to chill out with a classic past time of ours, watching stupid YouTube clips and having a beer. Got to recommend this… It gets better the further in you go. Was loving the Napoleon Dynamite one, the simple stupid ones are the best! Anyway we were due to be picked up tonight by Nelly (our new French friend) and her friends Jeff, Alexander and ... Read More »

Khaosan Road, Ping Pong Show And The London Lady Killer Part 2

khaosan road night

Right I’ve been assigned to take over part two of this, mainly because I saw more of the ping pong show than Ian. You can make your own minds up whether the reasoning is I’m more perverted or Ian’s sexuality may be in question!!! So from eating the crickets we started to trek back down Khaosam road, a bit of an aimless wonder at this point but then we started to hear the familiar noise ... Read More »

My French Lesson (Ma leçon de français) number 1


So this is my quick lesson on how to get by in French abroad by my new friend Nelly…Thrpughout the day Scotty and I were joined by Nelly, she loves to travel and I presented her with my best efforts of the French language, my first two words were ‘gomme’ and ‘stylo’…meaning ‘eraser’ and ‘pen’…this was what I attained from my GCSE French for two years. However, as she spoke to me throughout the day ... Read More »

Crab vs Bull


Today we had breakfast (and sliming vanity driven fruit smoothie for Ian and an attempted healthy but gone wrong somewhere, pineapple pancake with honey) and followed it with a very bromantic stroll down the beach….just to give you an insight into what we talk about, we were discussing who would win in a fight between a crab (of large size) and a bull, as I was laughing at Lee Evan’s joke about how hard a ... Read More »

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