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Perth Update & New Plans


Well at this point we have both managed to find ourselves some work. Having had two interviews at bars in central Perth and an area north of Northbridge I took the position as bartender at a place called the Queens Tavern. A pretty cool bar consisting of two floors, good food and live music from time to time. There were a few reasons I chose this bar. The first and foremost is the fact that ... Read More »

Back In Perth And Back To Blogging!!!

The bus we took from Perth to Hopetoun and back.....around 7-8 hours!

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted anything sadly but that is the joys of travelling combined with the inevitable looking for work in Australia. Perth the first time around for me, before we headed to Hopetoun, was only a flying visit so it was difficult to get any real kind of scope on what it had to offer. When we arrived back into Perth after our 7 hour Transwa bus ride from ... Read More »

Hostel Review For Perth


This is by no means going to be a comprehensive hostel review, mainly because we have only actually stayed at 2 so far! The two we have stayed at, or perhaps I should say the misfortune to stay at, are ‘The Rainbow Lodge’ and ‘The Underground Backpackers’ The first thing to note before I do a review is that both hostels come as a shock after having travelled around South East Asia, and that’s not ... Read More »

Job Seeking In Perth


As we are currently in the Aussie winter at the moment our original plan to do some seasonal work right away had to be put on the back burner. This isn’t to say that there is non available as there is some farm work going, mostly pruning in preparation for the spring, but it is not as booming or easy to find as it would become the summer months. If you do want t do ... Read More »

Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 2.


Waking up for day 2 started with a hangover complimentary breakfast, a breakfast which you also make yourself, don’t worry though you don’t need to be Heston for this, it’s nothing more than toast with either egg or jam…..and as much tea, coffee and water as you want……but the important thing is it is complimentary!!!! It’s also worth mentioning that the breakfast is outside on the water front and so you couldn’t ask for a ... Read More »

Heading Back To Perth


As we are having an epic chill out session in Hopetoun in among all the bbqs and quad riding, we have started looking into finding some work. We had originally thought about heading to Adelaide as it would take us further along the South Coast towards the East so that once we had worked for a couple of months we would be getting close to places like Melbourne for when the weather started to warm ... Read More »

Scotty Dogg’s Birthday In Hopetoun

My birthday cake being presented to me from the legend Ashleigh.

Well I can imagine that Scotty wasn’t expecting this time last year that he would be here in Western Australia celebrating his birthday; I say celebrating but he is a Grinch so just getting through his day would be a more fitting sentence . Ashleigh woke up with her little boy to buy Scott some essentials for his day of hopefully spotting whales in Fitzgerald which is just around the corner from Hopetoun where we ... Read More »

Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 1.


I have no idea how far along our journey to Singapore Ian has written about, 1/ because I don’t read his posts and 2/ because even though he is right next to me as I write this it is too much effort to engage him to ask!!! So I’ll pick up from the point our train from Kuala Lumpur arrived at Singapore station. 10 minutes before arriving at the main station there is a much ... Read More »

From Perth To Ravensthorpe To Visit Ashleigh (Friend From Home) ;)

Ready to get going.

The night’s sleep was a mixed bag really; the dorm in itself holds a variety of people, some travellers some odd bods and also the people who work and use the dorm because it is cheaper for them than to be placed further away for work. Many of the people using the dorms who stay in the bottom bunk bed will hand towels and drapes around their beds to section themselves off from the rest ... Read More »

From Perth Airport To The Hostel…Not Asia Prices Anymore!!! :(

vangvieng night scene

After landing and sorting ourselves out to readjust to the fact that we were no longer in Asia we had to figure out what to do for accommodation in Perth for a couple of nights before we headed off to see Ashleigh in Ravensthorpe in the deep south of Western Australia. We couldn’t get any Wi-Fi on our phones at Perth International airport but we did see three spare ‘FREE WIFI’ computers sitting there near ... Read More »

Sorry I Think I Misheard You……How Many Thousand Feet Up Are We?!?!?!

Cloud View

Well we’ve finally made it through South East Asia and down into Australia and to my joy with a fairly minimal amount of flying. Having conquered the initial 11 and a half hour flight over in a fairly decent and ‘sturdy’ plane (I emphasise sturdy as I’m still not convinced these things should be in the air or that at any given point some important piece, e.g. the wing, is about to fall off sending ... Read More »

Scott’s All-in-One Spanish Lesson Curtosy Of Nelly…

Here is a picture of our very own French and Spanish teacher Nelly.

Bilingual Nelly is also trying to sort Scott’s life out for him too as he said he wouldn’t mind trying to learn Spanish to woo an unsuspecting South American at a later stage in his life…Personally i think he needs to sort his gut out first then start becoming the silver tongued maverick he’s always dreamed of being. Either way this is what he touched upon with Nelly in the time we travelled together..Thanks Nelly ... Read More »

Strange Times


Now it’s obviously a little too early into the transition (if it can even really be called that given the length of time I was in South East Asia) to really be able to have felt or experienced a change now that I have arrived in Perth, but throughout the day there has been a definite strange feeling in my gut. This isn’t to say I have diarrhoea of course, but that there is an ... Read More »

Leçon de français 3…Thank you Nelly (Crutchy)

It all seems to be getting a bit much for Thomo, check out the head in hand situation!

This my third French lesson which Nelly has kindly written for me and emailed from the most appropriate place to receive a French lesson from…France. These are the words which I attempted to learn in Koh Samui and Koh Tao whilst Nelly travelled with us. I am only slightly better than when I started but Nelly I appreciate every French related email you send me…So here’s to you Bonjour Ian, Bon, je vais essayer d’écrire pour ... Read More »

Pre Perth Nerves… :( (But All Good In The End)


Before leaving Bali to go to Perth I have to admit I was quite nervous about the whole thing with regards to you needing a certain amount of attainable money within your current account to be granted access as an Australian citizen. I read online before I embarked on my travels that you need 3000 Australian Dollars and the most I read about was 5000 British pounds, so before I even began I had these ... Read More »

How to Wii $250

During our first (and main for now) day around Perth we were approached on the street by a girl working for Citibank offering us to win $250. Me being the sceptic I immediately thought this was some sort of scam or impossible to win and so didn’t really think much of it. We asked what we had to do to get this ‘$250’ and were told if we could beat the score on Wii Basket ... Read More »

The Death Of My Netbook In Kuala Lumpur :(

Thomo got carried away trying to fix his Netbook....yes he is as dumb s he looks!

During the trip from Phi Phi to Kuala Lumpur we took various modes of transport. There was the initial ferry from Phi Phi docks which lasted around an hour and a half, followed by about 3 other minibuses and a VIP coach which took us across the border into Kuala Lumpur. It was the ferry which began the slow and painful death of my computer when I decided to sleep on the top deck at ... Read More »

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