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Moto Bi Yo….Da Lat, Vietnam


Two days ago we were in Da Lat and finally got off our asses and did some touristy stuff, this came in the form of a day out on the back of a motorbike, known within tourist/Vietnam travelling as ‘Easy Rider’ type tours. We had already been approached by numerous random, not to mention pushy and over excited, Vietnamese guys who will get out a sketch pad reminiscent of something a 12 year old girl ... Read More »

Price List For Vietnam


Here is a list of prices which I have gathered in the last week during my stay so far in Vietnam. I t appears to be cheaper for most things than other countries in South East Asia but there are many things which aren’t as cheap. Hope fully this list will allow you to budget your trip a little easier… 20000 Vietnamese Dong = $1 USD Cigarettes Marlboro Light = 23000 (These and Dunhill are ... Read More »

Thomo On Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)- Initial Day And First Steps In The Big City…

A shot from our hotel room having just arrived in Ho Chi Minh.

Well where do I start with this famous city routed in the southern regions of Vietnam? Are there a lot of motorbikes? YES. Are there lots of massage parlours? YES. Are there seedy old men with dyed comb overs picking up hot chicks on mopeds or carrying around large holdalls where the contents are unknown? YES. This type of atmosphere alongside things like… People sleeping rough People offering you sunglasses/lighters/tobacco/hats/fans and Marajuana Lots of poverty ... Read More »

Mile High Toilet Head Club


It has fallen on me (a usual) to write up our journey to get to Vietnam. This is usually due to the fact that Ian sleeps through most of our travelling and this time is no exception. Plus if something sh#t is going to happen to anyone on the trip it is going to be me!!! The night before we left Perth was a Friday night which meant we could leave on a bang and ... Read More »

Grainne On Vietnam!

Such a great photo....fingers crossed Grainne never finds this on the website!

Grainne is a legend and we had the honour of travelling with her and Ciara whilst we were slumming it around Thailand and various other parts of Asia…If you read this Grainne then please pass comment on your amazing hair do which as you know was captured in Singapore. This list was given to us by Grainne and we will try to utilise this as best we can! I hope this helps other people also ... Read More »

Roll On Vietnam!!

Ian trying to touch my beard, why? I have no idea!

Today was my second to last day with work at West Coast Liquor and it is only 2 days until Vietnam. It was a bit of a hazy day and it wasn’t too busy so in my mind I was getting psyched for all the things I was about to experience in a country I have always wanted to visit. Pete, the accountant for the company, is a regular visitor to Vietnam and he has ... Read More »

My Moment Of Reflection – Travelling Is The Way Forward

Warning: Travelling may make you look like this!

I’m lying in my bottom bunk of the Billabong hostel in Perth having missed my shift at work due to my alarm not going off. The stress of knowing you have let someone down is not nice and it has brought back memories from when I was working my 7-3 job back in England. It has further enforced my belief that life is just too short to work a job where your heart isn’t 100 ... Read More »

Travelling Tunes


I know what we (mostly me) are listening to really isn’t of any great importance, but as I love music and I have already previously put up a list of tunes, I thought it about time for an new one. There’s a pretty eclectic mix here ranging from Hip Hop to Acoustic Folk, hopefully there’s a little something for everyone and maybe something you didn’t know but will like. Anyway as before here is the list and please feel ... Read More »

Fremantle Day Out…

A cool bit of street art we found whilst wondering around Fremantle.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Fremantle was to walk towards the market to look for this illusive t-shirt printing booth to hopefully get our new promo designs made up. The weather was great and the town was busy with crowds of people all enjoying coffee, alcohol (to run along with Oktoberfest)and the odd street artist who is usually located on the corner where the internal Fremantle market lies. The street performer for ... Read More »

Our Day Out In Fremantle (Freo)…

View of the train station at Fremantle.

Sadly today I woke up with a slight ‘goon’ hangover to the sound of Scotty snoring in the squeaky bunk bed above me, these two factors combined drove me to reach for the laptop and mess around online as I got my head together. After we both gathered our little see through bags full of basic cutlery (standard within hostels in Perth) we went down stairs at 9:50 to grab some breakfast which I have ... Read More »

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Today was the market and as the name would suggest it is on a Saturday and a Sunday. We have to admit we were pretty worn this day following our partying first few nights and were getting through the morning relying on a cool shower, a couple of pain killers and as much water as you can humanly take on. We were once again lucky enough to have our new found friends and guides, Jesus ... Read More »

Thomo’s Bucket List – I Won’t Stop Until I Nail This List!!!

This is the closest thing to a 'Bucket List' you will see from Ian!!!!

So for anyone who is unsure what a ‘Bucket List’ is I will tell you. It is a list of things you would like to do before your life is well and truly over. Many people write just a few things where as others have many hundreds…I have decided to sit in the middle and go for my 101 things to do before I become just another tombstone in an overly well preened cemetery. The beauty of ... Read More »

Finally Part Three of Cottesloe Beach :)

The sun starting to set on Cottesloe beach.

Right I’m back in the game now…So if you like the look of hunks in trunks and an abundance of six packs ranging from a teenager right up to the 50+ male who is desperately holding onto one then Cottesloe beach could definitely be the place for you to people watch whilst absorbing some pretty impressive rays. In amongst the six packs, bikers and fish and chip shops (spanning about 1000 yards) you will also ... Read More »

Cottesloe Beach: Part Deux…

Cottesloe beach on a sunny day.

After the whole episode of Scotty acting up (or not as he argues) on the train we walked off onto the platform at Cottesloe station and I was instantly taken back to the time I stood there before during a visit to my brother many years back when I went to stay with him in Fremantle instead of attending my university graduation ;s. I could still remember the route of the walk to the beach ... Read More »

Cottesloe Beach And 18 Ciders Part One!:)

Ian attempting to photograph himself with the ciders.

Well as predicted we hatched a plan to spend the bank holiday Monday on Cottesloe beach which is on the southern train line about 9 short stops from Perth centre. After our standard routine of getting up and fannying about looking like a couple of dithering idiots we got our shit together and headed downstairs to tap into the free breakfast arrangement which we have with the Billabong hostel. I hadn’t had the pleasure of ... Read More »

My Top 5 Reasons To Go Travelling :)

Arrival at Bangkok airport, the start of our travels.

All around the world there are thousands of people just like me who have ditched their old lifestyle of pounding the hours each week and living for the weekend. It is completely possible to make every single day your weekend when you hang up your work shoes and reach for your travelling boots. Many many people have compiled a list of reasons to go travelling and these lists are all relevant but the only difference ... Read More »

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