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Joining A Gym In Sydney And Other Major Cities In Oz

sydny gym

Joining a gym in Sydney has been very easy to sort out and is for me a great way to unwind after working in a job which is at times quite mundane. But on the plus side the pay is pretty good in comparison to a similar job role back in England. If you are a traveller and fitness is on the top of your priority list then joining a gym is very easy in ... Read More »

Finding Cheap Clothes In Australia


I’m not going to pretend to be some sort of fashion expert, as is evident from photos, I look like a partially sighted chimp has had a go at dressing me, but from the months I have spent in Australia so far I have found a few places to get some cheap clothes. This isn’t to say they are anywhere near as cheap as you will find them in South East Asia but clothing can ... Read More »

Kangaroo Island Or Oz In A Day


This is a post written by Shakira Chadha for us to gain a feel for Kangaroo Island and it’s surrounding areas. Thanks so much Everyone was asking what the hell do you want to do in Adelaide. That was a good question, and after wandering around for 2 hours in the city, I was asking myself what the hell am I doing here. Well, early next morning at the break of dawn I got my ... Read More »

How To Set Up A Bank Account In Oz…


So you have touched down in Oz, you’re tired, sweaty and hazy in the head from too many late nights on school nights back in Thailand. You can’t be arsed to do anything and you are perfectly happy with your home country’s bank account which you’ve probably had set up since birth by your parents, but you know as you cross into the country down under you can of course use your current bank account ... Read More »

Driving In Sydney…..Badly


I feel it best to open this entry by saying within my first 3 weeks of driving in Sydney I received around $500 of parking fines. Why? Because the signs in this city are mental, not to mention some things that are perfectly legal to do in the UK are traffic offences over here. The sign you see in the photo attached to this post is actually quite tame in comparison to some of the ones ... Read More »

My Current Job In Sydney…Installing Tactiles!!! Random


In one of my other posts I spoke about the ease of using Gumtree to source jobs online in Oz ( and in this entry I will discuss how I got to be doing the job I’m currently enrolled in. I was living with Scotty in Marrickville which is in south Sydney for a few days scanning the web for job opportunities both in the construction and regional sectors as I personally enjoy working outdoors ... Read More »

My Top 5 Apps For The ‘New Age’ Travel Junkie

Pandora App

Well, needless to say travellers come in a variety of different stereotypes. You have a consortium of fun-lovers, bums, hippies, reserved types, short termers, long termers, ravers, social moths and at times the confused folk! Regardless of what stereotype you are we are all living in the digital age now people so these are my top 5 apps for the travelling children of the planet! I feel it necessary to say that I have broken, ... Read More »

28/01/2012 – I’ve Got These Burgers, These double Cheese Burgers (Job Hunting Sydney)


For anyone who has ever seen Menace 2 Society they may recognise the quote in the title…..for those that haven’t it basically just describes hitting rock bottom with money (before it gets a bit weird). After the first few days of Sydney we were seriously running low and the magical credit card that has kept us afloat was fast becoming as useless as any gym membership I have owned. The job hunt was on. Having ... Read More »

How To Use Gumtree To Find Your Dream Job In Oz…Or Just A Job For Some Wonga!


When you arrive in a city like Sydney you soon burn through what money you have especially when you can pay up to $4 for a small bottle of water and $8 for a return ticket to somewhere close on the trains/tube. So what do you do? The obvious answer is to either sell your body (Kings Cross is the perfect area for this, haha) or you get proactive and look for a job. I’d ... Read More »

Mobile Phones In Oz


Owning a mobile phone in Australia on your travels is probably one of the best investments you can have, particularly if you want to get a job or stay in touch with new friends as well as your old friends and family back home. Being a westernised country it is all too easy to set yourself up with a phone from when you arrive in Oz and begin to communicate. Personally I was a bit ... Read More »

Alex Honnold – Alone on the Wall Documentary


[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC][CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Climbing one of the highest walls in North America with no ropes, Alex Honnald takes on the most ambitious climb of his life using climbing style known as free-soloing. Alex is probably one of the most mental people currently on this planet! Watching this documentary made me feel sick at times (not a huge lover of heights!). His ability to stay calm, remain focused ... Read More »

House-Sitting Is NOT for Everyone


So you want to travel the world, visit different continents and save a few pennies on accomodation at the same time? If so then house-sitting could be a very viable option for you. The concept is simple, you stay in someones house whilst they are away (sometimes for a week, a few months or even up to 1 year!), often for free, and in return you look after their pets, their garden and sometimes carry ... Read More »

Internet in Greece


Getting connected to the internet in Greece may not be as easy as you think. Whilst there are many places to get on-line in the more popular tourist destinations, as soon as you go further outside of the cities the harder internet can be to obtain. If you are staying in Greece for an extended period of time and wish to have access to the internet wherever you are then there are a few options ... Read More »

Athens Acropolis Information


Built between 447 and 438 B.C. the Acropolis is a collection of ancient temples and statues dedicated to the patron saint, Athena, the most iconic landmark in Greece culture and also known as the birthplace of European civilisation. Rising 100m above its surroundings the Acropolis can be seen from almost any place in Athens and is as beautiful at night as it is in the day, today attracting over two million visitors each year. Prior ... Read More »

The End Of Poverty Documentary

The End of Poverty? Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Official Selection in the Critics’ Week 2008, Cannes Film Festival, The End of Poverty Documentary is a must-watch for anyone. A well produced documentary takes an in depth look into poverty around the world, how it all started and why families and villages struggle on a daily basis to provide the bare minimal to sustain life. Cinema Libre Studio Production, in association with ... Read More »

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