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N Wales & Snowdon – Gallery


Walkers, hikers painters and photographers paradise..N Wales and the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon is breathtaking in views but even more breathtaking if you decided to climb tot he summit!! The mountains, hills stone cottages and slate mines make this a magical place to visit. Read More »

Lake District, UK – Gallery


The Lake District in Cumbria, NW England is one of the most exciting places to visit if you are a landscape lover and a walker or hiker. You have your pick of spectacular mountains and peaks to scale with a plethora of lake-sides to amble along looking up at the ever changing scenery. Add to it the sun and dark drama of the clouds and there is nowhere nicer. Read More »

My Views On The Website, Blogging And Our Status, With A Good Measure Of General Nonsense!

A shocking curl fest of a head, shortly followed by a justified attack with some clippers

This is really nothing more than a chance for me convey my current feelings with our development and a general update on our status and plans. I wouldn’t want to get to consumed with posts about useful stuff…….who wants to actually learn something and gather useful information!!!!! It’s pretty exciting times now that Thomo and I have moved / merged our website and are now working with others and hopefully reaching a lot more people. I am ... Read More »

Explore yourself


Who are you Who am I? – Guest post by contributor Maggiea It’s fair to say that I for one, never really had very many exciting interests. For example, I’m not the sporty type and as for things like reading I never really enjoyed novels and in general just couldn’t get into them so would never even finish a book. So what has my lack of interests got to do with travel and discovering who ... Read More »

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Go Travelling


Have you ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling? Why don’t you?! Well I’ve compiled a little but tasty top 10 list of all the reasons I think people should quit their job and go travelling. Most come in response from a little notebook I kept of all the reasons I hated my job! You’re not happy in your current job, and want something better The only way this will ever change is ... Read More »

Perth, Australia


A selection of some fun times we had in Perth. Notorious in Oz for being a financial city with some very preppy joints to chill out with a growing cocktail scene. We were too poor to enjoy this lifestyle haha, so we made our own entertainment and I reckon we still had a better time! Once again apologies for my shocking outfits and inability to capture a sober picture its just that people don't take as many pictures when they're on the sober bench...All good though ;) Read More »

Mui Ne, Vietnam – Gallery


We stopped in Mui Ne in between Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat as it was part of our open bus ticket destinations. It was very quiet and pretty much just a road running along the beach which is extremely windy. It's very famous for wind surfing and kite boarding so if this is your thing then get over to this place. Food was fresh and there are a few clubs to take on in the evening should you fancy it. Read More »

Leaving Day and Friends – Gallery


Our final few days with our dear friends who we ditched haha...Nah we love you all and we will obviously come back to see you when next in the area!! Or you can of course come and visit us. Crap haircuts and lots of smiles dominate this gallery! Read More »

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Gallery


Industrial, commercial and a shopping haven. This was not too bad for us as we were on a come down from 10 too many parties in Thailand so we slung in a few power days in Kuala Lumpur to see as much as we could. Two towers up there with the tallest in the world and the viewing tower in the centre of Kuala Lumpur it 's all in here along with random outdoor gyms,and a view of what the streets look like. Friendly people eased the pain for me in Kuala Lumpur when my netbook broke leaving me technologically crippled for sometime afterwards! An interesting place which is definitely worth a visit even if it is just a flying one. Read More »

Krabi, Thailand – Gallery


Wow! What a place to visit, located at the base of Thailand with the nearest island being Koh Phi Phi. Lots of hidden beaches with vast stretches of sand teamed with huge mountainous grass cliffs made this place almost dream like. We chilled out with some wild monkeys and spent most of our time booting it around on scooters whilst looking for the perfect coffee and curry. Instead we found endless scenery and a pizza. Just fantastic, two thumbs up here... Read More »

Koh Tao, Thailand


This was another one of Thailand's beautiful islands where we spent time literally relaxing and eating in among'st various unplanned mammoth treks. The food on this island is fantastic and there are plenty of alcove beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. Get your snorkel on and look at hundreds of different varieties of fish within about 15 metres of the shoreline. Recommended for honeymooners and sunshine predators! Read More »

All You Need To Know About Regional Work In Australia…

This is the massive 400 kg bin I had to fill with garlic worth $80 when complete. Takes about 5 hours hard graft to fill one of these bad boys

Here, I will attempt to answer as many of the questions I myself was asking when I attempted to research regional work before embarking on my travels. I used a variety of websites to gather the information I needed as well as brochures, magazines and talking with other travellers who had entered Australia on a working holiday visa (subclass 417). It is with the working holiday visa where you are required to undertake 3 months ... Read More »

3 ‘Goon’ Reviews And The Bagged Wine’s History

goon tabletennis

With any luck this blog entry will help some of the newbies to traveling in Oz on the best (loosely used) brands of goon to drink in order to aid those party fueled evenings with what is the cheapest type of alcohol in Oz. Goon is bagged wine found in boxes which usually hold around 35 -45 regular 175ml glasses of wine and come in either the white or red variety. Unpopular with most Australians ... Read More »

Prague, Czech Rep – Gallery


Prague is a fantastic city with everything you can require in a city break or even a longer visit. There is splendid architecture, culture, museums, great bars and clubs and the prices make this an exciting place to visit. I remember Paul abandoning me on a night out!! Read More »

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