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Garbage Warrior – Eco Film

garbage warrior

This is an enthralling documentary which I watched and wrote about initially when we owned and I am inspired to post it separately on this site following a chance meeting with two young paragliders in a cafe in Pokhara, Nepal. They have embarked upon their own eco project in the hills overlooking Pokera and close to the launchsite for their paragliding passion. Lucian and Pierre are from Germany(originally from Romania) and France but have ... Read More »

Lazy Days in Menorca


If you’ve got rest and relaxation on the agenda, with lazy days spent snoozing on the beach or pleasant walks through beautiful landscapes, Menorca would certainly tick all the right boxes. As low-key holidays go, this stunning island certainly knows how it’s done. Most resorts are clustered around attractive beaches, many of which are beautiful golden-sanded affairs with scented pines providing some welcome shelter from the midday sun, and dramatic cliffs tumbling down to rocky ... Read More »

Kumari – A Living Goddess in Nepal


The Kumari is a living goddess in Nepal and revered as such. She is a young girl and remains the living goddess until the time of her first menstruation at which point she will cease to have Kumari status and the complex selection process will begin again to find the replacement. There are more than one Kumari in Nepal but I had the privilege to see her appear at the courtyard window of her residence ... Read More »

Extending your Visa in Nepal


Extending your visa in Nepal has its own difficulties and the main one can be the time taken to complete the process through the Nepal Immigration. I was well aware of the difficulties because Paul, my son, had recently renewed his visa and had explained it was a bit of a pain doing so. The standard tourist visa issued upon entry to Nepal will usually be a month visa costing $40US but if you are ... Read More »

An Evening in London: An Ideal Night on the Tiles


There’s nothing better than being able to shut the door to the office for the weekend, to enjoy a well-earned break. Whether you have plans to spend it with your little ones or you’re heading for the bright lights of London to enjoy what’s on offer there, having the chance to let go every once in awhile is much-needed. Visit to find cheap hotels in London if you have plans in the capital – ... Read More »

Happy First Travel Birthday

kevin and perry

Last year on the 6th of June 2012, two young guys set off on their travels to embark on a trip of a lifetime and to fulfill their hopes and dreams. These two guys are our very own Ian and Scott, or as they like to be known as Thomo and Scottydogg. As they are my fellow writers and friends, I wanted to do something special for them both, as these days they are so ... Read More »

Bundaberg to Darwin Road Trip in Oz


This is a small gallery which I rendered to capture the essence of our road trip from Bundaberg to Darwin taking 5 days and covering 3800 Km...It was a very raw and very fun journey through the outback! Big love to Emily and Fanny who travelled with us ;) Read More »

When Dreams Come True

bhorle little girl

This is the first post from an inspiring young French girl. She become acquainted with Ian my son who writes on this site and has encouraged her to tell her story. She asked me to review her article and correct her grammar or spelling mistakes. I decided any correction would detract from the vibrancy and soulfulness of the article and so have left it just as it was sent to me….when you read this you will be ... Read More »

Nepally Dream

Oudjol and Niruta

This is a short gallery of pictures from Nelly one of our impassioned authors who is from France but has a vision for her future life working with orphaned children in Nepal. Read More »

Nepali Children’s Trust, Nepal – Gallery


This amazing establishment was set up to cater for the disabled children of Nepal and it is a one of a kind. It is run on a voluntary basis but it is the children who would melt the heart of anyone. Kids with shocking disabilities simply live without complaint and they all attend local schools...this is such a worthy cause to support. Read More »

Khagendra New Life Home, Nepal – Gallery

Krishna sunbathing outside and speaking with Paula  herself a volunteer and magic fundraiser!!

This is Khagendra New Life Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the only purpose built resource in Nepal catering for the long term severely handicapped. It is a voluntary Nepal Disabled association founded in 1969 but continually improving ...and in need of sustained funding and improvement. A very humbling and yet uplifting place. Read More »

Gigi Griffiths – A Good Read to Follow


Gigi Griffiths is a full time traveller and has provided me with considerable inspiration through her RAMBLE as I continue my own travels in a somewhat different fashion to Gigi. Her story and website have a lot to offer and this brief blog post is only by way of a quick introduction. Believe me, she describes herself much more eloquently than I. I have been following her blog, her posts and her content marketing articles since ... Read More »

Quotes can relate to You


There are thousands of superb quotes doled out every day in varying forms on the internet, in glossy magazines, newspapers and dropped into our favourite TV shows or movies. I frequently glance through these light and entertaining snippets of both entertainment and wisdom to discover that I can relate to so so many of these and in the majority of cases gain something from them. As a short exercise, I have selected a number of ... Read More »

Cherai Beach Resort, Kerala, India

Fort Cochin_Kerala_India_84

Although we stayed in a self catering homestay on Cherai Beach, Kerala, India, we did spend a fair amount of time in this resort using their bar facilities and gaining internet access. The Cherai Beach Resort is classed as 4* and in many ways it lives up to this rating. In other ways it does now fall somewhat short. When newly built the resort would undoubtedly have been the cutting edge in this type of ... Read More »

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