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I represent the 50+ age group of travellers and travel writers on this site. After 30yrs in the Air Force and further years in big business I have twice jacked in highly paid jobs to travel extensively...read how I done so here. In this past year alone I will have travelled to and lived for substantial periods of time in Greece, Greek Islands, Italy, India, Nepal and Thailand and will be posting articles about these places on this site. I am very open to any questions relating to travel, wwoofing, housesitting, house renting, art and spiritual matters so feel free to contact me directly

McLeod Ganj, India – Gallery


McLeod Ganj Just up into the mountain from Dharamsala, is the residence of the Dalai Lama and has a wonderful Indian climate. This is so different from many of the Indian town due to it's location close to Tibet witha large population of Tibetans. A really relaxing place for India Read More »

Extended Itinerary for touring India


We have just completed a 6 week tour of India in an attempt to capture a flavour of this marvellous country. Obviously even 6 months would not be sufficient to get a real in depth feel for such a diverse country but with the time available to us we feel that we have experienced the frenetic and balanced it with the relative calm of other parts. We have looked at Indian tradition, the iconic monuments ... Read More »

India travel tips from the old guy


This is a short post which I will add to as the weeks go by. It applies to every traveller in India and also applies elsewhere  Due to failing limbs, eyesight, memory and all ailments associated with getting old, many of the tips will be much more applicable to the slightly older traveller, backpacker or simply adventurer. Don’t adjust contact lenses after eating curry Indian style using only your right hand! Do try to book at least your first night ... Read More »

Tibetan Struggle – A Mother Burns herself in protest

fromTibetan Museum archives

There was an A4 sheet of paper sitting on the reception at our hotel and written by a Tibetan person seeking help in developing his English skills in order that he might eventually become a translator. I decided to contact him or her and offer my limited time and skills to help and so met him over a coffee. Escape from Tibet Quite simply he is about 30yrs old and his story is a harrowing ... Read More »

Cherai Beach, Kerala, India


Cherai Beach is in the southern state of Kerala in India and faces west to south west and is further south than the popular holiday resort Goa. The beach is just outside Cochin (Kochi) which has an international airport and 2 train stations and runs for a full 10 km with the soft Arabian Sea lapping the shores. The beach itself is gently sloping lined with palm trees providing excellent safe swimming and bathing. Arguably ... Read More »

Cherai Beach, Kerala, India – Gallery


Cherai Beach is in the southern state of Kerala in India and faces west to south west. The beach is possibly not as picturesque as the beaches in Goa north of Kochin but the beach is not commercialised and still provides beautiful palm lined sand and tub hot water for relaxing safe bathing. Read More »

Worst Job in India? – Not quite


Who would want to be a tuktuk (auto rickshaw) tour guide in Bangalore? It’s an earner for sure but how limited are the options. We discovered the limitations of Bangalore after a very un-relaxing 12 hour sleeper bus ride from Munnar to Bangalore when had the invidious task of finding suitable accommodation at 4:30 in the dark, hot,sticky morning. I would not normally have succumbed to sucker pressure tactics but in this instance we had little ... Read More »

Rishikesh, Ganges, India – Gallery


This is the fulcrum for Ashrams, meditation, yoga, trekking and white water rafting in India. Once famous for visits in the 60s by the Beatles it is now the hub for self improvement courses and alternative practices. This sis one of the most relaxed, laid back places you could find in India..certainly worth a week out of anyones time. Read More »

Holi Hell in India


What a schoolboy mistake not checking for public holidays or festivals when we booked our flight into Delhi from Bangalore. It could have worked out ok but ended up as HOLI Hell instead. Holi is a major Hindu festival with boisterous behaviour and a real “letting down of the hair” for many whose lives are much more staid. It is characterised by the use of colour…and the way it is administered can be festively chaotic….but fun for ... Read More »

Khajuraho, India – Gallery


Ahajuraho is between Agra and Varanasi and very well worth a 3 day visit to take in the numerous temples and an impressive Wildlife Sanctuary. The most famous collection of Hindu temples are the Kama Sutra temples to be found here. The rural town is slower and less frenetic than urban cities. Read More »

Agra & Taj Mahal, India – Gallery


There is much more to Agra than just the Taj Mahal, even though this iconic palace deserves the pride of place here it has Agra Fort as a fantastic complementary attraction. From the Fprt you get additional views of the Taj Mahal and if you have the right rickshaw driver he will show you a brilliant view from across the river. Read More »

Varanasi, another view – Gallery


More photos from this remarkable holiest of cities in India. Words can't describe the atmosphere here nor photos but they do trigger memories for those who have been here and witnessed it for themselves. Read More »

Varanasi on Ganges, India – Gallery


This is probably a "Must visit" for most people visiting India and you should feel privileged since most Indians simply won't get the opportunity to visit this most "Holy" of cities. The plethora of sounds, sights, smells and experiences is overwhelming at times. Read More »

Munnar Tea Plantations, Kerala, India – Gallery

Munnar_Tea Plantations_India89

This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet...once you get out of the town!! If you have travelled in other parts of India then this will be the little part of peace and tranquillity you might be searching for. Find the right tuk tuk driver and use him for the day...well worth it. Read More »

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