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I represent the 50+ age group of travellers and travel writers on this site. After 30yrs in the Air Force and further years in big business I have twice jacked in highly paid jobs to travel extensively...read how I done so here. In this past year alone I will have travelled to and lived for substantial periods of time in Greece, Greek Islands, Italy, India, Nepal and Thailand and will be posting articles about these places on this site. I am very open to any questions relating to travel, wwoofing, housesitting, house renting, art and spiritual matters so feel free to contact me directly

Taj Mahal, India – Gallery


One of the most Iconic Wonders of the World. Unlike many others, this will certainly not disappoint. An absolutely phenomenal masterpiece of engineering and sculptural beauty. If you visit nowhere else in India do not forget to go here. Read More »

Fort Kochin, Kerala, India – Gallery

Fort Cochin_Kerala_India_84

With an international airport serving Southern India this is a very interesting part to take in. Fort Cochin (Kochi) has influences from the Dutch, Portuguese and British in many different ways. The Chinese Nets along the promenade are a key attraction but there is much more to see besides. Read More »

Periyar, Tiger & Wildlife Sanctuary, India – Gallery


The tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary at Periyar (Thekaddy) in Kerala, Southern India is one of only a few government recognised regions dedicated to halting the eradication of the tiger and allowing tourists the opportunity to attempt to spot these beautiful creatures in the wild. Elephants, wild boar and buffalo are amongst the other wildlife species in the sanctuary. Read More »

Houseboat on Kerala Backwaters, India – Gallery


Anyone visiting the Kerala state of India "God's Own Country" simply must spend a day on a houseboat operating out of Allepey in the Kerala Backwaters. The stay on board is serene, relaxing and beautiful with such a lot to see and witness. Chill out does not get better. Read More »

India the start


This is the start of a 6 week tour of India and I am starting in Kerala to have a slow introduction to this frenetic country. The people are so friendly and the food a challenge ...beach and sea warm and wonderful. Read More »

Driving in India


Do not even contemplate hiring a motorbike, moped or car in India…it simply would be the action of a lunatic. Starting my tour of India in the quieter Kerala province convinces me that unless you are tuned to the Indian psyche you would not survive on the roads. Yet it is essential to master the art of traveling if you want to make it here. Let’s say you’re traveling from Warangal to Hyderabad, which many ... Read More »

International Women’s Day – Wateraid


8th March 2013 – International Women’s Day. Why should we be writing about this on Livefreedietravelling? Simply because our charity of choice, Wateraid, is heavily involved and the work by Wateraid is dramatically changing the lives of so many women in so many areas of the globe. We are immensely proud to be supporting this cause in our own small way but also wish to create a message encouraging you to also become involved. If you are reading ... Read More »

Travelling to India?

Indian flag

Going to India? Got your VISA? Feel like Flu coming on? Do not make the same mistake I have made…. consider applying for your visa well before you intend to leave. I had not realised the somewhat antiquated mechanism for gaining a tourist visa to India and so fell foul of the long application process. Simply…you need to allow a good fortnight to ensure you have no problems. I was been informed that it would ... Read More »

N Wales & Snowdon – Gallery


Walkers, hikers painters and photographers paradise..N Wales and the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon is breathtaking in views but even more breathtaking if you decided to climb tot he summit!! The mountains, hills stone cottages and slate mines make this a magical place to visit. Read More »

Lake District, UK – Gallery


The Lake District in Cumbria, NW England is one of the most exciting places to visit if you are a landscape lover and a walker or hiker. You have your pick of spectacular mountains and peaks to scale with a plethora of lake-sides to amble along looking up at the ever changing scenery. Add to it the sun and dark drama of the clouds and there is nowhere nicer. Read More »

Explore yourself


Who are you Who am I? – Guest post by contributor Maggiea It’s fair to say that I for one, never really had very many exciting interests. For example, I’m not the sporty type and as for things like reading I never really enjoyed novels and in general just couldn’t get into them so would never even finish a book. So what has my lack of interests got to do with travel and discovering who ... Read More »

Prague, Czech Rep – Gallery


Prague is a fantastic city with everything you can require in a city break or even a longer visit. There is splendid architecture, culture, museums, great bars and clubs and the prices make this an exciting place to visit. I remember Paul abandoning me on a night out!! Read More »

Build your own Solar Panel


Oh Yeah!! I hear you cry … easy for you to say and you must be some sort of hippy to get involved in Eco energy …. well you might well be right but you cannot deny that we should all be considering the impact that carbon fuel usage is having upon our lives … nor can you deny that you abhor paying extortionate utility bills!! So if you can make some little change is ... Read More »

Knife Sharpener – Product Review


This is a simple review of a sharpening device which I have recently bought and tested. The reason for this is to ensure that I am working with sharp tools and knives in the kitchen. There is the misconception by many that the sharper the knife the more dangerous it is…NOT SO. In the right hands and in the kitchen specifically, ask any professional preparing vegetables or meat for a living and they will absolutely confirm that ... Read More »

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