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Becoming financially independent and travelling the world has been a dream of mine since I was young. In 2012 I decided to dedicate my life to travel. I will document my journey through this site.

SkyScanner Discount Codes 2013


Hey peep’s, I’m always scanning the internet for cheap flights to my next destination, sometimes coming across some discount codes that help save a few pennies, I figure I will post them on here for you all to use, I will update this page when I find new ones and also try to strike out ones that have expired. If you have any discount codes that you would like to share with the community please ... Read More »

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-Sym Review


The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Duluxe A-Sym is a mid-weight durable camping hammock, I’ve had mine for just over a year and use it regularly as an alternative to using a tent. Coming in at 1.4kg or 3lbs 2oz it could be considered slightly heavy for the normal backpacker but please bare in mind that this is the mid-sized hammock and as such is a little heavier. Hennessy Hammock also offer a number of lightweight hammocks ... Read More »

9/11Truth Experts Speak Out Documentary


9/11 was an inside job. FACT. The government killed many innocent people for their own agenda. 1000′s of people are speaking out but are getting swept under the carpet and portrayed to the media as conspiracist nut-jobs. I decided to upload this documentary (and probably more to come) as it seem that still most people that I meet and talk with about 9/11 have no knowledge on the true events that happened that tragic day. The US ... Read More »

Alone in the Wilderness – Full Documentary


A story of soft voice Dick Proenneke who documented his life living in the Alaska wilderness. Out there to find peace with nature, Dick’s account of his life is an aspiration to me, a very tranquil man with simple pleasures. He regularly goes fishing and has built himself a log cabin from scratch. I hope when I am older I’ll be somewhat like Dick. Worth a watch when you feel like escaping for a while. ... Read More »

Grizzly Man (Docudrama 2005)


[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC][CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] A guy called Timothy Treadwell dedicated his life to helping raise awareness of bears and went to live in the wilderness with wild bears and documented his time in many hours of footage. Probably the best video you’ll ever watch of bears in the wilderness. Unfortunately his life came to an end one summer when him and his girlfriend were eaten alive whilst on ... Read More »

Thomson Holiday Discount Codes 2013

Thomson Holiday Discount Codes

Hey Guys and Girls, For all those looking to book a holiday with Thomson Holiday’s then I have the following discount codes that will save you a bit of money. I’ll update this list as and when I find codes on the internet. If any of them don’t work please leave your comments below to notify other visitors. Also if they do work, let people know! You may want to bookmark this page and frequent ... Read More »

What are Greek girls like?


For the first time visitor to Greece you may want to know what Greek women are like. They differ in almost every way to the standard British girl (or at least in my eyes). Greek women are very attractive, more often than not religious and very close with their family – it does not bode well for the horny single traveller looking to get laid. Greek women take pride in their appearance and dress up ... Read More »

Alex Honnold – Alone on the Wall Documentary


[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC][CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Climbing one of the highest walls in North America with no ropes, Alex Honnald takes on the most ambitious climb of his life using climbing style known as free-soloing. Alex is probably one of the most mental people currently on this planet! Watching this documentary made me feel sick at times (not a huge lover of heights!). His ability to stay calm, remain focused ... Read More »

House-Sitting Is NOT for Everyone


So you want to travel the world, visit different continents and save a few pennies on accomodation at the same time? If so then house-sitting could be a very viable option for you. The concept is simple, you stay in someones house whilst they are away (sometimes for a week, a few months or even up to 1 year!), often for free, and in return you look after their pets, their garden and sometimes carry ... Read More »

Internet in Greece


Getting connected to the internet in Greece may not be as easy as you think. Whilst there are many places to get on-line in the more popular tourist destinations, as soon as you go further outside of the cities the harder internet can be to obtain. If you are staying in Greece for an extended period of time and wish to have access to the internet wherever you are then there are a few options ... Read More »

Athens Acropolis Information


Built between 447 and 438 B.C. the Acropolis is a collection of ancient temples and statues dedicated to the patron saint, Athena, the most iconic landmark in Greece culture and also known as the birthplace of European civilisation. Rising 100m above its surroundings the Acropolis can be seen from almost any place in Athens and is as beautiful at night as it is in the day, today attracting over two million visitors each year. Prior ... Read More »

The End Of Poverty Documentary

The End of Poverty? Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Official Selection in the Critics’ Week 2008, Cannes Film Festival, The End of Poverty Documentary is a must-watch for anyone. A well produced documentary takes an in depth look into poverty around the world, how it all started and why families and villages struggle on a daily basis to provide the bare minimal to sustain life. Cinema Libre Studio Production, in association with ... Read More »

Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh Documentary

Team Sweat - Behind The Swoosh Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] A documentary I’ve been wanting to get online for months. Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh Documentary exposes how Nike knowingly uses sweatshops in Asia to produce their shoes and clothing range which they later go on to sell for extortionate profits to the western word. In 2010 when the documentary was made, Jim Keady (founder of Team Sweat & Educating For Justice) and his assistant decided ... Read More »

Montana Meth Documentary

Montana Meth Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Ever fancied going on a high that is 12x more pleasurable than sex that could last for 10-12 hours? Well before you do, you should watch this documentary… Produced by HBO, 2007, directed by Eames Yates, Montana Meth documents the journey of a number of different groups of addicted teens and adults in Montana, USA.  Probably one of the best crystal meth documentaries ... Read More »

Only Human – The Strangest Village in Britain Documentary

Botton - The Strangest Village in Britain

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Probably my favourite documentary, worthy of being the first documentary I post on Live Free Die Travelling. Only Human – The strangest village in Britain is a documentary about a small North Yorkshire village called… Botton. Here in Botton, nearly half of the 300 occupants of the village have a learning disability of some kind (down-syndrome, autism or mental illness etc), known as the ... Read More »

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