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Neurotically moaning my way around the world I aim to experience as much as I can and escape traditional British living. Travelling with my best friend Thomo (I hate him really), I hope to share my experiences with you, while constantly ripping on Ian and belittling myself. Should make for some fun times. (Circa 2012) Now older, fatter & somewhat wiser, I find myself sucked back into the 9-5 grind. With new responsibilities, but a never dwindling love for travel, I strive to regain the life I wanted, with my son and partner in it possible to get the prefect mix? We shall see. (April 2017)

Learning To Dive In Ko Phi Phi Don – A Guest Post

Image Courtesy Of Jade Lee

This is a fantastic guest post from Louise Benson, following her time on Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi island while undertaking a Divemaster course. An excellently written piece, Louise gives detailed information on all aspects of diving on the island, from course content and price to marine life, whilst integrating her personal triumphs and feelings throughout the trip. As she now embarks on the next leg of her adventure in Australia, I’m sure you’ll join me ... Read More »

Cattle Work, Australia

They're coming for you!

It has been a fair while since I have posted anything and that is largely due to the excessive amount of moving around, lack of internet and working hours. But that doesn’t matter now, what does matter is letting you all know a bit about what you can expect if taking on cattle work in Australia, whether it be to extend your working holiday visa, for the money or even just for the experience. There ... Read More »

Federal Backpackers Review, Bundaberg, Australia

Federal Backpackers, Bundaberg

Do you like narrow, windowless, dirty rooms? Do you like piss and blood stained mattresses? If so, Federal Backpackers is the place for you. Have a shower and walk back to your room and it will be likely you now have 2 years worth of dirt, numerous variations of pubic hair and unidentified objects now stuck to your feet. I should be fair and say I did actually see a cleaner, but I can only ... Read More »

Byron Bay…Days 1 & 2

Byron Bay Viewpoint

Where do I start?! Perhaps there was a small misconception on my part of what exactly Byron Bay was going to be like, probably because I had done little to no research, I prefer it that way. I had heard loads of great reviews and lots of people had said how chilled out the vibe here is and they certainly hadn’t got that wrong. Having worked pretty consistently for the last 3 and a half ... Read More »

Taronga Zoo, Sydney…….Because You’re Never Too Old

Elephants At Taronga Zoo, Sydeny

I may not be the biggest fan of zoos, or most things for that matter, but when your house mate volunteers there and has free tickets, you’d be a fool to decline. Depending on your current location in Sydney, the journey across to the zoo is in itself a treat. If you are based south of Harbour Bridge the best way to get across is by ferry. Costing around $10 return and taking 15 minutes, ... Read More »

Singapore Malaysia, Gallery


Singapore was an unexpected gem for me, where else could you go from getting off a train in the unknown, to being half naked in a swimming pool in a multi million pound apartment complex? We were thoroughly welcomed to our hostel by the manger who swiftly had us drinking free beers in the bar and later took us off to a hidden bar where we hung with some really cool people. When that's the first night you'd think it would be hard to compete, but followed a day later by our travelling buddies, we lived it up and had an amazing time x Read More »

Phi Phi, Thailand Gallery


These photos encapsulate what I think is the essence of Koh Phi Phi, a small island based in the South West of Thailand. It is such an amazing place and is so diverse in its offerings. These could range from some of the most picturesque beaches with turquoise waters, stunning islands/rock formations, a diverse tapestry of sea life making for some amazing diving experiences, through to a thriving party scene with like minded individuals where you can dances around a fire on the beach to the early morning, to chilling at a bar and watching drunk people attempt to Thai Box for a free bucket of alcohol. A true highlight is walking down the sides streets in the early hours and watching the numerous happy go lucky drunks getting all manner of tattoos, mostly on their asses x Read More »

My Views On The Website, Blogging And Our Status, With A Good Measure Of General Nonsense!

A shocking curl fest of a head, shortly followed by a justified attack with some clippers

This is really nothing more than a chance for me convey my current feelings with our development and a general update on our status and plans. I wouldn’t want to get to consumed with posts about useful stuff…….who wants to actually learn something and gather useful information!!!!! It’s pretty exciting times now that Thomo and I have moved / merged our website and are now working with others and hopefully reaching a lot more people. I am ... Read More »

Perth, Australia


A selection of some fun times we had in Perth. Notorious in Oz for being a financial city with some very preppy joints to chill out with a growing cocktail scene. We were too poor to enjoy this lifestyle haha, so we made our own entertainment and I reckon we still had a better time! Once again apologies for my shocking outfits and inability to capture a sober picture its just that people don't take as many pictures when they're on the sober bench...All good though ;) Read More »

Mui Ne, Vietnam – Gallery


We stopped in Mui Ne in between Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat as it was part of our open bus ticket destinations. It was very quiet and pretty much just a road running along the beach which is extremely windy. It's very famous for wind surfing and kite boarding so if this is your thing then get over to this place. Food was fresh and there are a few clubs to take on in the evening should you fancy it. Read More »

Krabi, Thailand – Gallery


Wow! What a place to visit, located at the base of Thailand with the nearest island being Koh Phi Phi. Lots of hidden beaches with vast stretches of sand teamed with huge mountainous grass cliffs made this place almost dream like. We chilled out with some wild monkeys and spent most of our time booting it around on scooters whilst looking for the perfect coffee and curry. Instead we found endless scenery and a pizza. Just fantastic, two thumbs up here... Read More »

Medicare – Healthcare In Australia

Scotty Dogg not feeling too special after walking up some steps....that's all it takes!

At present I am in the process of applying for a Medicare card and so thought it may be useful to let you all know what this is, how to get one and what it entitles you to. First of all the Medicare card is something that allows Australians to receive free or low cost Medical, Optical and Hospital treatment. Unlike the UK where healthcare is free on the NHS (National Healthcare Service) you can be ... Read More »

Koh Phi Phi Photo Gallery


My undisputed favourite island. this bad boy has the lot on offer including stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, party every night, all types of people, great weather, great storms, Thai boxing at the Reggae Bar where you fight other people for a Thai bucket. Strange but good value to watch. There seems to be no dogs on this island and only cats which is one memory I have from this island so I guess if you're a cat lover unlike me then get over here. Everything is cheap and the locals are friendly. Anything goes here people so get involved. Remember kids, 'Say No To Drugs' otherwise you'll be scared to pick up soap in a Thai prison for many years afterwards... Read More »

Fremantle Photo Gallery


Fremantle is a town 8 stops on the train from central Perth. We enjoyed a few days here now and then hiding from the fact that we both had to work in Perth. Street entertainers, markets and beaches make this a splendid day and night out and is very popular with Western Australians to unwind from the city. The day we went fell inline with Oktoberfest so we made sure we had sufficient beer to not stand out! Sadly bad hair cuts and denim shirts feature in this album thanks to me and my ongoing battle with crap fashion sense ;) Read More »

Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

chiang mai elephant

Elephants, jungle camping, trekking, bars, drinking, eating great food and some intense memories from this awesome place. Sean, Ciara and Grainne were our travel companions and we salute you for the times we shared together. Hopefully this is a good insight on what to expect from this northern region of Thailand. Read More »

Bangkok Baby Photo Gallery


Our first place we touched down from the UK…We love this place and still have much more of the city to see. What’s in this album? Some very random photos and a pair of ‘Joe nobodies’ experiencing true freedom for the first time on our adventure. We hope you enjoy them. Read More »

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