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Travelling with my best mate Scotty,also on this site, since 6 June 2012 with the intention of having fun and experiencing life to the fullest. Follow my adventures and give me some abuse and advice. Laters party people ;-)

Bundaberg to Darwin Road Trip in Oz


This is a small gallery which I rendered to capture the essence of our road trip from Bundaberg to Darwin taking 5 days and covering 3800 Km...It was a very raw and very fun journey through the outback! Big love to Emily and Fanny who travelled with us ;) Read More »

How Many Working Hostels Are There In Bundaberg?


As I previously mentioned in an earlier post there are 12 working hostels in the town of Bundaberg and in this post I will draw a link to all the hostels which have their own independent website. I think it is really important to give a firsthand review with photographs of working town hostels as there is currently only vague and washy information available online which doesn’t give much away with regards to their availability ... Read More »

Arrival in Bundaberg – What is Bundaberg like?


We heard on the grapevine that Bundaberg was as good a place as any to hitch up and grab some regional work to extend our working holiday visa, so from Brisbane this is where we headed using the train. It was a smooth ride in a very comfortable and clean economy carriage and it only cost $82 including taxes as opposed to the $98 which the Greyhound coaches were asking. The coffee on the train ... Read More »

Kathmandu Levant 70L Backpack Review


After months of abuse and one too many times in the washing machine the burgundy peril which I left with back in June has finally died and after much research and no deliberation I had decided on my new backpack of choice. Kathmandu is a traveller’s store with branches in Australia, New Zealand and now recently branches are beginning to open up in the United Kingdom as well. Much like ‘GO Outdoors’ and the likes ... Read More »

What Is Couch Surfing?


This term has been rattling around in my head for some years now and it was only until recently in Vietnam whilst waiting for our bus to Hoi An that I decided to go into depth and actually research it online and see what it was all about. I think my main reason for researching into this modern lifestyle obsession was that it can save you some serious wedge compared to using hostels and you ... Read More »

Brisbane City Backpackers Review

The outside view of the Brisbane City Backpackers. Its the big orange building and it's in between about three other hostels and a pub/club

Whilst we were waiting for our shuttle bus at the reception of the  in Byron Bay we checked out the leaflet section to see what activities there were around the area. In among’st the various sky dive packages and day trips we found a brochure for Brisbane City Backpackers. I’m assuming this leaflet was on the rack due to the high volume of travellers that are using Brisbane as their next stop after Byron. This ... Read More »

How We Got From Sydney To Byron Bay


So after our final fling with Sydney which involved a group of us  enjoying a curry in Surry Hills, Sydney, it was now time to move on to our next Aussie destination right up the coast towards Brisbane with an eye to party in Byron Bay beforehand for a few days! We had a few options of how to get up there but as poor backpackers we opted for the cheapest and most scenic mode ... Read More »

Vientiane, Laos Gallery


The capital city of Laos, Vientiane was our safe haven following a very messy, but no less awesome, time in Vang Vieng. There were some pretty cool sites to be seen, besides the inside of the bathroom, which is where Thomo spent most of his time expelling the contents of his bowels. A couple of days will get you around most of the sites and we hope the pics give you a feel for the place x Read More »

Vang Vieng, Laos – Gallery


I suppose for this gallery we can do nothing but apologies for its desolate state, but in fairness there is actually a good reason. A synopsis of Vang Vieng would be 'alcohol fueled partying on a rapid river' and a synopsis of the days you take it easy would be 'alcohol fueled partying in a lounge bar which plays back to back episodes of Friends and Family Guy'. How can we be expected to takes pictures in among all this? To be fair they do sell waterpfoof bags to store non water resistant valuables, but where your floating (struggling to stay float) in a river the last thing you need to be thinking about is whether you've dropped your camera or got it wet. So is that excuse enough?!?!?! I think so x Read More »

The Cost Of Living In Sydney

steak meal

As Sydney was my second port of call this time around in Oz I had a rough idea of what the prices would be like here. Perth was my ghetto for around two and a half months before our sneaky interjection to Vietnam and let me tell you that that was an expensive joint to hang out in! So in a way I am grateful for the fact that Perth absolutely destroyed my wallet because ... Read More »

Leaving Day and Friends – Gallery


Our final few days with our dear friends who we ditched haha...Nah we love you all and we will obviously come back to see you when next in the area!! Or you can of course come and visit us. Crap haircuts and lots of smiles dominate this gallery! Read More »

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Gallery


Industrial, commercial and a shopping haven. This was not too bad for us as we were on a come down from 10 too many parties in Thailand so we slung in a few power days in Kuala Lumpur to see as much as we could. Two towers up there with the tallest in the world and the viewing tower in the centre of Kuala Lumpur it 's all in here along with random outdoor gyms,and a view of what the streets look like. Friendly people eased the pain for me in Kuala Lumpur when my netbook broke leaving me technologically crippled for sometime afterwards! An interesting place which is definitely worth a visit even if it is just a flying one. Read More »

Koh Tao, Thailand


This was another one of Thailand's beautiful islands where we spent time literally relaxing and eating in among'st various unplanned mammoth treks. The food on this island is fantastic and there are plenty of alcove beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. Get your snorkel on and look at hundreds of different varieties of fish within about 15 metres of the shoreline. Recommended for honeymooners and sunshine predators! Read More »

All You Need To Know About Regional Work In Australia…

This is the massive 400 kg bin I had to fill with garlic worth $80 when complete. Takes about 5 hours hard graft to fill one of these bad boys

Here, I will attempt to answer as many of the questions I myself was asking when I attempted to research regional work before embarking on my travels. I used a variety of websites to gather the information I needed as well as brochures, magazines and talking with other travellers who had entered Australia on a working holiday visa (subclass 417). It is with the working holiday visa where you are required to undertake 3 months ... Read More »

3 ‘Goon’ Reviews And The Bagged Wine’s History

goon tabletennis

With any luck this blog entry will help some of the newbies to traveling in Oz on the best (loosely used) brands of goon to drink in order to aid those party fueled evenings with what is the cheapest type of alcohol in Oz. Goon is bagged wine found in boxes which usually hold around 35 -45 regular 175ml glasses of wine and come in either the white or red variety. Unpopular with most Australians ... Read More »

The ‘Hipster’ Look And The Current YouTube Sensation!

Homeless Hipster

Here is my banter for the week inspired by a couple of topics which have come into play recently courtesy of my mate Stefan and the news. As a traveler you engage in a plethora of random conversations in your day to day life due to the fact that ultimately you’re out to enjoy yourself and also that at times you crave useless trivia which is dominating the headlines or local bars. So in this post I ... Read More »

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