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Volunteering Abroad – a Debate

From funds raised by volunteers the centre now has an important piece of physio rehab equipment...a tilt table

Volunteering abroad can produce remarkable experiences for volunteers and the community in which they offer their services but is it a simple decision on the correctness of the volunteering gesture? I have spent a long time debating the issue of volunteer work in foreign countries and have found it really difficult to come to any fixed conclusions. I am therefore presenting this blog post by way of opening a debate on the subject and canvassing ... Read More »

Urgent Travel Tip from the Old Guy

credit cards

This will be my shortest post to date I reckon but this is definitely worth reading. My good friend Paula Morris highlighted a problem I have had in the past too so it isn’t just her. We all try to safeguard our valuables when we are staying in hostels etc and invariably we hide them under pillows or mattresses whilst sleeping. Paula realised when on the plane to Oz that her credit cards and $200 ... Read More »

Our Choice of Cause – Khagendra New Life Disabled Centre


I have so many articles to write about as a consequence of my Asian journey to date and the backlog builds daily. But the trip itself has not just been a self centred pleasure affair even though I have certainly gained so much from it. Di, my partner, and I have been searching for deserving causes to provide some long term support to; both in the country of origin and remotely from the UK. This ... Read More »

Volunteer Work for Free – Nepal and India


Volunteering and voluntary work is an activity researched by many of us, young and old alike, wishing to do something meaningful and worthwhile either at home or abroad. This can take the form of working with charities, animals, nature or often the most sought after; working with local less fortunate people and children, this time in a less well off foreign country. Sadly there is one thing which often curbs our enthusiasm to venture abroad ... Read More »

Gigi Griffiths – A Good Read to Follow


Gigi Griffiths is a full time traveller and has provided me with considerable inspiration through her RAMBLE as I continue my own travels in a somewhat different fashion to Gigi. Her story and website have a lot to offer and this brief blog post is only by way of a quick introduction. Believe me, she describes herself much more eloquently than I. I have been following her blog, her posts and her content marketing articles since ... Read More »

Quotes can relate to You


There are thousands of superb quotes doled out every day in varying forms on the internet, in glossy magazines, newspapers and dropped into our favourite TV shows or movies. I frequently glance through these light and entertaining snippets of both entertainment and wisdom to discover that I can relate to so so many of these and in the majority of cases gain something from them. As a short exercise, I have selected a number of ... Read More »

Disappointed with your Holiday Destination?


How many times have we travelled to a dream destination only to be sadly disappointed by the place? I sincerely hope it is not too often otherwise you will by now be a dyed in the wool “Stay at home” person when it comes to holidays. Why is it we would be disappointed? I believe that the way we perceive things starts at birth and we are influenced by everything from schooling, growing up, family, ... Read More »

Tibetan Struggle – A Mother Burns herself in protest

fromTibetan Museum archives

There was an A4 sheet of paper sitting on the reception at our hotel and written by a Tibetan person seeking help in developing his English skills in order that he might eventually become a translator. I decided to contact him or her and offer my limited time and skills to help and so met him over a coffee. Escape from Tibet Quite simply he is about 30yrs old and his story is a harrowing ... Read More »

Holi Hell in India


What a schoolboy mistake not checking for public holidays or festivals when we booked our flight into Delhi from Bangalore. It could have worked out ok but ended up as HOLI Hell instead. Holi is a major Hindu festival with boisterous behaviour and a real “letting down of the hair” for many whose lives are much more staid. It is characterised by the use of colour…and the way it is administered can be festively chaotic….but fun for ... Read More »

International Women’s Day – Wateraid


8th March 2013 – International Women’s Day. Why should we be writing about this on Livefreedietravelling? Simply because our charity of choice, Wateraid, is heavily involved and the work by Wateraid is dramatically changing the lives of so many women in so many areas of the globe. We are immensely proud to be supporting this cause in our own small way but also wish to create a message encouraging you to also become involved. If you are reading ... Read More »

Explore yourself


Who are you Who am I? – Guest post by contributor Maggiea It’s fair to say that I for one, never really had very many exciting interests. For example, I’m not the sporty type and as for things like reading I never really enjoyed novels and in general just couldn’t get into them so would never even finish a book. So what has my lack of interests got to do with travel and discovering who ... Read More »

Build your own Solar Panel


Oh Yeah!! I hear you cry … easy for you to say and you must be some sort of hippy to get involved in Eco energy …. well you might well be right but you cannot deny that we should all be considering the impact that carbon fuel usage is having upon our lives … nor can you deny that you abhor paying extortionate utility bills!! So if you can make some little change is ... Read More »

Knife Sharpener – Product Review


This is a simple review of a sharpening device which I have recently bought and tested. The reason for this is to ensure that I am working with sharp tools and knives in the kitchen. There is the misconception by many that the sharper the knife the more dangerous it is…NOT SO. In the right hands and in the kitchen specifically, ask any professional preparing vegetables or meat for a living and they will absolutely confirm that ... Read More »

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