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eBirmingham: Spotlight on One of Europe’s Premier Entertainment Venues

Dogs And Owners Gather For 2013 Crufts Dog Show

The NEC is perhaps one of the most widely recognised events and entertainments venues in Europe. Every year the 20 interconnected halls play host to over 140 trade shows, plus meetings and more besides. The NEC is huge with over 186,000 square meters indoors, plus over 160,000 acres of hard standings and 75 acres of woodland outside, playing host to a wealth of events throughout the year. The National Wedding Show From Friday 28th February ... Read More »

Exploring India by bus


Many of the more adventurous backpackers and students visit India because it’s cheap and easy to get around. It’s also home to some breathtakingly beautiful temples, luscious jungles, pristine beaches and other fascinating sights that will take your breath away. Sounds exciting right? It is! India is the ideal destination for anyone on a budget and the rupees value is very low, meaning you can get a lot more for a lot less. Transport in ... Read More »

Backpacking Around Europe Made Easy


It’s around this time of the academic year that students have settled into their new or latest accommodation and are starting to make the most of the freedoms and independence that comes with university or college life.  Friendship groups have formed and are starting to cement and small groups might be thinking about setting off on adventures during any of the lengthy holiday periods. As money is usually in short supply for those in full-time ... Read More »

How To Be A Proactive Blogger and Writer


One of the things about me is that I am quite a proactive girl, when it comes to writing and in my life in general.  It is something that I have always had good feedback from in my old jobs and also friends. I enjoy writing very much, but one of my best qualities is, that I research, plan, write and get my work published on sites and to time. What is my background? My ... Read More »

Cambodia: Smiles, wonders, amoks but years of Terror unforgotten…

Smiling faces while driving on the dirty bumpy  roads!

October 24th 2012, sitting aboard the airbus Airbus 737 Lyon-Istanbul – then the A340 Istanbul- Bangkok… I am finally back on the roads after three months and half working hard in France to save money and building my organization Nepally Dream… Just the time for few days to do my favourite things through the Crazy Thai Capital: drinking few coconut soups and Watermelon Shakes, losing myself in Chinatown, resting along the Mekong and having amazing ... Read More »

Nile Rodgers And Chic Live At Glastonbury 2013


Glastonbury History People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but the one festival that everyone wants to perform at and see is Glastonbury.  Glastonbury is a music festival for the performing arts.  People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but if you ask them where they would like to perform, they would all most likely say Glastonbury The festival organiser, Michael Eavis, a farmer in a Somerset valley, stated ... Read More »

The Early Bird Catches the Worm


A girl couldn’t really sleep this night, it was raining a lot…3.30am, 4 am, then 5 am, she took a pashmina to cover her head and decided to walk through the rain thinking that some people had the same ”issue” but unfortunately, those didn’t have any houses where to stay…sleeping in the dirty streets of Kathmandu… Then, she walked for an hour through these same streets, with almost no one expect two rickshaw passing and ... Read More »

Sydney, Australia – Gallery


The coastal path out from Sydney takes in a number of beaches and great views including Bondi Beach. The iconic Sydney opera house is definitely worth visiting and it is also an option to scale the Sydney Harbour bridge to take in the great views. One superb place to stop is the swimming pool which is a sea water pool and regularly used for exercise but when the tide comes in you can find yourself swimming with waves crashing over the swimming pool walls!! These pics show that it isn't always sunny in OZ!! Read More »

How to Find a Cut-Price Cruises

cruise ship

Cruise holidays have become enormously popular and, thanks to the innovative new cruise ships and exciting new onboard activities now available, they have opened up to new audiences too. Whereas cruises were once enjoyed by retirees and those with oodles of spare cash, many families, young couples and budget-conscious travellers are now trying out this style of holiday – and are coming back for more. Cruising generally represents great value for money. After all when ... Read More »

My Unexpected Excellent Adventure


This is a guest post from an amazing woman whom I have been following for some time through her personal blog (Adventures in Spiritual Living). This is no ordinary journey however; but one we might each be involved in one day; and if you just need a little more positive inspiration in your life then read on … thank you Marie. My unexpected excellent adventure My most recent journey included new foods and ways of ... Read More »

Birmingham Airport: UK’s Most Accessible Airport


Birmingham Airport has been described as the UK’s most accessible airport with a ‘catchment’ area of over 35 million people who can access the airport within 2 hours, this slightly more than Heathrow Airport. Its central location and proximity to major networks such as the M6, M42 and M6 Toll, along with various routes such as the A45, means that it is within a 2-hour travel window of over 35 million people, which equates to ... Read More »

L’histoire de trois semaines d’aventure autour du trek des Annapurnas…


Bonjour amis passionnés de nature et de montagne ! L’envie de vous faire partager mon aventure du tour des Annapurnas l’an dernier du 11mars au 1er avril 2012, soit trois semaines inoubliables autour de paysages spectaculaires et une expérience unique….Me revoici au Népal depuis plus d’un mois, et cette fois-ci je vis ici, enfin!!! Voici donc pour vous le récit de cette formidable expédition au coeur des Himalayas dans ce fabuleux pays du sourire qu’est ... Read More »

5 Secrets To Make Your International Travel Hassle-Free


Travelling abroad is both exciting and challenging. Experienced travellers are well-aware of the do’s and don’ts while holidaying abroad. But, for novice travellers, going abroad can quickly turn into a nightmare if things don’t fall in place. So, here are five secrets that will certainly make your vacation enjoyable and trouble-free. Security Having an extra copy of your passport is a good idea if it gets stolen or lost. Further, it makes sense to keep ... Read More »

Lazy Days in Menorca


If you’ve got rest and relaxation on the agenda, with lazy days spent snoozing on the beach or pleasant walks through beautiful landscapes, Menorca would certainly tick all the right boxes. As low-key holidays go, this stunning island certainly knows how it’s done. Most resorts are clustered around attractive beaches, many of which are beautiful golden-sanded affairs with scented pines providing some welcome shelter from the midday sun, and dramatic cliffs tumbling down to rocky ... Read More »

An Evening in London: An Ideal Night on the Tiles


There’s nothing better than being able to shut the door to the office for the weekend, to enjoy a well-earned break. Whether you have plans to spend it with your little ones or you’re heading for the bright lights of London to enjoy what’s on offer there, having the chance to let go every once in awhile is much-needed. Visit to find cheap hotels in London if you have plans in the capital – ... Read More »

Happy First Travel Birthday

kevin and perry

Last year on the 6th of June 2012, two young guys set off on their travels to embark on a trip of a lifetime and to fulfill their hopes and dreams. These two guys are our very own Ian and Scott, or as they like to be known as Thomo and Scottydogg. As they are my fellow writers and friends, I wanted to do something special for them both, as these days they are so ... Read More »

When Dreams Come True

bhorle little girl

This is the first post from an inspiring young French girl. She become acquainted with Ian my son who writes on this site and has encouraged her to tell her story. She asked me to review her article and correct her grammar or spelling mistakes. I decided any correction would detract from the vibrancy and soulfulness of the article and so have left it just as it was sent to me….when you read this you will be ... Read More »

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