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Unveiled and Lifted Documentary


Is it time for you to stop giving your power and freedom away to government and other people who claim to know what is ‘best’ for you? Whilst most of us have to live under government control, there are certain aspects which we can take back for ourselves. Many of us are taught from children that government knows best and that they are elected or brought into power to better serve the community – I ... Read More »

Andy Murray – Not JUST a Sporting hero

Andy Murray has to recover quickly

After his historic win at Wimbledon, Andy Murray is not JUST a sporting hero having become the only Briton wearing shorts to win Wimbledon but has also extended his remarkable charitable attitude to his life by donating all his £1.6m winnings to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Beating Novak Djokovic in this historic 3 set match, he has now been recognised for his achievement by many sporting and show business personalities along with the Prime ... Read More »

When we Grow – Exploring the myths surrounding Cannabis


This well produced video is not to promote the use of cannabis as a recreational drug but rather to explore both the myths surrounding both the plant species and the uses of this species in industry and for medicinal purposes. Cannabis or Marijuana or Hemp is not just the happy drug that many of us associate with these names but if you Google cannabis you will uncover over 21 Million hits so it is indeed an ... Read More »

Garbage Warrior – Eco Film

garbage warrior

This is an enthralling documentary which I watched and wrote about initially when we owned and I am inspired to post it separately on this site following a chance meeting with two young paragliders in a cafe in Pokhara, Nepal. They have embarked upon their own eco project in the hills overlooking Pokera and close to the launchsite for their paragliding passion. Lucian and Pierre are from Germany(originally from Romania) and France but have ... Read More »

Kumari – A Living Goddess in Nepal


The Kumari is a living goddess in Nepal and revered as such. She is a young girl and remains the living goddess until the time of her first menstruation at which point she will cease to have Kumari status and the complex selection process will begin again to find the replacement. There are more than one Kumari in Nepal but I had the privilege to see her appear at the courtyard window of her residence ... Read More »

TEDxRainier – Patti Dobrowolski – Draw Your Future


Patti Dobrowolski is a nationally acclaimed comic performer, high-performance business consultant, speaker, strategic illustrator and newly minted author, she spends her time focused on new neuroscience discoveries that leverage the power of imagination and visuals to actualize a vision of the future. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. What do we want in life? When we think about what we want in life, we ... Read More »

9/11Truth Experts Speak Out Documentary


9/11 was an inside job. FACT. The government killed many innocent people for their own agenda. 1000′s of people are speaking out but are getting swept under the carpet and portrayed to the media as conspiracist nut-jobs. I decided to upload this documentary (and probably more to come) as it seem that still most people that I meet and talk with about 9/11 have no knowledge on the true events that happened that tragic day. The US ... Read More »

Alone in the Wilderness – Full Documentary


A story of soft voice Dick Proenneke who documented his life living in the Alaska wilderness. Out there to find peace with nature, Dick’s account of his life is an aspiration to me, a very tranquil man with simple pleasures. He regularly goes fishing and has built himself a log cabin from scratch. I hope when I am older I’ll be somewhat like Dick. Worth a watch when you feel like escaping for a while. ... Read More »

Grizzly Man (Docudrama 2005)


[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC][CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] A guy called Timothy Treadwell dedicated his life to helping raise awareness of bears and went to live in the wilderness with wild bears and documented his time in many hours of footage. Probably the best video you’ll ever watch of bears in the wilderness. Unfortunately his life came to an end one summer when him and his girlfriend were eaten alive whilst on ... Read More »

Alex Honnold – Alone on the Wall Documentary


[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC][CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Climbing one of the highest walls in North America with no ropes, Alex Honnald takes on the most ambitious climb of his life using climbing style known as free-soloing. Alex is probably one of the most mental people currently on this planet! Watching this documentary made me feel sick at times (not a huge lover of heights!). His ability to stay calm, remain focused ... Read More »

The End Of Poverty Documentary

The End of Poverty? Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Official Selection in the Critics’ Week 2008, Cannes Film Festival, The End of Poverty Documentary is a must-watch for anyone. A well produced documentary takes an in depth look into poverty around the world, how it all started and why families and villages struggle on a daily basis to provide the bare minimal to sustain life. Cinema Libre Studio Production, in association with ... Read More »

Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh Documentary

Team Sweat - Behind The Swoosh Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] A documentary I’ve been wanting to get online for months. Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh Documentary exposes how Nike knowingly uses sweatshops in Asia to produce their shoes and clothing range which they later go on to sell for extortionate profits to the western word. In 2010 when the documentary was made, Jim Keady (founder of Team Sweat & Educating For Justice) and his assistant decided ... Read More »

Montana Meth Documentary

Montana Meth Documentary

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Ever fancied going on a high that is 12x more pleasurable than sex that could last for 10-12 hours? Well before you do, you should watch this documentary… Produced by HBO, 2007, directed by Eames Yates, Montana Meth documents the journey of a number of different groups of addicted teens and adults in Montana, USA.  Probably one of the best crystal meth documentaries ... Read More »

Only Human – The Strangest Village in Britain Documentary

Botton - The Strangest Village in Britain

[CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA" show="n"] [/CBC] [CBC country="GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE" show="y"] [/CBC] [CBC country="CA" show="y"] [/CBC] Probably my favourite documentary, worthy of being the first documentary I post on Live Free Die Travelling. Only Human – The strangest village in Britain is a documentary about a small North Yorkshire village called… Botton. Here in Botton, nearly half of the 300 occupants of the village have a learning disability of some kind (down-syndrome, autism or mental illness etc), known as the ... Read More »

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