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Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal – Gallery


Pokhara, Nepal is arguably the best place in the world to para-glide and the numbers for pilots, schools and companies making it possible to do are numerous. From the launch site above Pokhara you can see the whole of the town and the beautiful Lake Fewa. Gliding high over the lake and surrounding hills/mountains make this a most memorable experience. Tandem flying is so safe and so comfortable...just do it!!! Read More »

Christchurch, New Zealand – Gallery


Christchurch on the south Island of New Zealand was devastated by a severe earthquake in 2011 but these photos were taken prior to this. I was specifically intrigued by the "Autism" monument complete with talking seats and quirky bronze sculptures. Take time to review the inspirational quotes. Around Christchurch you will find wonderful countryside, views and coastline. Parts of NZ feel like going back a little in time but Christchurch is a beautiful place with pretty trams and floral displays. Read More »

Thulopatal, Everest, Nepal – Gallery


Everest, the top of the world, Living with the Tamung people, volunteering in Nepal. Look through these photos and get a true feel for the culture of this area. John O'Connell enjoyed his time here and will return to these wonderful people in the near future. This is a poor area but the people have such rich culture. Read More »

Kathmandu, Nepal – Gallery


I visited Kathmandu for 1 week and stayed for 2 months...yes it's chaotic, yes it's dirty, yes it's dusty, yes it's smoggy or muddy BUT it is also fascinating. Temples, distinct districts, tradition and culture along with ever smiling people make this a worthwhile place to come...and not JUST to head off trekking in the Himalayas. Waalk around here an marvel wide eyed at the diversity of sights and experiences. Read More »

Bhaktapur, Nepal – Gallery


Bhaktapur is an absolute "must visit" when you come to Nepal. This beautiful ancient city is world renowned for art, Newar culture, marvellous buildings and monuments. There are fantastic shopping opportunities for local crafts and you can witness pottery being sculpted or thrown or Thanka paintings being hand painted. There are numerous festivals (as there are all over Nepal) in this UNESCO world heritage site. There are temples and Museums so there is no end of things to experience here. In the Bhaktapur Durbar Square you find temples, Palaces ad monasteries with the backdrop of the Himalayas. You must visit here. Read More »

Bangkok, just a few more pics – Gallery


There are many images of Bangkok and these are just a few more as supplements. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok and many often use it simply as a staging post for further travels in the beautiful Thailand countryside or escape to the many and various beaches and Islands. Different districts in Bangkok are linked by an excellent traffic system and so all the key attractions; Temples, pagodas, river, restaurants, nightlife and many others besides are well within reach. Read More »

Beautiful Pokhara, Nepal – Gallery


Pokhara, Nepals second city is such a beautiful place and a gateway to the Himalayas. Boating, trekking and paragliding enthusiasts all come here for their fix. You can look out over Lake Phewa and enjoy wonderful sunsets. Views of the Annapurna mountain range draw you into the trek to Annapurna base-camp. Super lake view restaurants cater for all needs and tastes. Read More »

Peace Pagoda Pokhara – Gallery


Built on a hill/mountain overlooking the second city in Nepal, Pokhara, and the beautiful Lake Phewa, the brilliant-glistening white World Peace Pagoda was constructed by Japanese Buddhist monks of the Nipponzan Myohoji movement. The paths up to the pagoda are a wonderful walk and you are rewarded with fantastic views from the cafes on the summit once you get to the Pagoda. This is only a small gallery but will be added to in the future. Superb views. Read More »

Panauti, Nepal – Gallery


This is a very beautiful village in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. It is largely unspoilt by tourists and is an extremely spiritual place in Nepali culture. I spent some days here establishing a new base for Nelly of Nepally Dream and found the relaxed nature of the place a perfect place to visit. Read More »

In Giving We Receive, Nepal – Gallery


This brief gallery is intended to give a view of the great work being done by the Oz based charity, In Giving We Receive (IGWR). I photographed these happy kids in a Kathmandu house purposely and tastefully refurbished to accommodate these children. Well done Peter, Lia, Marie and Raja Read More »

Namabuddha Temple, Nepal – Gallery


This beautiful and spiritual place is in the Kathmandu valley and a short distance from Panauti. The bus trip to the Buddhist temple and monastery is interesting and sometimes exciting. The relatively new monastery at namabuddha is in such a great position overlooking the surrounding countryside. The paintings by the monks are a joy to behold and are still in the process of being painted on the walls even as worship is in progress. A really wonderful place to visit. It is disrespectful to photograph inside the monastery and so you will have to walk or bus it to the top to witness the beautiful works. Read More »

Bundaberg to Darwin Road Trip in Oz


This is a small gallery which I rendered to capture the essence of our road trip from Bundaberg to Darwin taking 5 days and covering 3800 Km...It was a very raw and very fun journey through the outback! Big love to Emily and Fanny who travelled with us ;) Read More »

Nepally Dream

Oudjol and Niruta

This is a short gallery of pictures from Nelly one of our impassioned authors who is from France but has a vision for her future life working with orphaned children in Nepal. Read More »

Nepali Children’s Trust, Nepal – Gallery


This amazing establishment was set up to cater for the disabled children of Nepal and it is a one of a kind. It is run on a voluntary basis but it is the children who would melt the heart of anyone. Kids with shocking disabilities simply live without complaint and they all attend local schools...this is such a worthy cause to support. Read More »

Khagendra New Life Home, Nepal – Gallery

Krishna sunbathing outside and speaking with Paula  herself a volunteer and magic fundraiser!!

This is Khagendra New Life Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the only purpose built resource in Nepal catering for the long term severely handicapped. It is a voluntary Nepal Disabled association founded in 1969 but continually improving ...and in need of sustained funding and improvement. A very humbling and yet uplifting place. Read More »

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