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Donating Blood Overseas


Have you ever missed your blood donor appointment because you are travelling? Have you ever considered giving blood overseas and thought it must just be a hassle? Well let me tell you that there are opportunities everywhere you go and the procedures are mostly less complicated than the UK. Early start I have been really lucky starting early when in the RAF to give blood and I remember well that we were given an option ... Read More »

Taking a Career Break From Your Paid Job


If packing up all your belongings and heading off around the world is not an option, then why not opt for a Sabbatical? This time can be used to simply relax, or you can take the opportunity to pick up a new skill. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, then a sabbatical might inspire you in ways that your regular life could not. Perhaps you were thinking of pursuing a completely new ... Read More »

Oprah Winfrey “The Thoughts And Events That Changed My Life Forever”


Have you ever really wanted something good to happen in your life, new car, new job, that trip you have always dreamed of, but often feel that it won’t happen or that you don’t deserve it?  Here, Oprah Winfrey shares with us a story about her life that completely changed her way of thinking and also gave her a new believe. We have touched on before how drawing the life you want can create the ... Read More »

What Is Couch Surfing?


This term has been rattling around in my head for some years now and it was only until recently in Vietnam whilst waiting for our bus to Hoi An that I decided to go into depth and actually research it online and see what it was all about. I think my main reason for researching into this modern lifestyle obsession was that it can save you some serious wedge compared to using hostels and you ... Read More »

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Go Travelling


Have you ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling? Why don’t you?! Well I’ve compiled a little but tasty top 10 list of all the reasons I think people should quit their job and go travelling. Most come in response from a little notebook I kept of all the reasons I hated my job! You’re not happy in your current job, and want something better The only way this will ever change is ... Read More »

The ‘Hipster’ Look And The Current YouTube Sensation!

Homeless Hipster

Here is my banter for the week inspired by a couple of topics which have come into play recently courtesy of my mate Stefan and the news. As a traveler you engage in a plethora of random conversations in your day to day life due to the fact that ultimately you’re out to enjoy yourself and also that at times you crave useless trivia which is dominating the headlines or local bars. So in this post I ... Read More »

My Road To Travelling, A Little Bit About Me

A sweet day in the sun at Camp Cove in Sydney! 32 degrees of heaven. A beautifully clean and popular beach

In this blog post I would just like to address my personal experiences and circumstances which have led me to go full time with travelling and travel writing. All of which I write here is personal to me and are the thoughts which I embrace so judge this as you please. I hope it can inspire people to do what they really desire in life and not just fall into a ‘rat race’ type scenario ... Read More »

Explain LIFESTYLE to me…

Camping on Sougia Beach, Crete, Greece

So what IS Lifestyle? We find ourselves picking up magazines and watching a plethora of trivial TV programmes all annotated with the title of LIFESTYLE…it’s a phrase so often used in modern day life and in so many books, documents, publications and in the media and I simply wonder whether anyone stops to contemplate what the phrase means to you as an individual. “It’s self explanatory” I hear you say and yes initially that would ... Read More »

Alternative Living through Travel


What do I mean by alternative living? Simply that I wish to conduct my life by travelling with a keen view on being economical and having a unique set of experiences which are not defined by any imposed time constraints or other restrictive goals other than those of the immediate present. Living life in the present is important to allow me to conduct my life in a much more positive, stress free fashion. This article ... Read More »

WOOFING in Greece – Pros & Cons

Woofers Hay Baling in Greece

For those uninitiated, Woofing is the term used for “Working On Organic Farms” and applies to volunteers working in return for their food and accommodation throughout the stay with their host. There are definite “Pros” and “Cons” for embarking on this form of voluntary work and based on our considerable experience of Woofing, we will explore some of these in the following article. Organised Volunteering WWOOF is a worldwide organisation with individual countries running their ... Read More »

House-Sitting Is NOT for Everyone


So you want to travel the world, visit different continents and save a few pennies on accomodation at the same time? If so then house-sitting could be a very viable option for you. The concept is simple, you stay in someones house whilst they are away (sometimes for a week, a few months or even up to 1 year!), often for free, and in return you look after their pets, their garden and sometimes carry ... Read More »

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