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Cherai Beach Resort, Kerala, India

Fort Cochin_Kerala_India_84

Although we stayed in a self catering homestay on Cherai Beach, Kerala, India, we did spend a fair amount of time in this resort using their bar facilities and gaining internet access. The Cherai Beach Resort is classed as 4* and in many ways it lives up to this rating. In other ways it does now fall somewhat short. When newly built the resort would undoubtedly have been the cutting edge in this type of ... Read More »

Delhi, India – Gallery


This is not JUST a dirty, busy, frenetic, smog filled is also the most fascinating place to explore. A riot of colour and a wealth of culture stemming from the different rulers down to the presence of the British colonials. Read More »

Disappointed with your Holiday Destination?


How many times have we travelled to a dream destination only to be sadly disappointed by the place? I sincerely hope it is not too often otherwise you will by now be a dyed in the wool “Stay at home” person when it comes to holidays. Why is it we would be disappointed? I believe that the way we perceive things starts at birth and we are influenced by everything from schooling, growing up, family, ... Read More »

How much does a trip to India cost?


So you have a dream to travel to India and you need an answer to the simple question… “How much does it cost to travel to and in India?” Well that really depends upon a number of factors; some which apply to all travellers, some which are consequent upon your itinerary and others which are very specifically determined by the comfort and style of travelling that only you can select. 6 weeks in India My ... Read More »

McLeod Ganj, India – Gallery


McLeod Ganj Just up into the mountain from Dharamsala, is the residence of the Dalai Lama and has a wonderful Indian climate. This is so different from many of the Indian town due to it's location close to Tibet witha large population of Tibetans. A really relaxing place for India Read More »

Extended Itinerary for touring India


We have just completed a 6 week tour of India in an attempt to capture a flavour of this marvellous country. Obviously even 6 months would not be sufficient to get a real in depth feel for such a diverse country but with the time available to us we feel that we have experienced the frenetic and balanced it with the relative calm of other parts. We have looked at Indian tradition, the iconic monuments ... Read More »

India travel tips from the old guy


This is a short post which I will add to as the weeks go by. It applies to every traveller in India and also applies elsewhere  Due to failing limbs, eyesight, memory and all ailments associated with getting old, many of the tips will be much more applicable to the slightly older traveller, backpacker or simply adventurer. Don’t adjust contact lenses after eating curry Indian style using only your right hand! Do try to book at least your first night ... Read More »

Tibetan Struggle – A Mother Burns herself in protest

fromTibetan Museum archives

There was an A4 sheet of paper sitting on the reception at our hotel and written by a Tibetan person seeking help in developing his English skills in order that he might eventually become a translator. I decided to contact him or her and offer my limited time and skills to help and so met him over a coffee. Escape from Tibet Quite simply he is about 30yrs old and his story is a harrowing ... Read More »

Cherai Beach, Kerala, India – Gallery


Cherai Beach is in the southern state of Kerala in India and faces west to south west. The beach is possibly not as picturesque as the beaches in Goa north of Kochin but the beach is not commercialised and still provides beautiful palm lined sand and tub hot water for relaxing safe bathing. Read More »

Varanasi, another view – Gallery


More photos from this remarkable holiest of cities in India. Words can't describe the atmosphere here nor photos but they do trigger memories for those who have been here and witnessed it for themselves. Read More »

Munnar Tea Plantations, Kerala, India – Gallery

Munnar_Tea Plantations_India89

This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet...once you get out of the town!! If you have travelled in other parts of India then this will be the little part of peace and tranquillity you might be searching for. Find the right tuk tuk driver and use him for the day...well worth it. Read More »

SkyScanner Discount Codes 2013


Hey peep’s, I’m always scanning the internet for cheap flights to my next destination, sometimes coming across some discount codes that help save a few pennies, I figure I will post them on here for you all to use, I will update this page when I find new ones and also try to strike out ones that have expired. If you have any discount codes that you would like to share with the community please ... Read More »

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