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Cattle Work, Australia

They're coming for you!

It has been a fair while since I have posted anything and that is largely due to the excessive amount of moving around, lack of internet and working hours. But that doesn’t matter now, what does matter is letting you all know a bit about what you can expect if taking on cattle work in Australia, whether it be to extend your working holiday visa, for the money or even just for the experience. There ... Read More »

Federal Backpackers Review, Bundaberg, Australia

Federal Backpackers, Bundaberg

Do you like narrow, windowless, dirty rooms? Do you like piss and blood stained mattresses? If so, Federal Backpackers is the place for you. Have a shower and walk back to your room and it will be likely you now have 2 years worth of dirt, numerous variations of pubic hair and unidentified objects now stuck to your feet. I should be fair and say I did actually see a cleaner, but I can only ... Read More »

Byron Bay…Days 1 & 2

Byron Bay Viewpoint

Where do I start?! Perhaps there was a small misconception on my part of what exactly Byron Bay was going to be like, probably because I had done little to no research, I prefer it that way. I had heard loads of great reviews and lots of people had said how chilled out the vibe here is and they certainly hadn’t got that wrong. Having worked pretty consistently for the last 3 and a half ... Read More »

My Views On The Website, Blogging And Our Status, With A Good Measure Of General Nonsense!

A shocking curl fest of a head, shortly followed by a justified attack with some clippers

This is really nothing more than a chance for me convey my current feelings with our development and a general update on our status and plans. I wouldn’t want to get to consumed with posts about useful stuff…….who wants to actually learn something and gather useful information!!!!! It’s pretty exciting times now that Thomo and I have moved / merged our website and are now working with others and hopefully reaching a lot more people. I am ... Read More »

Perth, Australia


A selection of some fun times we had in Perth. Notorious in Oz for being a financial city with some very preppy joints to chill out with a growing cocktail scene. We were too poor to enjoy this lifestyle haha, so we made our own entertainment and I reckon we still had a better time! Once again apologies for my shocking outfits and inability to capture a sober picture its just that people don't take as many pictures when they're on the sober bench...All good though ;) Read More »

Medicare – Healthcare In Australia

Scotty Dogg not feeling too special after walking up some steps....that's all it takes!

At present I am in the process of applying for a Medicare card and so thought it may be useful to let you all know what this is, how to get one and what it entitles you to. First of all the Medicare card is something that allows Australians to receive free or low cost Medical, Optical and Hospital treatment. Unlike the UK where healthcare is free on the NHS (National Healthcare Service) you can be ... Read More »

Fremantle Photo Gallery


Fremantle is a town 8 stops on the train from central Perth. We enjoyed a few days here now and then hiding from the fact that we both had to work in Perth. Street entertainers, markets and beaches make this a splendid day and night out and is very popular with Western Australians to unwind from the city. The day we went fell inline with Oktoberfest so we made sure we had sufficient beer to not stand out! Sadly bad hair cuts and denim shirts feature in this album thanks to me and my ongoing battle with crap fashion sense ;) Read More »

Sydney Australia – Gallery


A collection of beaches, street photos, bar/club photos and general banter from in and around Sydney where I spent 2 months living in Potts Point overlooking a very popular harbour. I was extremely lucky to have lived there and would like to thank Chris Glen and Stefan Teulon for tolerating me during my stay there. Cheers guys. Read More »

Griffith and Blue Mountains Australia Photo Gallery


Griffith: this was my first month in regional work and is located 800km inland from Sydney. Here was my first experience in a working hostel where I picked garlic and de-weeded fields and enjoyed meeting some great people from a variety of countries around the world. I’d like to thank everybody for making this a truly awesome experience. Expect drunken photos, partial nudity, lots of smiles and photos of the work involved and the surrounding areas. Blue Mountains: My mum and Stepdad came to visit me whilst I was in Sydney and we took a day trip to the Blue Mountains which is located on the outskirts of Sydney. It is an extremely mountainous area where you can see for miles though a blue haze which is permanently present due to the vapours and oils expelled from the eucalyptus trees. It’s a fantastic sight and if you are around Sydney you should definitely check them out. Read More »

Mobile Phones In Oz


Owning a mobile phone in Australia on your travels is probably one of the best investments you can have, particularly if you want to get a job or stay in touch with new friends as well as your old friends and family back home. Being a westernised country it is all too easy to set yourself up with a phone from when you arrive in Oz and begin to communicate. Personally I was a bit ... Read More »

My Moment Of Reflection – Travelling Is The Way Forward

Warning: Travelling may make you look like this!

I’m lying in my bottom bunk of the Billabong hostel in Perth having missed my shift at work due to my alarm not going off. The stress of knowing you have let someone down is not nice and it has brought back memories from when I was working my 7-3 job back in England. It has further enforced my belief that life is just too short to work a job where your heart isn’t 100 ... Read More »

Fremantle Day Out…

A cool bit of street art we found whilst wondering around Fremantle.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Fremantle was to walk towards the market to look for this illusive t-shirt printing booth to hopefully get our new promo designs made up. The weather was great and the town was busy with crowds of people all enjoying coffee, alcohol (to run along with Oktoberfest)and the odd street artist who is usually located on the corner where the internal Fremantle market lies. The street performer for ... Read More »

Back In Perth And Back To Blogging!!!

The bus we took from Perth to Hopetoun and back.....around 7-8 hours!

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted anything sadly but that is the joys of travelling combined with the inevitable looking for work in Australia. Perth the first time around for me, before we headed to Hopetoun, was only a flying visit so it was difficult to get any real kind of scope on what it had to offer. When we arrived back into Perth after our 7 hour Transwa bus ride from ... Read More »

From Perth To Ravensthorpe To Visit Ashleigh (Friend From Home) ;)

Ready to get going.

The night’s sleep was a mixed bag really; the dorm in itself holds a variety of people, some travellers some odd bods and also the people who work and use the dorm because it is cheaper for them than to be placed further away for work. Many of the people using the dorms who stay in the bottom bunk bed will hand towels and drapes around their beds to section themselves off from the rest ... Read More »

Sorry I Think I Misheard You……How Many Thousand Feet Up Are We?!?!?!

Cloud View

Well we’ve finally made it through South East Asia and down into Australia and to my joy with a fairly minimal amount of flying. Having conquered the initial 11 and a half hour flight over in a fairly decent and ‘sturdy’ plane (I emphasise sturdy as I’m still not convinced these things should be in the air or that at any given point some important piece, e.g. the wing, is about to fall off sending ... Read More »

Pre Perth Nerves… :( (But All Good In The End)


Before leaving Bali to go to Perth I have to admit I was quite nervous about the whole thing with regards to you needing a certain amount of attainable money within your current account to be granted access as an Australian citizen. I read online before I embarked on my travels that you need 3000 Australian Dollars and the most I read about was 5000 British pounds, so before I even began I had these ... Read More »

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