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Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

chiang mai elephant

Elephants, jungle camping, trekking, bars, drinking, eating great food and some intense memories from this awesome place. Sean, Ciara and Grainne were our travel companions and we salute you for the times we shared together. Hopefully this is a good insight on what to expect from this northern region of Thailand. Read More »

My Top 5 Reasons To Go Travelling :)

Arrival at Bangkok airport, the start of our travels.

All around the world there are thousands of people just like me who have ditched their old lifestyle of pounding the hours each week and living for the weekend. It is completely possible to make every single day your weekend when you hang up your work shoes and reach for your travelling boots. Many many people have compiled a list of reasons to go travelling and these lists are all relevant but the only difference ... Read More »

Diamonds Are Forever, But Jewels Are For Fools


I’m sure our Aussie friend Dundee won’t mind me telling this story as it could be for the greater good (i.e. stop someone out there being as dumb as he was). Through Sean we have come to learn of a scam going on in Bangkok. The exact ins and outs are not completely known to us but we can give you enough info to avoid it. The gist is based around buying gems. There are ... Read More »

Random Conversation On Where To Go Next And Visa Border Information (Thailand/Laos)

Vang Vieng nightmare child

I’m currently sitting here with Scotty Dogg still feeling mildly worse for wear after my dodgy beef burger and rice combination yesterday afternoon. We are discussing where to go next on our ultimate unplanned tour of wherever! As money is going and we are not earning we need to be heading down to Oz to finally take advantage of our working holiday visas, so we are torn between two destinations which are Darwin and Perth. ... Read More »

Behind With The Times…But Welcome To Laos

Terrible Photos......But It Was 5am

Ok so it appears I have neglected to write anything for a while and Ian has monopolised the writing. It would be easy for me to make up some excuse like’ he is a loser and spends all the time on the internet’ where as I am socialising, but the realistic fact would be I have just completely forgotten! That’s not to say I haven’t been preoccupied with ‘something’ else but that would be another ... Read More »

Random Senseless Post!

Senseless post!

I’m currently sitting in as coffee house with Scott in Laos with a hangover, sleep deprivation (again) waiting for a bus to take us to our resort!… I have no idea why I’m writing this tiny little blog post but I’m sure I’ll understand when I wake up tomorrow. However, we have met more great people and I think Laos is gonna be a good one. Still have to write more about Chiang Mai, but ... Read More »

Arrival At Chiang Mai- Part Two

Chiang Mai Crew

The second part of our first day in Chiang Mai consisted of chilling out, eating and hanging by the pool. We spent a good hour getting to know each other a little better and brought out the mini boom box from our new ‘family’ bedroom to blast out some epic tunes and ill rhymes! Well that’s what we think of them anyway, I’m sure others would have their doubts . The pool was so welcoming ... Read More »

Arrival At Chiang Mai – Part One!

Chiang Mai Night Market

After an exhausting 12 hour VIP (loosely used) bus from Bangkok, Scotty and I finally arrived in Chiang Mai. The bus ride was the bumpiest one yet and I was adamant that the bus driver was nodding off at certain moments but that could easily have been my paranoia and lack of decent sleep telling me this. There was two stop off on this journey to Chiang Mai, one after around 5 hours at some ... Read More »

Koh Pangang…What The F**K Happened!!! Haha

Thomo and the waiter in Koh Phangang

Kavos and Ibiza on crack!! This was off season as well…So for breakfast there was Chang and something from the rather continental menu. However, because I think people who stayed at this kind of resort (Coral Bungalows) only know what a hamburger is, it allowed the already criminally cheap Thai food to become even cheaper (20% off all the time). This made me extremely happy as I have now fallen in love with the Thai ... Read More »

Chiang Mai Jungle Trek Part One

Mr Elephant

As part of our time in Chiang Mai we decided to do a jungle trek, mostly because the hostel we were staying at offered us a really good deal. This included getting a room for 100 baht each a night (£2) and the trek for 1100 Baht (around £22). This not only included the activities, but also lunch for 2 days, dinner for the one night, breakfast in the morning and a bed in the ... Read More »

French Nelly’s Hotlist For Northern Thailand

French Nelly

As I write this blog I am sitting in a guest house in Bangkok called Roof Garden after enduring a brutal 22 hour journey with a hangover from Koh Pangang. I am catching up on some blog posts and on this one I would like to write word for word Nelly’s hotlist which she kindly wrote down for me in my little red book on the beach in Koh Tao. We are going to follow ... Read More »

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