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Matala Beach, Crete, Greece – Gallery

Matala Beach_Crete_Greece0391

Matala is one of my favourite places in the world and to sit on the beach in this majestic cove is as close to perfection as you can come. Add to it the whole "hippy" connection and relaxed feel to Matala and you have just the best combination of sun, sea, sand, cuisine and drinks...go there tomorow!! Read More »

Pheastos, Crete, Greece – Gallery

Pheastos_ Crete_ Greeced0121

One of the key architectural sites in Crete and indeed in the greater Greece. There is an entrance fee but it is worth a visit...beware for the super smooth worn down paving on the way up to the ancient ruins...lethal!! Read More »

Bali Coast, Crete – Gallery


The Bali coast is much overlooked by the many people heading west to Chania from Iraklio but there are numerous worthwhile beaches to stop at and Bali itself is a lovely little harbour town and worth a visit...great for families to stay here. Read More »

Lissos Gorge Walk, Crete, Greece


This interesting and attractive gorge has so much to offer. It’s almost secretive entrance gives you the feeling that you have stumbled upon a newly discovered treasure and in so many ways it matches these expectations. Unlike the more famous Samaria Gorge trek, this walk is less intensive but still very rewarding, with the bonus of historic, ancient ruins and a charming unspoiled cove to be discovered at the end of your trek. There are numerous ... Read More »

Sissi, Crete, Greece – Gallery


Little town with character and beaches just outside Milatos and the busy holiday resort of Malia, Crete. The small harbour forms an amphitheatre where you can dine whilst looking over the sheltered cove. Read More »

Lissos Gorge, Sougia, Crete – Gallery


A great Gorge walk in Crete culminating in a beautiful cove and ancient ruins. This has been one of my favourite places ever..see what I wrote about it in an article on the site here Read More »

Milatos, Crete, Greece – Gallery


If you don't want the frenetic atmosphere of Malia or the large hotel complexes around Crete then you will find this such a fantastic relaxed village with different restaurants every night and beautiful clear water to swim in. This was a superb choice of places to stay on Crete which itself has so, so much to offer. Read More »

Agia Galini, Crete at night – Gallery

Agia Galini at night is bustling.

Agia Galini is a beach resort during the day but of course it really comes into it's own in the evening with a full selection of wonderful restaurants and bars to relax and party the night away...there are plenty of different little shops to entice you in too. Read More »

Agia Galini, Crete shopping – Gallery

Cretan pottery on sale in Agia Galini, Crete

Agia Galini may not be the shopping centre of Crete but you can have a relaxing time walking it's jumble of streets looking for the right shop for you...there are quaint novel shops here and they all come to life at night time after the siesta. Read More »

Agia Galini – Crete – Greece

Statue of Icarus and Daedalus

Agia Galini is a beautiful and low key holiday destination on the south coast of Crete, Greece. It is easily reached by travelling down from Reythemon or Iraklion (Heraklion) on a well surfaced main artery road. You can also get here using the bus network and it is serviced regularly even off season. The town is a harbour/marina town but has a lovely beach and has clear access to a number of other fine beaches ... Read More »

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