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Koh Samui, Thailand – Gallery


Relaxed, gorgeous beaches, jeep trips to waterfalls and various other destinations on this chilled out paradise island of Thailand. Had some great food and met some life long friends on this island and even saw the sun rise whilst in the sea under the influence of some over inflated priced Guinness. What a week in Koh Samui. Oh yeah and there is some great Thai boxing and strange lady boy behavior on this island! :) Read More »

Our First Day In Krabi…Part Two

Krabi Scooter Rider

The first thing we had to do on the scooters was hang a right out of our complex and head for the port/dock in Krabi which according to the manager was only 5 minutes around the corner. This would have been true if we weren’t taking our time to familiarise ourselves with our new toys. We found it first time which is always nice and then realised that both the scooters were heavily in the ... Read More »

Routine And Bromantic Stroll In Koh Tao


Well I did my usual routine this morning of awaking at 9:30 am in our beach bungalow to the loud noise of the waves lapping on our secluded beach and the sound of a gecko blasting out a large screechy sound. There is much more wind in the Mai Thong resort compared to New Hut in Koh Samui and provides us with a great cooling breeze throughout the night-heaven. We have still been extremely fortunate ... Read More »

A Quick Note On Toilets In Thailand

toilet 2

So if you were or are as ill prepared as we were then you will not know what anything about the toilet situation and facilities in Thailand. I am basing this brief post solely on the places we have visited so far which are Bangkok, Koh Samui and Koh Tao and on the whole the toilets come in three forms. First up is the  ‘Hover hole’ as I call it, this has been spotted only ... Read More »

Koh Samui…Chaweng Curb Action And Sunrise In The Sea!


The next three days and nights in Koh Samui were better than are day of arrival, we were fresher, and less tired and couldn’t help but meet new people. Just sitting outside our tepee at the ’New Hut’ was enough to establish some decent banter with whoever passed us by. Unlike Scotty (who is still going through the burning/browning up stage) I found myself slowly falling into a pattern of sunning up as much as ... Read More »

This Is My Hammock, There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine!!!!!


The trip from Koh Samui to Koh Tao is pretty easy. The boat takes a little while, say 1 hour maximum from Koh Samui to Koh Phanang and 2 hour maximum from Koh Phanang to Koh Tao. There are quicker ways of doing this as you can get a faster boat which goes direct (no Koh Phanang stop) but this costs 750 Baht (£15) per person, as opposed to the 420 Baht (around £8.40) we ... Read More »

Koh Samui – My Initial Review (Costs And Accommodation)

crab food

We finally arrive after a surprisingly well organised combo trip consisting of a VIP coach (with air con), people carrier, another coach with broken air con and a cheeky ferry (which was about the same size as 2 and a half double decker buses). The total duration for the journey from Bangkok centre to the actual dock in Koh Samui was around 18-19 hours and with lots of power naps and sometimes slightly longer sleeps ... Read More »

Welcome To Koh Samui

koh samui

Well what can I say….awesome!! We docked here round 2 and half hours ago and you are greeted on the incoming boat with picturesque views of the island and the hills. Instantly noticeable today is the scorching heat, which with the breeze on the boat made me unaware I was burning my pasty knobbly girls knees. Whether this is a usual difference from the muggy heat of Bangkok or not, we don’t know yet. Today ... Read More »

Khaosan Road, Ping Pong Show And The London Lady Killer

random khaosan rd

I have woken up this morning sweating it up to the max, a combination of dehydration (due to not bringing water to bed with me), still wearing my clothes from the night before (genie pants and a white t-shirt) and the fact that the fan was put on setting 2 out of 4 (it was like having someone breathe warm air on me it was that weak). My mouth tasted dank, as we purchased some ... Read More »

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