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Vientiane, Laos Gallery


The capital city of Laos, Vientiane was our safe haven following a very messy, but no less awesome, time in Vang Vieng. There were some pretty cool sites to be seen, besides the inside of the bathroom, which is where Thomo spent most of his time expelling the contents of his bowels. A couple of days will get you around most of the sites and we hope the pics give you a feel for the place x Read More »

Vang Vieng, Laos – Gallery


I suppose for this gallery we can do nothing but apologies for its desolate state, but in fairness there is actually a good reason. A synopsis of Vang Vieng would be 'alcohol fueled partying on a rapid river' and a synopsis of the days you take it easy would be 'alcohol fueled partying in a lounge bar which plays back to back episodes of Friends and Family Guy'. How can we be expected to takes pictures in among all this? To be fair they do sell waterpfoof bags to store non water resistant valuables, but where your floating (struggling to stay float) in a river the last thing you need to be thinking about is whether you've dropped your camera or got it wet. So is that excuse enough?!?!?! I think so x Read More »

Cottesloe Beach: Part Deux…

Cottesloe beach on a sunny day.

After the whole episode of Scotty acting up (or not as he argues) on the train we walked off onto the platform at Cottesloe station and I was instantly taken back to the time I stood there before during a visit to my brother many years back when I went to stay with him in Fremantle instead of attending my university graduation ;s. I could still remember the route of the walk to the beach ... Read More »

Where Are We Going Next!?

Sun setting on Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.

I have found myself with a spare few minutes on this cool Sunday evening in Perth so I have decided to write a small post about what is happening at the moment and where our next adventure will lead us. Obviously as we have mentioned in previous posts our next destination is the wonderful country of Vietnam where I hope to uncover some awesome beaches and take on their local cuisine, man do I miss ... Read More »

First Night In Vientiane – Best Green Curry Yet!!

Vietiane pic

We have just come back from some much needed food in Vientiane and initially we were delirious due to a long day of travelling so almost stumbled into a café called ‘Rays’. It was Western and if I’m to stand any chance of getting my food intolerance back on a level playing field I have to get back into the Asian cuisine ASAP. So as we wandered around a corner which looked like it held ... Read More »

Random Conversation On Where To Go Next And Visa Border Information (Thailand/Laos)

Vang Vieng nightmare child

I’m currently sitting here with Scotty Dogg still feeling mildly worse for wear after my dodgy beef burger and rice combination yesterday afternoon. We are discussing where to go next on our ultimate unplanned tour of wherever! As money is going and we are not earning we need to be heading down to Oz to finally take advantage of our working holiday visas, so we are torn between two destinations which are Darwin and Perth. ... Read More »

Behind With The Times…But Welcome To Laos

Terrible Photos......But It Was 5am

Ok so it appears I have neglected to write anything for a while and Ian has monopolised the writing. It would be easy for me to make up some excuse like’ he is a loser and spends all the time on the internet’ where as I am socialising, but the realistic fact would be I have just completely forgotten! That’s not to say I haven’t been preoccupied with ‘something’ else but that would be another ... Read More »

Random Senseless Post!

Senseless post!

I’m currently sitting in as coffee house with Scott in Laos with a hangover, sleep deprivation (again) waiting for a bus to take us to our resort!… I have no idea why I’m writing this tiny little blog post but I’m sure I’ll understand when I wake up tomorrow. However, we have met more great people and I think Laos is gonna be a good one. Still have to write more about Chiang Mai, but ... Read More »

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