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What’s Going On In Vang Vieng With The Tubing?……Oh And An Update!!


It’s fair to say not much has been happening over the last month. All fun, socialising and relaxation has taken a backseat to make way for work and saving money. I’ve managed to get out a few times over the last few weeks but it’s fair to say I work some incredibly antisocial hours, with weekends taken up and most week nights working until 1am. I am slowly becoming a recluse and more so, bored. ... Read More »

Job Seeking In Perth


As we are currently in the Aussie winter at the moment our original plan to do some seasonal work right away had to be put on the back burner. This isn’t to say that there is non available as there is some farm work going, mostly pruning in preparation for the spring, but it is not as booming or easy to find as it would become the summer months. If you do want t do ... Read More »

Heading Back To Perth


As we are having an epic chill out session in Hopetoun in among all the bbqs and quad riding, we have started looking into finding some work. We had originally thought about heading to Adelaide as it would take us further along the South Coast towards the East so that once we had worked for a couple of months we would be getting close to places like Melbourne for when the weather started to warm ... Read More »

Strange Times


Now it’s obviously a little too early into the transition (if it can even really be called that given the length of time I was in South East Asia) to really be able to have felt or experienced a change now that I have arrived in Perth, but throughout the day there has been a definite strange feeling in my gut. This isn’t to say I have diarrhoea of course, but that there is an ... Read More »

How to Wii $250

During our first (and main for now) day around Perth we were approached on the street by a girl working for Citibank offering us to win $250. Me being the sceptic I immediately thought this was some sort of scam or impossible to win and so didn’t really think much of it. We asked what we had to do to get this ‘$250’ and were told if we could beat the score on Wii Basket ... Read More »

Power Day In Kuala Lumpur Part 2


Having scoffed a load of doughnuts and ruined any good work I had managed that day with regards to eliminating my podgy stomach, we headed back to our guest house to sort ourselves out. Being only a short walk we got back in around 10 minutes and proceeded to chill out for a bit, well I did anyway, Thomo had other ideas. To paint a more vivid picture imagine a chimp, now imagine that chimp ... Read More »

Krabi Review


It has fallen upon me to do a short review of Krabi. I’ll try to keep it brief as I know Ian has already written a fair bit about what is here. As far as price goes, the accommodation we got was very good. Paying 200 Baht (£4) each per night for a place with a swimming pool, pool/snooker table and a free moped is fairly decent. Compared to most of our other accommodation (Bangkok ... Read More »



So far throughout our trip we have only hired a jeep, which whilst being pretty cool, is just like driving anything else back home. I was starting to think I wouldn’t get the chance to have a whirl on a moped. I have very briefly ridden a couple before when having a go on friend’s mopeds when I was younger, but never really to any great extent. As part of our accommodation in Krabi we ... Read More »

Behind Every Door Is a Lucky Thomson


Ok so no need for me to give you a rundown of the day’s events (nor will I mention Thomo’s disgusting LUCKY streak on the pool table) but I just wanted to reiterate that despite it being a one day stopover in Bangkok we actually had a fairly successful day for us. We manage to get clean….an instant bonus for u there, we managed to replace our missing, disregarded, abandoned, lost or whatever you want ... Read More »

Diamonds Are Forever, But Jewels Are For Fools


I’m sure our Aussie friend Dundee won’t mind me telling this story as it could be for the greater good (i.e. stop someone out there being as dumb as he was). Through Sean we have come to learn of a scam going on in Bangkok. The exact ins and outs are not completely known to us but we can give you enough info to avoid it. The gist is based around buying gems. There are ... Read More »

Tender Tummy Thomo

Thomo's Toilet

As I write this I am pretty sure I’m listening to the scene from American Pie where ‘Shit Break’ has been given some laxatives. Thomo’s gippy stomach has now meant that every time he eats he instantly needs to go to the toilet and drop the contents of his bowels along with what sounds like a balloon full of air. Apologies for being so graphic but as our room is so small it is impossible ... Read More »

No Spring Chickens


It’s fair to say that were not quite as young as we still think we are. That’s not to say we are actually old, more that we act like we should be getting our first chest hairs and seeing real life nude women for the first time (ok so maybe that one happened to me last week!!!). Either way among the many people we have met they have shaved a few years off our actual ... Read More »

Behind With The Times…But Welcome To Laos

Terrible Photos......But It Was 5am

Ok so it appears I have neglected to write anything for a while and Ian has monopolised the writing. It would be easy for me to make up some excuse like’ he is a loser and spends all the time on the internet’ where as I am socialising, but the realistic fact would be I have just completely forgotten! That’s not to say I haven’t been preoccupied with ‘something’ else but that would be another ... Read More »

Chiang Mai Jungle Trek Part Deux


The next day was a bit nicer for the elephants as we walked them down to the river and bathed them, which they really seemed to enjoy, one more so than the others as he farted on Grainne’s leg and then stood up and crapped next to her…….genius. Probably the two best parts of the 2 days came up next, visiting a waterfall with a natural slide into a deep pool, there is actually a ... Read More »

Chiang Mai Jungle Trek Part One

Mr Elephant

As part of our time in Chiang Mai we decided to do a jungle trek, mostly because the hostel we were staying at offered us a really good deal. This included getting a room for 100 baht each a night (£2) and the trek for 1100 Baht (around £22). This not only included the activities, but also lunch for 2 days, dinner for the one night, breakfast in the morning and a bed in the ... Read More »

Three Weeks Down…


and we definitely don’t miss….. 1/ British food 2/ Chavs 3/ Shit Weather 4/ Boredom 5/ Cost of British/European Living 6/Words Like ‘innit’ (I use the fact I called that a ‘word’ loosely) Things we are adjusting to….! 1/ Increasingly fuzzy and curly hair 2/ How the diet comes out the other end (to be fair this now seems to have sorted itself out)! 3/ Climate 4/ Cheap beer and spirits…….don’t get us wrong we ... Read More »

Beds, Beards and Bartos!


So among all what we are hoping is useful information it’s always good to have a pile of nonsense just to give you little insights into the kind of idiots we are! First of all Ian seems to getting beaten with the lethargy stick pretty hard and so often he can be seen lying on beaches, floors and basically anywhere looking for a quick snooze. This is undoubtedly due to the heat (having a Haribo ... Read More »

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