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Phi Phi, Thailand Gallery


These photos encapsulate what I think is the essence of Koh Phi Phi, a small island based in the South West of Thailand. It is such an amazing place and is so diverse in its offerings. These could range from some of the most picturesque beaches with turquoise waters, stunning islands/rock formations, a diverse tapestry of sea life making for some amazing diving experiences, through to a thriving party scene with like minded individuals where you can dances around a fire on the beach to the early morning, to chilling at a bar and watching drunk people attempt to Thai Box for a free bucket of alcohol. A true highlight is walking down the sides streets in the early hours and watching the numerous happy go lucky drunks getting all manner of tattoos, mostly on their asses x Read More »

The Death Of My Netbook In Kuala Lumpur :(

Thomo got carried away trying to fix his Netbook....yes he is as dumb s he looks!

During the trip from Phi Phi to Kuala Lumpur we took various modes of transport. There was the initial ferry from Phi Phi docks which lasted around an hour and a half, followed by about 3 other minibuses and a VIP coach which took us across the border into Kuala Lumpur. It was the ferry which began the slow and painful death of my computer when I decided to sleep on the top deck at ... Read More »

The Other Half Of The Train Journey And Customs (Kuala Lumpur To Singapore)

Ian makes his own entertainment on the train to Singapore....either that or he is covering the beak!!!

As it happens the train did get a little more uneasy in areas so the grim reality is you have to be an absolutely hardcore heavy sleeper to get through the journey. The scenery is nice enough to scope out though so at least it isn’t pure boredom all the way there! I would have watched a film or listened to headphones but as I hacked apart my computer to salvage the hard drive in ... Read More »

‘Any Hole 600 Baht’ !!! Part One

Moments later he as crying profusely and asking for his mummy. Luckily I have his mum on speed you Paula!

So as part of our standard ritual of not doing things by halves we had a very steady day in Phi Phi yesterday. We enjoyed some great food, a mix of panang curries, yellow curries and a continental breakfast for captain safe (Scotty) before having a little stroll about to see what else was going on in town. We had arranged to meet up with Grainne and Ceira around evening to have a few drinks ... Read More »

What To Expect From Koh Phi Phi

Expect to see people like Ian here.....classic Brit abroad!!

As an overview of Koh Phi Phi I will try and collaborate as many different experiences and expectations as I can think of from the time I have had here. Obviously Phi Phi is an island on the south west side of Thailand and lies just north of Phuket which is a notorious ‘moon party island’. The general feel around Phi Phi is a very safe one and everybody seems to be out for pretty ... Read More »

How To Not Sleep In Your Room In Koh Phi Phi

Our first day in Koh Phi Phi. Lots of Chang, lots of fun and new friends.

After our day at the chill out bars of the beach, a few drinking games with new people we had met and still no back pack (just my little rucksack with all my essentials) Scotty and I ambled around in a semi tipsy stupor looking for food with our new gang of people (3 English girls, an Irish, an American and a South American), we successfully managed to not achieve this task and instead found ... Read More »

From Krabi To Phi Phi

Boat trip from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi.

After our time in Krabi we decided to go to the neighbouring island of Koh Phi Phi, made famous by the film ‘The Beach’ back in the day. Once again as ever I had no idea of what to expect from Koh Phi Phi so we just boarded the taxi and shot off on the boat at the cost of 350 Baht to see what the crack was. The boat journey was a steady hour ... Read More »

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