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The disappearance of Thomo and Scotty Dogg……dun du duh!!!


Ok so perhaps the picture is misleading as it makes it look like something really interesting or threatening has just been construed upon us by a menacing thug like monkey….but in fact it’s just a nice way to mask the fact that we have been too way laid to do anything to the website for quite some time. The reasoning shall be explained. The first and most defiantly the most prominent reason is our current ... Read More »

Finally Part Three of Cottesloe Beach :)

The sun starting to set on Cottesloe beach.

Right I’m back in the game now…So if you like the look of hunks in trunks and an abundance of six packs ranging from a teenager right up to the 50+ male who is desperately holding onto one then Cottesloe beach could definitely be the place for you to people watch whilst absorbing some pretty impressive rays. In amongst the six packs, bikers and fish and chip shops (spanning about 1000 yards) you will also ... Read More »

Cottesloe Beach And 18 Ciders Part One!:)

Ian attempting to photograph himself with the ciders.

Well as predicted we hatched a plan to spend the bank holiday Monday on Cottesloe beach which is on the southern train line about 9 short stops from Perth centre. After our standard routine of getting up and fannying about looking like a couple of dithering idiots we got our shit together and headed downstairs to tap into the free breakfast arrangement which we have with the Billabong hostel. I hadn’t had the pleasure of ... Read More »

Our First Day In Krabi…Part Two

Krabi Scooter Rider

The first thing we had to do on the scooters was hang a right out of our complex and head for the port/dock in Krabi which according to the manager was only 5 minutes around the corner. This would have been true if we weren’t taking our time to familiarise ourselves with our new toys. We found it first time which is always nice and then realised that both the scooters were heavily in the ... Read More »

The First Day In Krabi…Part One

Krabi Beach, Thailand

If you have been following this blog of ours you will know by now we have nothing planned and are literally following the wind or the opinions of others, so with this in mind we arrived this morning in Krabi with no accommodation as standard and no idea of the area. The bus ride which led up to this drop off was slightly uncomfortable but definitely tolerable but it was actually the landscape of Krabi ... Read More »

First Night In Vientiane – Best Green Curry Yet!!

Vietiane pic

We have just come back from some much needed food in Vientiane and initially we were delirious due to a long day of travelling so almost stumbled into a café called ‘Rays’. It was Western and if I’m to stand any chance of getting my food intolerance back on a level playing field I have to get back into the Asian cuisine ASAP. So as we wandered around a corner which looked like it held ... Read More »

Random Conversation On Where To Go Next And Visa Border Information (Thailand/Laos)

Vang Vieng nightmare child

I’m currently sitting here with Scotty Dogg still feeling mildly worse for wear after my dodgy beef burger and rice combination yesterday afternoon. We are discussing where to go next on our ultimate unplanned tour of wherever! As money is going and we are not earning we need to be heading down to Oz to finally take advantage of our working holiday visas, so we are torn between two destinations which are Darwin and Perth. ... Read More »

More Koh Samui…Sun, Sea And Random Crab Claws :)


The first day after establishing our accommodation was as you can imagine a sunshine filled event, and at a sweltering 33 degrees you can imagine we didn’t do much more other than sample the beach on our doorstep and test out the sea temperature. Well that sea was warmer than most baths I have had so there was no question I was going to be spending quite some time in there. Crystal clear for about ... Read More »

Continued Randomness In Bangkok

bangkok streets

Ok so get off this bus with all the funky smells and are on a random pavement literally swamped by market sellers with a lot of unusual looking fruits and an abundance of things to eat on skewers. I’m not gonna lie I was frigging ravenous and my first piece of food was a weird sea urchin type creepy looking thing which Amanda had just bought a bag of. With me being a food junkie ... Read More »

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