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Singapore Malaysia, Gallery


Singapore was an unexpected gem for me, where else could you go from getting off a train in the unknown, to being half naked in a swimming pool in a multi million pound apartment complex? We were thoroughly welcomed to our hostel by the manger who swiftly had us drinking free beers in the bar and later took us off to a hidden bar where we hung with some really cool people. When that's the first night you'd think it would be hard to compete, but followed a day later by our travelling buddies, we lived it up and had an amazing time x Read More »

The disappearance of Thomo and Scotty Dogg……dun du duh!!!


Ok so perhaps the picture is misleading as it makes it look like something really interesting or threatening has just been construed upon us by a menacing thug like monkey….but in fact it’s just a nice way to mask the fact that we have been too way laid to do anything to the website for quite some time. The reasoning shall be explained. The first and most defiantly the most prominent reason is our current ... Read More »

Mile High Toilet Head Club


It has fallen on me (a usual) to write up our journey to get to Vietnam. This is usually due to the fact that Ian sleeps through most of our travelling and this time is no exception. Plus if something sh#t is going to happen to anyone on the trip it is going to be me!!! The night before we left Perth was a Friday night which meant we could leave on a bang and ... Read More »

Flights To Ho Chi Minh and Visas


Well after much moaning and time watching we finally got off our asses and booked our flights to Vietnam. This isn’t to say we have nearly enough sufficient funds or even a basic idea of a plan for when we get there, but in our true haphazard approach we randomly just bought our flights. We have admittedly been regularly teasing ourselves by looking at flight prices and playing around with different dates and so with ... Read More »

Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 2.


Waking up for day 2 started with a hangover complimentary breakfast, a breakfast which you also make yourself, don’t worry though you don’t need to be Heston for this, it’s nothing more than toast with either egg or jam…..and as much tea, coffee and water as you want……but the important thing is it is complimentary!!!! It’s also worth mentioning that the breakfast is outside on the water front and so you couldn’t ask for a ... Read More »

Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 1.


I have no idea how far along our journey to Singapore Ian has written about, 1/ because I don’t read his posts and 2/ because even though he is right next to me as I write this it is too much effort to engage him to ask!!! So I’ll pick up from the point our train from Kuala Lumpur arrived at Singapore station. 10 minutes before arriving at the main station there is a much ... Read More »

Our Evening In Gili T


We ended tonight with a rather tame one and took on a watermelon shake in a chilled out beach front bar next to a pool and Jacuzzi with ‘Gladiator’ playing in the background. You gotta love Russell Crowe!! We did the long awaited check of the bank online to realise we had spent slightly more than predicted but no big deal, the memories have been immense. We decided as group to get up for the ... Read More »

Arrival Day In Gili T ;)

The gang looking out over the blue seas around Gili T

I have arrived today in Gili T after an extremely fun filled and action packed time in Bali. That place is one of the best places of my trip so far with regards to, food, value, beach, surf and an all round chilled out vibe! Because it was so good I have lost three days on the blog so I’m working through the night to fill you all in with what I missed. I also ... Read More »

Random Bali Update

"Has anybody seen JC, not since Easter Monday, riding on and donkey"!!! That's for the all the peeps we were with in Singapore!

We have just booked our ticket to Bali this morning with Jetstar so are spending our last few moments at the Prince of Wales guest house where we stayed. The review of Singapore will come shortly along with a few random unusual nights out. Jacuzzi in a multi million pound establishment on Robertson Quay, and talking to a random middle aged Scottish guy lurking around at 4am looking for cigarettes…So until we ground in Indonesia ... Read More »

The Other Half Of The Train Journey And Customs (Kuala Lumpur To Singapore)

Ian makes his own entertainment on the train to Singapore....either that or he is covering the beak!!!

As it happens the train did get a little more uneasy in areas so the grim reality is you have to be an absolutely hardcore heavy sleeper to get through the journey. The scenery is nice enough to scope out though so at least it isn’t pure boredom all the way there! I would have watched a film or listened to headphones but as I hacked apart my computer to salvage the hard drive in ... Read More »

Staying Fit And Healthy Whilst Travelling

What are you doing Ian? Surely you should be working on those sparrow legs?!?!

I thought I’d write this post as it maybe something that most people don’t bare in mind before they begin travelling, but from my experience so far I can see how easy it could be for someone to fall out of shape, become lazy and ultimately affect their travel decisions. Firstly, I will apologise for the photo which I have used here, this is merely a free gym/park setup which we encountered on the walk ... Read More »

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