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Learning To Dive In Ko Phi Phi Don – A Guest Post

Image Courtesy Of Jade Lee

This is a fantastic guest post from Louise Benson, following her time on Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi island while undertaking a Divemaster course. An excellently written piece, Louise gives detailed information on all aspects of diving on the island, from course content and price to marine life, whilst integrating her personal triumphs and feelings throughout the trip. As she now embarks on the next leg of her adventure in Australia, I’m sure you’ll join me ... Read More »

Bangkok, just a few more pics – Gallery


There are many images of Bangkok and these are just a few more as supplements. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok and many often use it simply as a staging post for further travels in the beautiful Thailand countryside or escape to the many and various beaches and Islands. Different districts in Bangkok are linked by an excellent traffic system and so all the key attractions; Temples, pagodas, river, restaurants, nightlife and many others besides are well within reach. Read More »

Phi Phi, Thailand Gallery


These photos encapsulate what I think is the essence of Koh Phi Phi, a small island based in the South West of Thailand. It is such an amazing place and is so diverse in its offerings. These could range from some of the most picturesque beaches with turquoise waters, stunning islands/rock formations, a diverse tapestry of sea life making for some amazing diving experiences, through to a thriving party scene with like minded individuals where you can dances around a fire on the beach to the early morning, to chilling at a bar and watching drunk people attempt to Thai Box for a free bucket of alcohol. A true highlight is walking down the sides streets in the early hours and watching the numerous happy go lucky drunks getting all manner of tattoos, mostly on their asses x Read More »

Krabi, Thailand – Gallery


Wow! What a place to visit, located at the base of Thailand with the nearest island being Koh Phi Phi. Lots of hidden beaches with vast stretches of sand teamed with huge mountainous grass cliffs made this place almost dream like. We chilled out with some wild monkeys and spent most of our time booting it around on scooters whilst looking for the perfect coffee and curry. Instead we found endless scenery and a pizza. Just fantastic, two thumbs up here... Read More »

Koh Tao, Thailand


This was another one of Thailand's beautiful islands where we spent time literally relaxing and eating in among'st various unplanned mammoth treks. The food on this island is fantastic and there are plenty of alcove beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. Get your snorkel on and look at hundreds of different varieties of fish within about 15 metres of the shoreline. Recommended for honeymooners and sunshine predators! Read More »

Koh Samui, Thailand – Gallery


Relaxed, gorgeous beaches, jeep trips to waterfalls and various other destinations on this chilled out paradise island of Thailand. Had some great food and met some life long friends on this island and even saw the sun rise whilst in the sea under the influence of some over inflated priced Guinness. What a week in Koh Samui. Oh yeah and there is some great Thai boxing and strange lady boy behavior on this island! :) Read More »

Koh Phi Phi Photo Gallery


My undisputed favourite island. this bad boy has the lot on offer including stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, party every night, all types of people, great weather, great storms, Thai boxing at the Reggae Bar where you fight other people for a Thai bucket. Strange but good value to watch. There seems to be no dogs on this island and only cats which is one memory I have from this island so I guess if you're a cat lover unlike me then get over here. Everything is cheap and the locals are friendly. Anything goes here people so get involved. Remember kids, 'Say No To Drugs' otherwise you'll be scared to pick up soap in a Thai prison for many years afterwards... Read More »

Koh Phangang Thailand – Gallery


Pool parties, Thai full moon activity, pool, sun, alcohol, great food and great times. Loved this place and even learned a new drinking game called 'Zumi Zumi' thanks to the Scousers...Some of the craziest people we have met have been on this party island. Recommended ;) Read More »

Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

chiang mai elephant

Elephants, jungle camping, trekking, bars, drinking, eating great food and some intense memories from this awesome place. Sean, Ciara and Grainne were our travel companions and we salute you for the times we shared together. Hopefully this is a good insight on what to expect from this northern region of Thailand. Read More »

Bangkok Baby Photo Gallery


Our first place we touched down from the UK…We love this place and still have much more of the city to see. What’s in this album? Some very random photos and a pair of ‘Joe nobodies’ experiencing true freedom for the first time on our adventure. We hope you enjoy them. Read More »

Grainne On Vietnam!

Such a great photo....fingers crossed Grainne never finds this on the website!

Grainne is a legend and we had the honour of travelling with her and Ciara whilst we were slumming it around Thailand and various other parts of Asia…If you read this Grainne then please pass comment on your amazing hair do which as you know was captured in Singapore. This list was given to us by Grainne and we will try to utilise this as best we can! I hope this helps other people also ... Read More »

Cottesloe Beach: Part Deux…

Cottesloe beach on a sunny day.

After the whole episode of Scotty acting up (or not as he argues) on the train we walked off onto the platform at Cottesloe station and I was instantly taken back to the time I stood there before during a visit to my brother many years back when I went to stay with him in Fremantle instead of attending my university graduation ;s. I could still remember the route of the walk to the beach ... Read More »

Defence, Ranting And Preparation!


I would firstly like to open with some statements of defence. This is in response to the drivel Thomo has bestowed upon the world with his ‘part 1‘ of some convoluted tat regarding Cottesloe beach. I can confirm the following: Yes it took me 3 and a half months to finish a book that could be easily leafed through by a 12 year old – This was not due to my inept ability to read ... Read More »

What To Expect From Koh Phi Phi

Expect to see people like Ian here.....classic Brit abroad!!

As an overview of Koh Phi Phi I will try and collaborate as many different experiences and expectations as I can think of from the time I have had here. Obviously Phi Phi is an island on the south west side of Thailand and lies just north of Phuket which is a notorious ‘moon party island’. The general feel around Phi Phi is a very safe one and everybody seems to be out for pretty ... Read More »

The First Day In Krabi…Part One

Krabi Beach, Thailand

If you have been following this blog of ours you will know by now we have nothing planned and are literally following the wind or the opinions of others, so with this in mind we arrived this morning in Krabi with no accommodation as standard and no idea of the area. The bus ride which led up to this drop off was slightly uncomfortable but definitely tolerable but it was actually the landscape of Krabi ... Read More »

Krabi Review


It has fallen upon me to do a short review of Krabi. I’ll try to keep it brief as I know Ian has already written a fair bit about what is here. As far as price goes, the accommodation we got was very good. Paying 200 Baht (£4) each per night for a place with a swimming pool, pool/snooker table and a free moped is fairly decent. Compared to most of our other accommodation (Bangkok ... Read More »

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