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Koh Samui, Thailand – Gallery


Relaxed, gorgeous beaches, jeep trips to waterfalls and various other destinations on this chilled out paradise island of Thailand. Had some great food and met some life long friends on this island and even saw the sun rise whilst in the sea under the influence of some over inflated priced Guinness. What a week in Koh Samui. Oh yeah and there is some great Thai boxing and strange lady boy behavior on this island! :) Read More »

Koh Phi Phi Photo Gallery


My undisputed favourite island. this bad boy has the lot on offer including stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, party every night, all types of people, great weather, great storms, Thai boxing at the Reggae Bar where you fight other people for a Thai bucket. Strange but good value to watch. There seems to be no dogs on this island and only cats which is one memory I have from this island so I guess if you're a cat lover unlike me then get over here. Everything is cheap and the locals are friendly. Anything goes here people so get involved. Remember kids, 'Say No To Drugs' otherwise you'll be scared to pick up soap in a Thai prison for many years afterwards... Read More »

Koh Phangang Thailand – Gallery


Pool parties, Thai full moon activity, pool, sun, alcohol, great food and great times. Loved this place and even learned a new drinking game called 'Zumi Zumi' thanks to the Scousers...Some of the craziest people we have met have been on this party island. Recommended ;) Read More »

Ho Chi Minh Saigon Photo Gallery


Our first stop in Vietnam. Feel like a celebrity as you walk off the plane with absolutely everybody staring at you! This is a good country to feel like a Z list celebrity on a budget ha ha. Mopeds everywhere, smog, poverty, street food, prostitution and cheap prices. I loved it! Anywhere you can buy a litre of vodka for $3 can't be wrong...Right? Expect some disturbing images from the war remnants museum and some random child-like 'bromantic' behavior from Scotty and I under the influence of the $3 Vodka. And yes the vest which Scotty is wearing in this photo is my pissed up creation so if you want a copy gimme a bell, I make them all from scratch as I have a natural free-hand ability to write in straight lines...Needles to say he thinks the vest is awesome and can't go out without it ;) Read More »

Fremantle Photo Gallery


Fremantle is a town 8 stops on the train from central Perth. We enjoyed a few days here now and then hiding from the fact that we both had to work in Perth. Street entertainers, markets and beaches make this a splendid day and night out and is very popular with Western Australians to unwind from the city. The day we went fell inline with Oktoberfest so we made sure we had sufficient beer to not stand out! Sadly bad hair cuts and denim shirts feature in this album thanks to me and my ongoing battle with crap fashion sense ;) Read More »

Facebook Tagged Photo Gallery


Well a massive thank you to everybody we have travelled and partied with as this folder is dedicated to you guys. This is a mash up of various photos taken by others of us and is continually updated. No particular order and no shame, all the photos are here! Enjoy ;) Read More »

Dalat, Vietnam Photo Gallery


Situated inland, this Vietnamese hill town is great to explore on motorbikes to see all kinds of stuff. Stuff like architecture, rolling hills, flower plantations, coffee plantations, markets, waterfalls, temples and villages. A quiet place which I enjoyed and because it is in the hills the humidity tends to be less so it was a much welcomed break from the humidity of Ho Chi Minh city. Definitely worth a visit. Read More »

First Few Days Gallery

Scotty Dogg double strawing an evil Thai bucket on Khaosan Road on a school night. $5 was the price I thinkand contained pretty much a hip-sized flask amount of whiskey. These things are lethal due to their price, novelty value and various combinations. Usually laced with m-150 (Thai red bull competitor) you can expect to be buzzing off your rocker as well as being totally hammered. A random feeling!

Bangkok was our first destination on our epic round the world tour.We have hundreds of photos from here but have only put a select few on for you to get a taster for it. WE love Bangkok! Read More »

Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

chiang mai elephant

Elephants, jungle camping, trekking, bars, drinking, eating great food and some intense memories from this awesome place. Sean, Ciara and Grainne were our travel companions and we salute you for the times we shared together. Hopefully this is a good insight on what to expect from this northern region of Thailand. Read More »

Bangkok Baby Photo Gallery


Our first place we touched down from the UK…We love this place and still have much more of the city to see. What’s in this album? Some very random photos and a pair of ‘Joe nobodies’ experiencing true freedom for the first time on our adventure. We hope you enjoy them. Read More »

Bali Indonesia – Gallery

karaoke in Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali….Party central here with nothing more to do other than chill out at the awesome long beach and then party. Need I say more. Mushrooms are legal here too and it is a very popular place for Australians to get away from it all. Its kind of like the equivalent to Ibiza if you’re European. Pole dancers, surfers and a Mecca for the care-free booze hounds of the globe. I loved it here and would easily go back...Actually you know what, I think I will! The photos say it all! Read More »

Sydney Australia – Gallery


A collection of beaches, street photos, bar/club photos and general banter from in and around Sydney where I spent 2 months living in Potts Point overlooking a very popular harbour. I was extremely lucky to have lived there and would like to thank Chris Glen and Stefan Teulon for tolerating me during my stay there. Cheers guys. Read More »

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