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Vang Vieng, Laos – Gallery


I suppose for this gallery we can do nothing but apologies for its desolate state, but in fairness there is actually a good reason. A synopsis of Vang Vieng would be 'alcohol fueled partying on a rapid river' and a synopsis of the days you take it easy would be 'alcohol fueled partying in a lounge bar which plays back to back episodes of Friends and Family Guy'. How can we be expected to takes pictures in among all this? To be fair they do sell waterpfoof bags to store non water resistant valuables, but where your floating (struggling to stay float) in a river the last thing you need to be thinking about is whether you've dropped your camera or got it wet. So is that excuse enough?!?!?! I think so x Read More »

What’s Going On In Vang Vieng With The Tubing?……Oh And An Update!!


It’s fair to say not much has been happening over the last month. All fun, socialising and relaxation has taken a backseat to make way for work and saving money. I’ve managed to get out a few times over the last few weeks but it’s fair to say I work some incredibly antisocial hours, with weekends taken up and most week nights working until 1am. I am slowly becoming a recluse and more so, bored. ... Read More »

My Overview Of Vang Vieng

vangvieng night scene

In a nutshell I would best describe Vang Vieng to be a party haven for people aged between 17 and 30. In the day you have many bars which all boast a similar layout of relaxed couch booths and large flat TV screens playing either ‘Friends’ or ‘Family Guy’. I haven’t seen any other variations on those two programmes…You can also drink at any time of day and night but you can’t expect to get ... Read More »

Prices Etc In Vang Vieng

beerlao vangvieng

Well in Vang Vieng you certainly are paying for the atmosphere and not the local delicacies. The prices in this crazy party town don’t really make any sense as you can get a pair of flip flops for the same price as a Twix and a pair of Ray Bans for the same price as some body wash!! haha. The average price you can expect to pay for local food, i.e. Rice based dishes or ... Read More »

No Spring Chickens


It’s fair to say that were not quite as young as we still think we are. That’s not to say we are actually old, more that we act like we should be getting our first chest hairs and seeing real life nude women for the first time (ok so maybe that one happened to me last week!!!). Either way among the many people we have met they have shaved a few years off our actual ... Read More »

How We Got From Vang Vieng To Vientiane

The view out onto the streets of Vientiane.

Well we have just arrived in Vientiane after enduring an extremely slow and bumpy ride through the mountains from Vang Vieng. The hills/mountains were a lush green and covered heavily in vegetation from base to tip. Along the roadside in the early parts of the 4 hour bus ride were many shanty houses with villagers sitting down cooking with one another, nearly all of which had a smile on their face which was very refreshing ... Read More »

Random Conversation On Where To Go Next And Visa Border Information (Thailand/Laos)

Vang Vieng nightmare child

I’m currently sitting here with Scotty Dogg still feeling mildly worse for wear after my dodgy beef burger and rice combination yesterday afternoon. We are discussing where to go next on our ultimate unplanned tour of wherever! As money is going and we are not earning we need to be heading down to Oz to finally take advantage of our working holiday visas, so we are torn between two destinations which are Darwin and Perth. ... Read More »

Food Poisoning In Vang Vieng!

Thomo lording it up on the back of the bus.

Well!! Where to start with this place…It has amazingly made Koh Pangang look like a lover’s retreat by quite simply being one of the craziest places I have ever been. I’m trying to write this post with the side effects of food poisoning in my system so it is extremely difficult to hit these keys. Without sounding like a hypochondriac yesterday was genuinely the most terrifying experience of my life. To go from fine sitting ... Read More »

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