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Mui Ne, Vietnam – Gallery


We stopped in Mui Ne in between Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat as it was part of our open bus ticket destinations. It was very quiet and pretty much just a road running along the beach which is extremely windy. It's very famous for wind surfing and kite boarding so if this is your thing then get over to this place. Food was fresh and there are a few clubs to take on in the evening should you fancy it. Read More »

Dalat, Vietnam Photo Gallery


Situated inland, this Vietnamese hill town is great to explore on motorbikes to see all kinds of stuff. Stuff like architecture, rolling hills, flower plantations, coffee plantations, markets, waterfalls, temples and villages. A quiet place which I enjoyed and because it is in the hills the humidity tends to be less so it was a much welcomed break from the humidity of Ho Chi Minh city. Definitely worth a visit. Read More »

Nha Trang Vietnam – Gallery

Thomo, Harry and The French Dude.....I'm bad with names.

Well I knew before arriving in Nha Trang that this coastal town was famous for its lengthy world famous beach. In fact it was placed in the top 20 in the world. The weather was stunning and vibe was laid back. there is also an island only accessible via cable car called Vinpearl land right next to the beach. It is an amusement island which can easily keep you amused for a day if you're at a loose end. Friendly locals and nice restaurants are too big plus points for Nha Trang and if you are lucky enough to have a better half then I would probably recommend this place as a cheeky retreat for you. Read More »

Hoi An Vietnam – Gallery


Hoi An is famous for it’s tailoring and custom clothing work. This town is ideally suited to the easy going type and business people alike with a wealth of small restaurants and clothing boutiques to fill your day. There is also a very nice beach 4km from the town centre. Just on the outskirts of Hoi An are marble quarries and some fascinating marble sculptures which drives a lot of the economy around the area. Read More »

The disappearance of Thomo and Scotty Dogg……dun du duh!!!


Ok so perhaps the picture is misleading as it makes it look like something really interesting or threatening has just been construed upon us by a menacing thug like monkey….but in fact it’s just a nice way to mask the fact that we have been too way laid to do anything to the website for quite some time. The reasoning shall be explained. The first and most defiantly the most prominent reason is our current ... Read More »

Moto Bi Yo….Da Lat, Vietnam


Two days ago we were in Da Lat and finally got off our asses and did some touristy stuff, this came in the form of a day out on the back of a motorbike, known within tourist/Vietnam travelling as ‘Easy Rider’ type tours. We had already been approached by numerous random, not to mention pushy and over excited, Vietnamese guys who will get out a sketch pad reminiscent of something a 12 year old girl ... Read More »

Price List For Vietnam


Here is a list of prices which I have gathered in the last week during my stay so far in Vietnam. I t appears to be cheaper for most things than other countries in South East Asia but there are many things which aren’t as cheap. Hope fully this list will allow you to budget your trip a little easier… 20000 Vietnamese Dong = $1 USD Cigarettes Marlboro Light = 23000 (These and Dunhill are ... Read More »

Thomo On Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)- Initial Day And First Steps In The Big City…

A shot from our hotel room having just arrived in Ho Chi Minh.

Well where do I start with this famous city routed in the southern regions of Vietnam? Are there a lot of motorbikes? YES. Are there lots of massage parlours? YES. Are there seedy old men with dyed comb overs picking up hot chicks on mopeds or carrying around large holdalls where the contents are unknown? YES. This type of atmosphere alongside things like… People sleeping rough People offering you sunglasses/lighters/tobacco/hats/fans and Marajuana Lots of poverty ... Read More »

Grainne On Vietnam!

Such a great photo....fingers crossed Grainne never finds this on the website!

Grainne is a legend and we had the honour of travelling with her and Ciara whilst we were slumming it around Thailand and various other parts of Asia…If you read this Grainne then please pass comment on your amazing hair do which as you know was captured in Singapore. This list was given to us by Grainne and we will try to utilise this as best we can! I hope this helps other people also ... Read More »

Roll On Vietnam!!

Ian trying to touch my beard, why? I have no idea!

Today was my second to last day with work at West Coast Liquor and it is only 2 days until Vietnam. It was a bit of a hazy day and it wasn’t too busy so in my mind I was getting psyched for all the things I was about to experience in a country I have always wanted to visit. Pete, the accountant for the company, is a regular visitor to Vietnam and he has ... Read More »

My Moment Of Reflection – Travelling Is The Way Forward

Warning: Travelling may make you look like this!

I’m lying in my bottom bunk of the Billabong hostel in Perth having missed my shift at work due to my alarm not going off. The stress of knowing you have let someone down is not nice and it has brought back memories from when I was working my 7-3 job back in England. It has further enforced my belief that life is just too short to work a job where your heart isn’t 100 ... Read More »

Defence, Ranting And Preparation!


I would firstly like to open with some statements of defence. This is in response to the drivel Thomo has bestowed upon the world with his ‘part 1‘ of some convoluted tat regarding Cottesloe beach. I can confirm the following: Yes it took me 3 and a half months to finish a book that could be easily leafed through by a 12 year old – This was not due to my inept ability to read ... Read More »

Where Are We Going Next!?

Sun setting on Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.

I have found myself with a spare few minutes on this cool Sunday evening in Perth so I have decided to write a small post about what is happening at the moment and where our next adventure will lead us. Obviously as we have mentioned in previous posts our next destination is the wonderful country of Vietnam where I hope to uncover some awesome beaches and take on their local cuisine, man do I miss ... Read More »

Flights To Ho Chi Minh and Visas


Well after much moaning and time watching we finally got off our asses and booked our flights to Vietnam. This isn’t to say we have nearly enough sufficient funds or even a basic idea of a plan for when we get there, but in our true haphazard approach we randomly just bought our flights. We have admittedly been regularly teasing ourselves by looking at flight prices and playing around with different dates and so with ... Read More »

Perth What Have You Done To Me! HA

Thomo feeling a shadow of his former self while desperately seeking a job in Perth....we all know he's unemployable!

Perth and Western Australia for me!! Well it’s been a real mixed bag for me so far in Perth having applied for numerous jobs in the waitering and bar work areas and receiving a mixed bag of responses. The first week was spent looking tirelessly for work on the likes of which is the Mecca for buying whatever you like and searching for all kinds of jobs and ‘wanted’ articles. I tackled this site ... Read More »

Perth Update & New Plans


Well at this point we have both managed to find ourselves some work. Having had two interviews at bars in central Perth and an area north of Northbridge I took the position as bartender at a place called the Queens Tavern. A pretty cool bar consisting of two floors, good food and live music from time to time. There were a few reasons I chose this bar. The first and foremost is the fact that ... Read More »

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