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Where Are We Going Next!?

I have found myself with a spare few minutes on this cool Sunday evening in Perth so I have decided to write a small post about what is happening at the moment and where our next adventure will lead us. Obviously as we have mentioned in previous posts our next destination is the wonderful country of Vietnam where I hope to uncover some awesome beaches and take on their local cuisine, man do I miss …

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Flights To Ho Chi Minh and Visas

Well after much moaning and time watching we finally got off our asses and booked our flights to Vietnam. This isn’t to say we have nearly enough sufficient funds or even a basic idea of a plan for when we get there, but in our true haphazard approach we randomly just bought our flights. We have admittedly been regularly teasing ourselves by looking at flight prices and playing around with different dates and so with …

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Perth What Have You Done To Me! HA

Perth and Western Australia for me!! Well it’s been a real mixed bag for me so far in Perth having applied for numerous jobs in the waitering and bar work areas and receiving a mixed bag of responses. The first week was spent looking tirelessly for work on the likes of www.Gumtree.com.au which is the Mecca for buying whatever you like and searching for all kinds of jobs and ‘wanted’ articles. I tackled this site …

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What’s Going On In Vang Vieng With The Tubing?……Oh And An Update!!

It’s fair to say not much has been happening over the last month. All fun, socialising and relaxation has taken a backseat to make way for work and saving money. I’ve managed to get out a few times over the last few weeks but it’s fair to say I work some incredibly antisocial hours, with weekends taken up and most week nights working until 1am. I am slowly becoming a recluse and more so, bored. …

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