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Advertising Placements on Live Free Die TravellingLive Free Die Travelling can offer a variety of different advertising solutions for your business. We deliver all of our advertisements through Google’s own Double Click for Advertisers so you can be ensured that your adverts are displayed as efficiently as possible; This also means that we can geo-target your advert (to focus in on one country or city), display only at certain times or days, and rotate a number of your adverts in the same placement to get maximum coverage and conversion.

We offer site advertising along with individual page/category advertising giving you the opportunity to target only the people you want to.

Our advertising rates are very competitive and we offer discounts for long campaigns.

Please find to the right an advertising layout image below which will help show where adverts can be placed within our site (click image to enlarge or download HERE).  Please note that we can customise any ad placement and cater for almost any type and format of advert (including text links and top notice bar adverts).

If you would like to enquire about advertising on Live Free Die Travelling please contact us using the form below.

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