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This post has been written by a guest author who has yet to create a full author account on Live Free Die Travelling. Whilst much of the content remains original, some aspects may have been changed or edited by the LFDT moderators.

Backpacking Around Europe Made Easy

It’s around this time of the academic year that students have settled into their new or latest accommodation and are starting to make the most of the freedoms and independence that comes with university or college life.  Friendship groups have formed and are starting to cement and small groups might be thinking about setting off on adventures during any of the lengthy holiday periods. As money is usually in short supply for those in full-time …

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My Unexpected Excellent Adventure

This is a guest post from an amazing woman whom I have been following for some time through her personal blog (Adventures in Spiritual Living). This is no ordinary journey however; but one we might each be involved in one day; and if you just need a little more positive inspiration in your life then read on … thank you Marie. My unexpected excellent adventure My most recent journey included new foods and ways of …

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