Maggiea – Live Free Die Travelling Your Guide to Financial Independence and a Life of Travel Sat, 05 Aug 2017 07:43:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How To Be A Proactive Blogger and Writer Fri, 09 Aug 2013 15:38:13 +0000 One of the things about me is that I am quite a proactive girl, when it comes to writing and in my life in general.  It is something that I have always had good feedback from in my old jobs and also friends.

I enjoy writing very much, but one of my best qualities is, that I research, plan, write and get my work published on sites and to time.

What is my background?


My background may have helped, as I worked for a large company and communication, planning and time management was an important part of my job.  I worked in clinical trials and supported data and project managers.  I not only had to communicate with all my peers, but also the countries that were involved in the studies I worked on.  This could be up to 15 countries.  We of course shared work out, but I may have to look after 4 countries myself and email, have teleconferences and write documents so that the personnel working on our studies could perform their jobs.  I had timelines for everything and yes even email.  I worked to the main project timelines, but the rest I had to sit down and work how, how I would deliver the areas I was responsible for.  I was measured against these at the end of the year to see if I had to achieved my targets.

It was all part of my working life.  I enjoyed my job as it was in medicine and I have always loved human biology and all things about well being.  I not only learned about how trials were run, but about different diseases, how they effect our bodies and how medicines can either heal or relieve symptoms and pain.  I was proud to work in an organisation that wanted to help make peoples life’s better and I was part of that.

What exactly do I do, and How can it help me?

Quitting your job and traveling around the world is great, but you will still need to use those good old time management and project management skills.  Working on websites or writing articles, will still be a job as such and meeting deadlines is still a big part of this.  If you want your site, or your work to be read and seen by others, you have to include this in your plans.

Its easy when you know how.  I had to learn from scratch how to use word, excel and power point when all my colleagues knew already how to use these.  I didn’t know much about writing newsletters, but I worked with a more experienced colleague that did.  Nearly all the things I have learned have been because of the fantastic people I work with and the things that they have taught me.  I will admit that I do struggle sometimes and think I will never get the hang of things, but I ask for help and don’t give up and use the support that is offered.

My Top Tips To Help You

You may be thinking by now, well that is great Ann, you are a very dedicated person and have lots of passion, but I just can’t get motivated sometimes and my mind drifts to other more exciting things, family and other jobs.

Here is a list of Q and A’s to help you.

1.  What will I write about?

I always look at the site I am working for and what other people have written. This gives you an idea of the kind of things that are popular or what people write about.  If there is something that you would like to write about but can’t find anything similar, then contact the site owner and they will let you know if they feel it would fit, or possibly write a few articles and if you get good feedback, maybe make it a regular slot.

2. Where do ideas come from?

You may already be traveling, which means you could keep a daily diary with you and then write up an article when you get wifi access.  If you are or are not traveling then the things that surround you can make a good article. Everyday when we get up and go out the door there is a world out there full of ideas. The secret is to really open your eyes and ears. Be more aware of and notice what is written on billboards, books, cars, vans or simply things people say or songs.  These will prompt a thought or idea that once explored can lead to an article.

3. I can’t find the time to write?

I think we sometimes look at what we do each day, but perhaps don’t actually consider the amount of time we spend on things and where the time actually goes to.  Your best bet is to look at your week and one day at a time.  Dedicate half a day to go through your jobs, tasks, leisure, shopping and then add times to this.  When you have finished have a look at where you spend most of your time.  Then think about maybe grouping things together or perhaps moving an activity to another day.  Once you have a clearer picture it is far easier then to allocate an hour, a day, etc to your writing.

4.  Are there any timelines I need to be aware of?

Some sites like this one and ArtisanHQ have a newsletter which goes out each week.  It always good to know when this is.  The reason being is that you can then plan in your writing to ensure that there are new articles each week that will be sent out to your viewers.  Keeping a captive audience is good and makes sure that they stay on your site and don’t drift to other peoples.

5. Why do I want to write?

You may find that writing is like a hobby and a way of relaxing and quite therapeutic.  You might want to take it further and start writing on other sites and see how you get on.  Many people start writing for others with the aim of writing for themselves and then to make a living out of it.

6. Can I ask for feedback?

Asking for feedback is a great way to determine, if what you write is coming across well.  This feedback can either be from the people you work with, or from your viewers.  You will probably have email addresses for people, so every now and again, drop people a mail to get feedback or ask for other things that they may like to see.

7. How many articles should I write?

I would aim for one a week.  If you work in a team and everyone works to this principle it ensures that there is always some new material and that the work load is shared.  There may be times when you go blank and have writers block.  If this happens let your friends that you work with know this.

These are a just a few areas that you can explore and use to help you with your writing and blogging.  It’s all about finding what works for you and then putting it into practice. So give it a whirl and see how you get on and if anyone has any comments they would like to share or tips please feel free to write them on this article.








Nile Rodgers And Chic Live At Glastonbury 2013 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:20:20 +0000 Glastonbury History

People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but the one festival that everyone wants to perform at and see is Glastonbury.  Glastonbury is a music festival for the performing arts.  People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but if you ask them where they would like to perform, they would all most likely say Glastonbury

The festival organiser, Michael Eavis, a farmer in a Somerset valley, stated that he decided to host the first festival, then called Pilton Festival, after seeing an open air Led Zeppelin concert at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970; fourteen people invested everything they had to build the stage.

The first festival was in 1970 and was influenced by hippie ethics and the free festival movement. The festival retains vestiges of this tradition such as the Green Fields area which includes the Green Futures and Healing Field. After the 1970s the festival took place almost every year and still does to this day.

So who is Nile Rodgers and Chic?

When I heard that this man was playing this year at the Glastonbury festival for performing arts in Somerset.  I was overjoyed. He had stated that he had waited thirty years to be at this festival.  His music spans from the late seventies to the present where he is currently seeing massive chart success. This success is with the band Daft Punk that features Pharrell Williams on lead vocal.  The song sold over a million copies in the UK in just 69 days. In 60 years it is the 136th song to break the one million selling status. A remarkable achievement and one that doesn’t happen very often these days.

I first heard his songs by Chic on the radio and then went on to buy one of their biggest albums of all time C’est Chic back in 1978.  Their songs have had people hitting the dance floors to these upbeat disco sounds.  You will all know them when I tell you what they are.  The classic hits from Chic were, Le Freak, I want your love and Good times.  You will probably recognise the intro to “Goods Times” as the band “The Sugerhill Gang”, used the sample on their hit “Rappers Delight”. It helped to move the song from a pure disco song into the world of rap and hip hop. Sampling of major hits has become a trend for many bands.

Record Producer and Singer Songwriter

Although Nile Rodgers has had massive success with his band Chic, he has also wrote and produced some of the biggest songs and albums. He has worked with major artists from all over the world.  If you want a big hit and a catchy tune Nile is your man.

He has worked with Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger and the list goes on and on.

Now To The Performance

Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the best performances you will ever see.  This man performs all his tracks from the band Chic as well as the tracks he has helped pen and produce for other people.  A tight performance by the band, that transfers from record to live music on stage seamlessly.  Many upbeat dance tracks are hard to capture live and give the same impact, as they are all  produced in a studio using sampling machines.  This is not true however for this performance, a live band, with clear vocals, great music and those bass lines in the tracks that really standout.

This performance was not the closing one, this went to Mumford and Sons, but in an open air field, on a warm night, I believe that this was the closing act.  Everyone singing, partying and at the end getting on the stage and dancing to the last track.

A big thumbs up for me, I have grown up with all these tracks and love to hear and dance to every single one of them.   Good on you Nile!

Happy First Travel Birthday Mon, 13 May 2013 16:03:48 +0000 Last year on the 6th of June 2012, two young guys set off on their travels to embark on a trip of a lifetime and to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

These two guys are our very own Ian and Scott, or as they like to be known as Thomo and Scottydogg. As they are my fellow writers and friends, I wanted to do something special for them both, as these days they are so busy working, they don’t always get to write as much as they used to.

Where did it all start?



From Heathrow their travel blog ThomoandScottyDogg was born and recorded their daily activities and places they visited.  These are just a few of the places they visited:

Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam and Back to Oz, these two have seen it all and done plenty.  Their daily blogging has kept us all entertained and laughing as always.  They have managed to combine some of the serious stuff and provide other people with some really good info about each place they have visited, along with a sense of humour to show that life is about having fun also.

Life on the road

I would imagine that life on the road has been filled with tears and laughter for them both.  Its hard leaving all your loved ones behind to travel the world, especially when there are no guarantees that what you really want will come true.  They have however, got stuck in and made the most of every opportunity.  Their time away has not only been about seeing different countries, but working to.  To get from A to B, you need money and to keep travelling you need to get a job.

Both of these two have found themselves nearly down to their last buck, but through determination and belief in themselves and applying for jobs, they have managed to keep going.  Its hard to believe sometimes that things come in the nick of time, but  they do.

What next for our travelling rogues?

Both of them are currently in Australia near Melbourne working away doing regional work so that they can extend their visa’s in Oz to a second year.  After this is Nepal and a dream come true for Ian as he gets to teach  Art and English to the children in Nepal.  They now have for the last few months joined forces with Ian’s dad and brother and now write about their time on this website Livefreedietravelling.  All their old stuff and new stuff can be found on here.

You have to take your hats off to them, they are still out there and living the dream.

May you both have many more tales to tell and fulfil all your deepest wishes.

I am sure that your friends and family will join me in wishing you both Good luck for your future and a massive hug and love from them all x















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Lay Down Your Weary Head Sun, 28 Apr 2013 08:14:43 +0000 Welcome to my pick of the pops. Here are a few albums and tracks selected by yours truly.

After a long day sometimes all you want to do is listen to some easy tunes.  Regardless if you are a stay at home or a travel bug, hopefully there is something here for everyone.

So relax, close your eyes and enjoy.

beth hart

Don’t Explain is a 2011 cover album recorded by American blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa and singer Beth Hart.

This album has a collaboration between American singer-songwriter Beth Hart and the acclaimed blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The album is made up exclusively of intimate soul cover versions.  One of the songs “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” is a cover version which is by Melody Gardot on the “My One And Only Thrill Album” which is featured below.


The story of vocalist Melody Gardot is as remarkable one. Born in New Jersey in 1985, she took up piano and played as a youngster on the nightclub scene of Philadelphia, influenced by jazz, folk, rock, and pop music. On a fateful day, while riding her bicycle, the driver of a Jeep made an illegal turn, hurdling into Gardot and leaving her in the street for dead. As she lay hospitalized for months with multiple head injuries and pelvic fractures, her love for music was the best therapy she could receive. While in her hospital bed, she wrote and recorded songs that would become the EP Some Lessons. Upon her eventual release from intensive care, Gardot found the strength and determination to further her career as an artist.  This album “My One and Only Thrill” contains some very soulful jazz tunes.  Gardot swapped her piano for the guitar as after her accident could not longer sit at it. A big thumbs up from me on this album.

Zero 7

This amazing chill out album by Zero 7 features the voice of a lady called  Sia Furler. Sia Furler has provided vocals for English downtempo group Zero 7 (musical duo of Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker) on their first three studio albums and has toured with the band.[1][11] She is heard on their hit singles “Destiny” and “Distractions” from their debut album, Simple Things, released in April 2001.   10 out of 10 for me with this album.


His million selling 2006 debut album, ‘These Streets’, established the young Scotsman as a leading light amongst the new wave of singer-songwriters.

 Paolo Nutini stated about song writing that all his songs are real and about his life.
Whether they are about a dull mining town in Minnesota or being brought up as in Paolo’s case in a chip shop in Paisley near Glasgow.


Every Breath You Take” is a song by The Police on the band’s 1983 album Synchronicity, written by Sting and Andy Summers (but officially credited to Sting only). The single was one of the biggest hits of 1983, topping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for eight weeks and the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. It also topped the Billboard Top Tracks chart for nine weeks. This was a massive tune as I recall as a 14 year old girl and one that was played over and over on the then very popular top of the pops.


As the title of James Morrison’s third and by far best album suggests, The Awakening is the sound of an artist coming of age. In his personal life, Morrison has become a father, while losing his own father after the latter’s long battle with alcoholism and depression. At the same time, Morrison, 26, has matured as a singer, songwriter and musician, enabling him to channel all of that emotion into his most accomplished collection of songs yet.  Another song on the album “In My Dreams” was written and dedicated to his father who passed away.  Like many of us that lose a loved one, the thought of not seeing them again is sometimes hard. So to dream about them, keeps them close to us.

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Who Says There is No Such Thing As Coincidence Sat, 27 Apr 2013 05:31:45 +0000 I don’t know about anybody else, but over the years I have struggled with not really knowing what I want to do in life.

It is only really over the last 8 months or so, that writing has come to light and I now find myself writing on websites.  For me English has always been a struggle and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Through a variety of different life challenges my studies suffered at school and English was one of them.

Over the last few weeks or so certain things have started to happen in my life, which has led me to take hold of learning new things regardless of how scary they are and give it go.

My current job at the moment involves me going around town on a bus with a driver and picking people up to take to a day care centre and then dropping them off in the afternoon.  Before I got this job, I needed a job that would enable me to have time for my daughter in the school holidays and also to be able to learn and write.

Most people who know me think that I look into things too much, but what I am about to write, is proof of that what I really want and need are beginning to appear.  I have written lots about how other people have achieved things in their life’s and wanted to share my experiences.

You never know what is around the corner

I needed a job, so one day a white bus came round the corner and on it said “Expand Your Horizons And Learn Something New Today” on the side.  I thought that this is fine, but I need a paid job and not a course at college, where I would not earn a salary.  I went to see about a job and it wasn’t suitable and and on the way back, rang the door bell of a day care centre and asked about any vacancies.  The lady invited me in and then said what a coincidence that they were looking for someone and had  just mentioned this ten minutes ago.  We had a chat and they took my number.  The following day I was to meet the manager at the centre and discuss the job.  As I walked to the centre and up the road and into the car park, there sat the white bus, with the writing on the side that I had seen a few days ago.  I got the job.

What Can I learn, That Will Help Me Achieve My Ambitions

So what about the learning side.  I want to write and maybe write a book and to do this I need to brush up on my skills and also learn about grammar etc.  I visit my local library quite a bit and at the back of the room is the learning suite.  I went in the other day and this is where the expand your horizons logo is.  I asked about courses and I am starting next week on an English short course, which will lead to a qualification for me.  The course is also free, so that is even better.

Its Not What You Know, But Who You Know

Just the other week my driver has changed to a new guy who is in his fifties.  I keep wondering why I am I on this bus and everyone else is travelling except for me?  The reason became clear the other day.  My new driver left home in his twenties and went backpacking for 3 years.  I told him about writing articles and he told me that on his travels he wrote a book about his experiences, which has never been published.  He has kindly offered to let me read it.  One of my other drivers, has been all over Asia as a driver and as a tourist.  So I need to get my pen and paper out and while out and about talk to them about their travels and write it all down.  I don’t need to go round the world, everyone is right here.

Facing Your Fears

The last thing is making me face my fears as well, so that if I do travel I won’t be so scared.  I think for me, I don’t go very far and almost feel that I am on an elastic and just go round in circles.  I get anxious on the bus, and sometimes quite scared.  It seems strange I know, but when you don’t go very far anymore, it is surprising how your body and mind reacts to this and the physical symptoms you get.    I am embarking on some relaxation and even acupuncture, which I have never had, but are willing to give it a go.

You may think after reading this that I am totally crazy and need to get out more, or you might actually agree and believe that at the moment these are the things that I should be doing. Either way, I am happy with what I am doing and where my life is going and the new experiences that I am having.  Life has provided some great people and opportunities that will allow me to write about, without leaving my country.  I create articles like everyone else just from a different perspective.


I have trained in reiki and had reiki myself, and I have also done yoga and meditation. I think the key thing for me, is that I have become more open minded about things.  I am more aware of my surroundings and also what I see, and instead of letting life pass me by, like the cars on the road, I open my eyes more and take in what I see.


So the next time you are out and about just have a look and observe what you see. When you get home, recall these things and see if like me, they relate to anything that you are doing or would like to do.



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Taking a Career Break From Your Paid Job Tue, 16 Apr 2013 23:03:39 +0000 If packing up all your belongings and heading off around the world is not an option, then why not opt for a Sabbatical?

This time can be used to simply relax, or you can take the opportunity to pick up a new skill. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, then a sabbatical might inspire you in ways that your regular life could not. Perhaps you were thinking of pursuing a completely new career path in the medical field, if this is the case, then maybe the time off would inspire you to pursue a degree in health care ethics. It’s easy to get a degree online, and it might be the next step you need to take to reach success. Most nurses go back to school to minor in health care ethics since it is important to know how to deal with patients and other nurses during a difficult dispute. Remember that you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

A sabbatical  which is a career break are becoming more and more acceptable by employers these days.  Good staff are hard to come by, and if you can show your boss or bosses that there is a win win for all by taking a break and learning new things, you maybe on your way, to taking that well deserved time out you have been hoping for.

What are career Breaks?

It is an opportunity to take a break from the daily pressures at work, but rather than giving up your job, you work with your boss to agree time out for say up to a year, but you will return back to your original job, or similar job, if there have been organisation changes while you have been away.

What options are available when taking a break?

You may decide that you just want to relax and have some chill time and travel at your own pace.  There are however other options that you may choose.  Here are a list of things that you could opt for.

Learning a new Language

The best place to learn a new language is in the country or countries in which the language is spoken.  Language courses can be sought and booked for as little as a week to up to a year.  This depends on the amount of time you would like to allocate to doing this.  These courses are for people of all ages and come in different levels. So if this is something that you would like to do, then why not take a look at the following website for more information and also contact them if you have any specific questions or would like to book a course.  The web address and the company is called Apple Languages.

Painting Holidays

Some people are now going further a field with their creative talents.  Holidays are no longer just by the beach, but instead painting in groups in places like, Spain, Italy or France.  If this is something you enjoy then why not visit this webpage for some ideas on locations.


You may decide for a more relaxing approach and yoga is something that you enjoy and would like to learn more about.  If this is the case, then why not look at this site for inspiration and locations.

There are other forms of retreats that you can go on like, Reflexology, massage or detox programmes.

Volunteer work

There are a vast amount of areas that you can volunteer for.  One key thing is to try and match your skills and expertise to a specific field.  You can volunteer in areas such as:

Communications and Fundraising, Health, HIV and Aids, Teaching and Education and Animals and Natural Resources.  There are many more.  Take a look at this web site for more information on the above and many more areas that you can get involved in.

I have some concerns about travelling and need clarification

More and more people are now biting the bullet and making their dreams come true.  Gone are the days, where people would think it strange that you go on holiday or on trips by yourself.

Lots of holidays, volunteer work, retreats and learning programmes, all welcome people on their own or in groups.  At the end of the day, you are going for you and nobody else and what you do and learn is for you, so it really doesn’t matter if you are by yourself.  What you can do is contact these organisations or travel companies and explain that you are by yourself.  What they will do is provide you with lots of information that will be helpful to you, but also will help relax your mind and make you feel at ease.  There will be other people that you meet who are in a similar position as you, you may meet people on the plane or when you get to your destination, so you are never really alone.  Do some research before you go and talk to people you know, as they may have travelled alone before and can help you.

Travel Vaccinations, Immunisations and general care abroad for you and Children

Many families are now taking their children to countries where protection against diseases is a must.  The key thing to remember is to check all the facts first.

The first point of call would be to contact your local doctors surgery. When contacting them ask for an appointment to discuss travel and immunization for your children as well as your self.  Your doctors surgery will have the most up to date information for you regarding the countries you are visiting, the vaccinations you will need and what vaccinations your children will need.  They may also be able to offer advice on caring for children in different countries in terms of different foods and diets.  They will also be able to give you a list of items to take with you to help while away. e.g antiseptic creams, anti-histamines etc.  If you or your child is on current medication don’t forget to ask for a letter from your GP and ensure that you have enough supplies.  It may also be wise to determine what other medications are available in the countries you are visiting in case you lose yours.

How do I plan my Sabbatical?

1. Review your companies policies to check first that this option is available and if you cannot find any information contact your HR Dept to discuss this, or your boss if you are self employed

2. To make everything easier, it may be worth creating a folder and a check list.  This way, you can ensure you have covered everything, and that no information is missing when you come to present your case as to why you should be granted a leave of absence.

3. Make a list of what you want to do for your sabbatical and the reasons behind it.  If you feel stressed and want to go on a retreat to learn meditation, Yoga or relaxation techniques, then write these down.  You may want to learn a new language,but would like to learn it in the native country.

4. Do some research, on the internet and at your local library and pop into your travel agents also.  This will help you plan dates and help you look for exactly what you want and where and what the availabilities are also.

5.  You need a clear objective also.  Taking time out just to go on holiday, probably won’t cut it, so you need to back up your case.  Your company, may have a sister company where you are going, so you could offer to work there for a week or so.  You may want to go into a training role, or may already be in one, but would like to progress, so doing volunteer work in schools and teaching, may give you the required skills to achieve this and also win your boss over with the big yes that you are praying for.

6. Set up a budget plan.  Break it down, bit by bit, so you can see how much money you will need for, planes, taxis, hotels, food, insurance etc.  Don’t forget the rainy day money also.  There can be those occasions, when things don’t always go to plan, so a little extra on top would be advisable.

7. Make a list of what needs to be done while you are away.  You may decide to rent out your house, or you may ask a relative or neighbor to take care of your property. If you have pets, sorting out care for these.  You may also want to contact your insurance company for household insurance, as policies are slightly different for houses or dwellings that are left for periods of time unoccupied.  Don’t forget contact details as well, if you need to be contacted urgently.  Maybe, do a what if, list, so that a least your family and friends know what to do, if say there was a leak or other accident happened to your property.

8. Don’t forget to plan ahead for your homecoming.  You may decide to contact your boss every few months to discuss your current plans, and the, what if I decide to leave and not come back question maybe one to ask when you meet your boss, especially if you have to give notice.  Rental companies will want to know when you return, as your home may have been rented out and it may not always be a case that you return and your home is empty, so think about you may have to pay for accommodation until contracts have been served.   The whole idea of doing this is to ensure that you still have your job and don’t come home high and dry without one.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself, as you only live once.

Please enjoy this video, its a very uplifting piece based on the book by Dr Seuss called “Oh the places you’ll go.

Oh the places you’ll Go


Oprah Winfrey “The Thoughts And Events That Changed My Life Forever” Fri, 05 Apr 2013 23:49:29 +0000 Have you ever really wanted something good to happen in your life, new car, new job, that trip you have always dreamed of, but often feel that it won’t happen or that you don’t deserve it?  Here, Oprah Winfrey shares with us a story about her life that completely changed her way of thinking and also gave her a new believe.

We have touched on before how drawing the life you want can create the things that you most desire, so here are a few more things, that may also help with this.

Often in life there are things that happen that we just can’t explain how they happened in a scientific way, but they truly did happen.  In this true story Oprah shares with us, the events that led her to be given a major role in the film “The Color Purple”.

How connecting to things can change our lives

It would appear that Oprah has always wanted to be in films or TV, but the most important thing here is that she wanted to play this part because she connected with it.  The part she played was somewhat like her life.  Oprah in playing this part, was able to face her fears of always trying to be seen or heard and never feeling quite good enough, or being told that she couldn’t do things.  By playing this character she showed the world what she was capable of, but also was able to on screen let go of all the old hurts and fears that she had kept within for so long.

She never thought that she would get this part, even though the events that happened led her to audition for it.  In fact she even went into doubt and then decided to just let go of the whole thing.  She would be gracious to the actress who got the role and would try to be able to forget about it.  As she was singing I surrender, the phone rang and it was about the film.  She was offered the part, played the part and was a huge success and also went on to host the massive successful show Oprah.

An explanation or theory about how this all happened

When we we are growing up, we start to develop personalities or have certain traits about us and these things are the things that come from within and what people refer to as our soul.  We have certain feelings,values and behaviors that make us who we are.  As we grow up we start to evaluate what we like and what we don’t like and the things that make us happy or what we are passionate about.

If as a child you find yourself always looking after your friends when they are hurt or upset or generally being there for them and others, you will find that a career in caring is what you will be most suited to.  This is whats called a life/Career path.  Oprah’s life path, led her to want to be in a role whereby she could help others and show the world that people do listen and that you are never alone, but on a massive platform and being a spokesperson.

What Oprah did was connect to the book. She identified the character as her and probably became emotional when reading it.  She then knew that this is me and I want to come out of the dark and play this part.  She drummed up enough energy about it, by talking about it.  She got the audition, but if you remember the audition was for the film moon song, Oprah wants the color purple.   She goes away and gives it up.

Releasing what you most desire brings it closer to you

When we release something, what happens is the resistance becomes less and we allow things to happen.  When Oprah gave up the whole thing, something happened.  We often find that when we are at our lowest and can’t go on and just give up what’s troubling us, amazing things happen, new opportunities happen.  It is almost as if we have to close the door, before a new one opens.

As for the title, well to get something we have to align with it, so I would imagine before the phone call the title was changed to the color purple, Oprah now aligns with this and the rest is history.  Aligning is like sharing the same visions and passions, with places, people or jobs and at a soul level. Oprah can’t align because the title is wrong  even though everything else matches.

Not everyone will have experienced what Oprah has experienced.  What some of us may have experienced is going for a job and not getting it.  People may often say that something better is around the corner.  I have had many around the corners, and if you all think about it you have to.


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Travel Writing – What’s That All About? Thu, 28 Mar 2013 04:41:43 +0000 When writing an article or a post for a website where do the ideas come from and why do we write?

The main aim of writing on websites is to gain an audience that will come back again and again and will also share your site with others, which will lead you to carving a career out of travel writing. You may decide to work on paid or unpaid sites. Either way, you will gain lots of experience and exposure for yourself, as a writer.

Lots and lots of people write everyday on different sites all over the world.  The thing they have in common is they want to share with you their knowledge, experiences and also their pure joy and excitement of where they are and what they are doing.

One of the things that a writer or a travel writer will think about, is the topics or material . When thinking about a topic , we could think about what do we like and want to share.  More often than not you will find that if you write about you and your experiences and treat it as though you were writing to a close friend, the feel and response will be much better.  Often I have come unstuck  as I have put to much thought into what others think or even approve of and you may write awkwardly, with less feeling and you don’t enjoy it one bit.  I think fear sometimes comes into play, as we fear that telling people things about us will cause negative feedback.  We all want to be liked, but everyone is different and not everyone wants to go on the same journey or holiday as me, or I them, so learning to take a step back is a must for a writer and sometimes you will get a few negative comments.

When you have written an article receiving good feedback and positive comments is important, as we as people work better and feel better when we do.  Even when we have been given constructive advice, we take it on board because we know that people care and have taken the time to review our work and want to help us. Owners and writers on sites want the site to be a two way thing, so all suggestions, comments or requests are reviewed and responded to.  Besides, a writer will aim to make you a part of their experience when you read it, so viewers are important.

Travelling can be a lonely life, its hard to believe this, but its true and we may sit here and think that they are having an amazing time, and they probably are, but we forget that they are moving from place to place.  Travelers meet people all the time and learn different things from them, but, they are not their family or closest friends. So remember, when you read some of the posts and have enjoyed it, don’t forget to say so in the comments box. We can run programs to see that the site is getting lots of visitors, but what we really want to know is if people like our posts. Motivation to write is key and more so for a traveller,especially if they want to make a living from it.

Often a writer may go blank and even struggle to find areas to talk about.  One of the things that I have found that has helped me is to write on instinct. What is writing on instinct? It is an impulse, doing something that involves very little research, but instead you write about things you are passionate about and enjoy and want others to share this. Or Stories that you read about that touch your heart and you just know others will feel the same.  Its a feeling of knowing that you get.  Other times I may have an idea, I look on say you tube, and flick through, or type in different search words and 99% of the time, which is a high number, something pops up that’s amazing and I write about it.  This is how I found the “Draw your future” documentary which is on this site.

People write for all sorts of different reasons.  They may want to be a writer and go on to write books.  They may want to write so that they can capture their experiences and photos to look back on.  They may want to write as writing helps you to grow as a person on the road as you write down what you have learned and your experiences.  They may want to write as they feel that they have something to teach other people and writing and sharing does just this.  There are no rules in writing, so why you write is a personal experience.  I know which one I am, which one are you?






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How To Learn A New Language in 3 Months Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:57:01 +0000 If you are interested in how to learn a language, then this is the video for you to learn in just 3 months.

We may visit many countries and not all of them will speak our native language, so if you a are planning on visiting any of these countries, then here is your chance to get ahead of yourself.

The original post, titled “How to learn any language in 90 days” was written by Maneesh Sethi from and it had been featured on Zenhabits, Lifehacker and shared by Tim Ferriss on Twitter and Facebook.

Its a great blueprint to follow for language learning, so this video has been  broken down into 3 simple parts:

  • Part 1 – Overall Strategy of learning a new language
  • Part 2 – Da Game Plan broken down by months
  • Part 3 – The Resources you need to implement the best way to learn a language in 3 months

Here is a list complete with links to all the resources that you will need that have been Mentioned:

Sign up for Genius+ iPad beta testing:

Memorization software for Macs: Genius –…

Memorization software for windows:

Finding free Language partners

Affordable online language tutors:

Dover Language Essential Grammar Guides:…

Lonely Planet Phrasebook:…

How To Learn Any Language in 90 Days:

The City That Never Sleeps “Las Vegas” Fri, 08 Mar 2013 01:50:45 +0000 I have been very lucky to have visited this wonderful and magical place twice.

Las Vegas has something for everyone and is not just a place to go and gamble your money and maybe your life away.  There are lots of things to do and see in this fascinating place which has been man made in the Nevada Desert.

When I was there I went in a helicopter that took me over the hoover dam. The helicopter landed inside the Grand Canyon where I had a Champagne breakfast and saw the most amazing sight and views I have ever seen. The picture is of me, so you can see for yourself.  I also had a little friend that wanted some of my carrots and that was a little chipmunk. I have never seen one before and for the record they don’t really look like the ones that you see with mickey mouse on the cartoons either.

las vegas


I wanted my stay to be perfect and so I chose the Venetian Hotel to stay in. The majority of the hotels are themed or are famous monuments from around the world.  The venetian was a little piece of Italy.  As I stepped inside the hotel there was a man playing the accordion.  As I walked through the hotel and outside it was just like Venice and there were men in gondolas that went up and down all day long singing the “Just One Corrento Song.”  I even treated myself to a little dog dressed in the famous blue and white  strip top, complete with straw hat that howls the same tune.


Another favorite hotel of mine is Caesars Palace. If you like to shop then this is the hotel for you, although you can go in any of them and are not restricted to the hotel that you are staying in.  This hotel is on the famous strip in Las Vegas and since I was last there has been extended.  The hotel takes approx 15 mins to walk past it, so this gives you an indication of the size of it.  It has over 5 floors that are filled with shops.  In the courtyard area there are lots of Boutiques and the most amazing thing is the ceiling.  In the day the ceiling is like any other and is blue with clouds, but as the day goes on the ceiling changes, and by evening it has a beautiful sunset and by night is black and lit up by stars.  Only in Vegas would you see such a wonder.


If you like shows then its best to book before you go, as the shows get booked up in advance.  I saw the O show by Cirque de Soleil in the Bellagio Hotel. The stage had hidden beneath it a tank of water.  There was fire, water and acrobats performing some amazing tricks I have ever seen. A women appeared from the ceiling and dived into the then open stage into a tank of water that was then set on fire. Breath taking it was.  You can also while you are here visit the fine art gallery that is also housed within the hotel.


I did of course go to see a music show.  I love Patsy Cline and I like to sing her songs when I get the chance either on the karaoke or with my family when we have a good night out and we finish of the night where we all take turns to sing.  It may seem unusual to other people but coming from an irish family its part of our culture.

If you want to have a gamble then there are a multitude of hotels to do this in. Don’t be afraid to have a gamble either.  Everyone is very friendly and make you very welcome.  All the doors to the casinos are opened for you and if you want to go from one casino to the next, then the guys outside will ask you were you want to go and will wave a taxi for you.  Everyone is treated the same. There is no fighting and no drunks either.  If you want a drink you call over the girls that walk the floors and tell them what you want and they will bring you a drink, all you have to do is give them a tip.   I sat on the fruit machines and played to my hearts content.  I even won $600 dollars.  I also sat at the tables and had a game of black jack. the dealers are great characters and even if you don’t want to play you can stand and watch.  I am not a gambler, but I did enjoy it and made the most of it.  I never once felt afraid and I do get nervous.

The strip at night is fantastic and is well worth seeing all the hotels lit up.  There are also rides within the hotels, the stratosphere has rides in it and so does the New York, New York.  Clothes and food were very cheap.  I visted a little outlet just outside of vegas where I purchased some really cool Ray Bans, which I still have.  The road to the shops was along the dirt road just like the movies.  So a nervous ride for me.

All in all I really enjoyed it.  Its a must see.  I stayed just for two nights this time as it was a stop over after returning from New Zealand, but you could stay longer and visit places like Death valley or even hire a car and ride out to California.

From touch down to take off a trip of a lifetime.