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Becoming financially independent and travelling the world has been a dream of mine since I was young. In 2012 I decided to dedicate my life to travel. I will document my journey through this site.

Aegean Air Review

Aegean air onboard food

After searching the internet for the best flight deal we stumbled upon Aegean Air, the main Greek Airline. Although only flying out from London Heathrow (for flights into Athens), we decided to quickly check their prices to see whether savings in flights would justify the added travel time and inconvenience that we would be subjected to having to come from Newport. After a bit of searching around their easy to navigate website we found that …

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Day Three – Screw you, Universe!

Day Three – Screw You, Universe!

Having been stuck at my house-sit for the last 4 days due to torrential rain and with no internet access or telephone line (more on that later), I was delighted to find out that all of my websites were down and had been from the day I got disconnected from the internet. Why? Well I decided to downgrade my VPS server to a less expensive one as no longer required (due to the sale of …

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Day One – I’m alive, the start of a golden age (and a travel diary…)

So, 21st of December turned out to be a load of old shit! I’m still alive, I even gave it an extra 24 hours in case the Maya’s were off by a day… Still here, though grateful to be alive, a little bit bummed out that nothing massive happened. No mutation of DNA, no vibrational energy change, no cataclysmic event that destroyed half the world, nothing. Well, in fact, maybe all of the above has …

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