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Who are you Who am I? – Guest post by contributor Maggiea

It’s fair to say that I for one, never really had very many exciting interests. For example, I’m not the sporty type and as for things like reading I never really enjoyed novels and in general just couldn’t get into them so would never even finish a book.

So what has my lack of interests got to do with travel and discovering who you are?

Well, my thoughts and views on “who I am” have changed in the recent past. Having spoken to my family and others who are now retired, I found myself asking them the question “So what do you do with yourself now that you are no longer working and life is just like one big Holiday?

The answer that kept coming back to me was that to avoid going crazy or becoming depressingly dull, you probably need an interest, or to find something stimulating to keep you busy.

Photo-0152Travel and the exploration of other cultures certainly fits the bill of interesting and stimulating.

I explored lots of different outlets to engross me and then through a number of different life challenges I found myself going down the route of alternate and holistic medicine. Lo and behold, because I have now discovered an interest that I like, I am visiting the local library and reading books from cover to cover.

Start your exploration by reading?
Start your exploration by reading?

I have since read everything ranging from books on meditation and religion to those on self improvement and personal endeavour. Reading the right material now engrosses me and reading about people from different religions, sects and cultures who have travelled the world; each undergoing a journey, discovering an interest whilst away, but most of all, discovering new things about themselves, stimulates me to consider travelling more myself.


When we are thinking about embarking on a long journey and if you have an interest, like in a previous blog post by Ian (Thomo).. “My road to travelling a little bit about me” …where he explains that he really gets a kick from writing about either his adventures, art or photography then that’s great because if you are planning on being away for a long time, you definitely will need something else to keep you going.

One of the things about working is it gives you routine and human interaction that we as humans need to keep up our spirit and it also gives you the feeling of worth. If you don’t have an interest, then there is no need to worry either, one of the beauties about travelling or just being on holiday is that you become relaxed and the more relaxed you are the more open minded you become to life and your surroundings.

meditatingOne of the areas that I touched on earlier was my interest in holistic medicine and if travelling, you may find yourself in a country where many holistic practices are a matter of routine. Meditation is one of these which can be really beneficial to you, it is part of a daily routine in many countries and upon rising they will mediate either on their own or as a group.

Given the opportunity…explore this.

It calms the body and your thoughts, makes you more relaxed and enables you to start your day off on a healthy, positive note.

Have you ever noticed that if you get up late, or just jump out of bed, rush to get dressed and don’t give yourself anytime in the morning, you feel stressed and this follows you into your day and sometimes all day at work? When travelling, never forget the routine you left behind; have a look in the churches or temples in other countries and if you arrive when people are going into prayer, join in; you may feel nervous at first, but once you relax you may enjoy it and see the difference in the routine you have left behind.

This is learning from experience…an experience you could not gain by staying put at home and not going travelling.

It’s all about exploring and finding YOU….through interaction with others.

Meeting new people is a great way to help you because whilst you are on your travels you relax more, open up more and speak to people more. You may not know these people well but you will find yourself enjoying their company, their stories and what their interests are….remember always that they want to know about you and learn from you too so this is not just a “One Way” street.

For me going on a journey is about finding out about who you are and finding ways to let go of any things in your life that really don’t matter that much. We all get bogged down and run down with things that don’t really matter, as much as being happy, being healthy and most of all being you.

be-yourself2Always be yourself, keep hold of your own beliefs, but practice the art of being open and respect other peoples beliefs and thoughts even if they are not our own. You may even surprise yourself now that you are more open, some of those beliefs that you didn’t have, you may find. And perhaps like me, you may start reading about them, exploring them and learning from them.

Finally if like me you can’t just up and go travelling due to family commitments but would like to experience some of the above then there is a way to travel or go on a journey without leaving your own home.

There are lots of, books, ebooks and audio books now, that help us in our everyday lives and many of these can even be found on this site for you to read and explore. Join in the blog, fill yourself with some of the experiences the others are having and make your plans for the future.

I hope you enjoy life, discover new things, but most of all be happy being you and don’t worry about money as money can look after itself.

This is a guest post written by Maggiea and we thank her for her contribution...if you wish to comment or add to what she has to say then please insert a comment below or indeed become a writer in your own right……  

Gary 🙂


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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