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Gigi Griffiths – A Good Read to Follow

Gigi Griffiths is a full time traveller and has provided me with considerable inspiration through her RAMBLE as I continue my own travels in a somewhat different fashion to Gigi. Her story and website have a lot to offer and this brief blog post is only by way of a quick introduction. Believe me, she describes herself much more eloquently than I.

I have been following her blog, her posts and her content marketing articles since I developed an interest in House and Pet sitting. Now; Gigi is not specifically recognised as a Housesitter as such but when I was researching travel writers and housesitters there were a few people and websites which stood out for me and Gigi was one of the people I decided to follow for inspiration.

First contact

At this point my son and I built a small website www.petnpad.com to present our own credentials in a format which would assist potential housesit clients to gauge our reliability and suitability for house and petsitting positions. At some point in the development Gigi kindly looked over our site and gave us a positive feel about it. We have successfully conducted our own travels and gained house/petsitting experience in a number of countries… Gigi helped even if she is unaware that she done so..thanks.

More about the girl

Gigi travels extensively and produces a fascinating insight of the places she visits. She is also a very proficient photographer and always illustrates her posts, whether long or short, with illuminating, excellent and relevant pictures. Her blog layout and delivery are extremely easy to read and follow making it a pleasure to open her email feeds on a regular basis.

She usually keeps her articles short, succinct and crammed with her very personal thoughts, feelings and stances….none more evocative than her recent harrowing run in with British Immigration (being British this was one of the drivers for me writing this particular article)

What sets Gigi apart from many other travel writers/bloggers?

I think there are a number of factors


  • She never travels alone….but….her companion Luna, is her much loved little dog and this means she faces consequent challenges which the rest of us probably would not experience. From her writings, it seems that having a little companion gives her very tolerant approach life and I reckon anyone who has, or does have, a pet of their own can probably associate with this.
  • She not only writes a travel blog but has recently also become published as an author having produced her first book (And,Also,My Palms are Sweaty: a Memoir in Sixty-Four Men) which can be found on sale at Amazon
  • She successfully runs her own Content Marketing business even whilst on the road for long periods.
  • Gigi is a self professed hard worker but also has a very strong personality which is reflected in her written offerings.
  • She understands when the stresses of her lifestyle get to a point that she needs a break…and then she treats herself.

Her Followers

I can only assume that Gigi already has a large following and I guess I am simply suggesting that if you wanted a feel good, positive look at life through someone else’s eyes then I am recommending that you head to Gigi’s site, read some of her past posts and then place yourself on her feed for regular updates.

Some time back now, as we began our own house sitting campaign, we discovered that there were many more interesting opportunities than we could accommodate and odd occasions I simply passed on some of the details to Gigi thinking we might be able to help out a fellow traveller. In naivety I little knew how well connected Gigi was in fact and probably did not require outside assistance; but she did actually kindly respond with a thank you for the information which was kind of her and demonstrates the commitment she has to all her readers.

By coincidence

Just as I had almost completed this short blog I received a mail from Gigi with a link into an article featuring her in an interview so you might just as well carry straight on to see what she had to say here at Yes and Yes

See what Gigi has to say and if there are other equally talented and interesting writers you would like to mention then please feel free to notify me through the comments area here on the site and I can then check them out also…thank you.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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