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International Women’s Day – Wateraid

8th March 2013 – International Women’s Day. Why should we be writing about this on Livefreedietravelling? Simply because our charity of choice, Wateraid, is heavily involved and the work by Wateraid is dramatically changing the lives of so many women in so many areas of the globe. We are immensely proud to be supporting this cause in our own small way but also wish to create a message encouraging you to also become involved.

If you are reading this on your iphone, ipad, PC or laptop then I can safely assume that you are also privileged enough to have access to sanitation, toilets, running water and all the luxury that comes with this privilege. The women we seek to assist have to walk for hours just to get to potentially unsafe water sources….and they do this EVERY day, sometimes more than once.

So why is this specifically “Women’s Day” I hear you say, what about the men, surely they too suffer?  Well, in an excerpt from Wateraid site:

Men never come to collect water as it is a woman’s responsibility to provide water and prepare food


I have lived off grid and understand the constraints of managing your water…and believe me it is not easy. These less fortunate women do not have any option…I did.water-aid2

Please watch the short video below to become more aware and then sit back and consider the comfort you are experiencing as you hear the bubble bath running in the background.

NO…do not feel that I am pricking your conscience…rather; just sit and reflect upon your comfortable life and be grateful.

Only then, perhaps consider visiting the Wateraid site to make a donation or pledge your support in some other way. This is not intended as a hard sell nor even a drastic plea but it is certainly delivered with my own conviction.

Giving to those less fortunate is such a humanitarian action which brings huge rewards which cannot be counted in any capitalistic way.

Lack of a local clean water source or safe, private toilet facilities has profound effects on the lives of millions of women worldwide.

I have little more to say which is not much better represented on the Wateraid official site so please consider clicking on the link to help us give you that warm giving feeling.

There is obviously so very much more to the “International Woman’s Day” but I decided only to concentrate on the area which made me think deeply but there are many other aspects which may well touch you in a different way…either way; it is the awareness of the issues affecting women that counts.

I am just about to go into India for a couple of months travelling and expect to fully become acquainted with the issues faced by the women in some of the poorer areas; it would be good to take with me a feeling that I had at least touched a few compassion nerves within some of you.

kind and grateful regards



Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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