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Knife Sharpener – Product Review

This is a simple review of a sharpening device which I have recently bought and tested.

Excellent low cost sharpener, ideal for the kitchen
Excellent low cost sharpener, ideal for the kitchen

The reason for this is to ensure that I am working with sharp tools and knives in the kitchen.

There is the misconception by many that the sharper the knife the more dangerous it is…NOT SO.

In the right hands and in the kitchen specifically, ask any professional preparing vegetables or meat for a living and they will absolutely confirm that the majority of accidents occur through the use of blunt knives not cutting into the material correctly and then sliding off … ahhh … often into your softer flesh.

Setting the knife into the sharpening slot
Setting the knife into the sharpening slot

Currently there are a multitude of cookery programmes being presented on TV and if ever there was one piece of advice they ought to give it is to work with razor sharp kitchen knives.

I have been a professional builder, cabinet maker and landscape gardener in the past and can assure anyone that any job whether in a workshop environment or in the kitchen is so, so, so much easier and safer when you work with correctly sharpened tools.

In the kitchen some of you might well be used to the chef’s “steel” and used it to keep a keen edge on your carving knife. The “steel” does have the disadvantage in that for less expensive non carbon steel knives they can dent and produce more of a serrated cutting edge than a smooth clean one. If you are happy with this then there is really no need to change but many kitchens now have a whole range of knives and scissors which don’t get the same attention as the manly carving knife!!

Our “steel” was a cheapo version and simple was not up to the job when it came to sharpening what were, in honesty, good quality knives and so I picked up this knife sharpener for less than £4 but really wasn’t so sure that replacing one cheapo product with another would have much of an improvement.

How surprised I was to find that this is both easy to use and is fantastic at sharpening the knives.

So much so that I have had to warn everyone else in the house that the knives can no longer be used as toothpicks, back-scratchers or screwdrivers and juggling should definitely be avoided from now on.

[do action=”amazon-uk” search=”am-tech Knife blade sharpening tool” linkname=”Am-TecH” amazon=”http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738″ affcode=”livefree-21″]Am-Tech[/do] do produce a whole range of tools and I will also write a quick review on the sharpening set I bought for dealing with my chisels and planers.


Setting the knife into the sharpening slot
Setting the knife into the sharpening slot

Simply place the device on a steady surface and hold it there whilst putting the knife in the groove and pulling back towards you. There is no real need to use force because the cutters will put a great edge without force.

Coarse and Fine capabilities of the sharpener are shown here
Coarse and Fine capabilities of the sharpener are shown here

A coarse and fine aperture allow you to get the knife up to a good sharpness in the “Coarse” groove before fine tuning it in the “Fine” groove.

The anti slip feet on the sharpener are very effective
The anti slip feet on the sharpener are very effective

A small but neat detail is the anti slip ends to the device which prevent the sharpener moving as you use it. Less force is recommended and remember that you will be holding the sharpener so take your time and concentrate.

Checking for sharpness:

  • Take the knife and hold it edge up towards you and look along it’s length to see if you can see reflections in little “dents” along the edge…a sharp knife with provide no reflections at all and you will only be able to see both sides to the knife but NO edge between them.
  • Try cutting into an over ripe tomato…if you have to press down to make the cut then the edge is not honed to perfection.
  • You can hold the knife with edge away from you and slice through an old envelope or piece of paper.


Because of the shape of knives and the fact that you need to get the tip of them sharp too you have a tendency to find the blade exiting the device and hitting the surface you have device resting on due simply to the light pressure you apply on the knife to move it through the groove. I found resting the device on a wooden or plastic chopping board to be the most sensible approach and protects both the knives and the surface.


[do action=”amazon-iframe-product-details” amazonaff=”http://rcm-uk.amazon.co.uk/e/cm?t=livefree-21&o=2&p=8&l=as1&asins=” asin=”B00BEVRZNE” align=”alignleft”/]

Yes it’s cheap but it provides a professional razor edge to your kitchen knives and scissors.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. I have always been afraid to use my knives because they would dull and I couldn’t sharpen them well. Then I purchased this system about 2 years ago.Very simple. Now even I can make my knives scary-sharp. So I don’t worry about using my expensive pocket knives because I can make them sharper than when they were new. Excellent product

  2. Thank you for your great review. This has to be one of the most useful guides to a knife sharpeners i have ever seen. I always thought you need an electrical knife sharpener to obtain the best results but with your instructions, apparently even a 4 pound product is more than enough.

  3. I have created a guide to knife sharpeners at my website, http://thebestknifesharpenerguide.com/ where I dive into the nuances of keeping knives sharp by sharpening knives at home. I have one of the manual knife sharpening systems from Gatco that allows me to add a back (or compound) bevel to the knives for added durability. In the knife sharpener guide, we cover many of the pull through style manual knife sharpeners which are great for most applications. We actually have a full discussion about how to determine if your knife is sharp.