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Urgent Travel Tip from the Old Guy

This will be my shortest post to date I reckon but this is definitely worth reading. My good friend Paula Morris highlighted a problem I have had in the past too so it isn’t just her. We all try to safeguard our valuables when we are staying in hostels etc and invariably we hide them under pillows or mattresses whilst sleeping.

Paula realised when on the plane to Oz that her credit cards and $200 were still under her mattress and would probably be long gone by the time she could contact the hostel….harsh lesson eh?!!  OOPS

Top Tip

  • If you are hiding your valuables make sure you are sober when you do it otherwise risk the dreaded hangover memory loss!!
  • As you secrete your valuables make sure you set 2 alarms…yes two. One to wake you up and the other to remind you you have to go find your goodies…even set another alarm for just before checkout to give you a chance to charge back up to the room!!

Paula…hope you recovered your cards or were covered by insurance  🙂

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. I believe this is truly the saddest and most unfortunate thing to have happened to any traveller. I faced the music of this dreaded hangover memory loss a long time back and recovered my valuables as an outcome of a serendipity I could keep rambling about! To cut the long story short, I would say the best thing to steer away from such trouble is to avoid dealing with valuables after you’re drunk!

  2. Mellisa…thanks for the comment. I truly love the word “serendipity” but am now intrigued to know what that serendipity was…often if you have a good and positive attitude to life then even these really disastrous occurrences are taken care of by some “guardian angel” of sorts!! but your advice still stands…enjoy your drink and go straight to sleep…;)