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5 Secrets To Make Your International Travel Hassle-Free

Travelling abroad is both exciting and challenging. Experienced travellers are well-aware of the do’s and don’ts while holidaying abroad. But, for novice travellers, going abroad can quickly turn into a nightmare if things don’t fall in place. So, here are five secrets that will certainly make your vacation enjoyable and trouble-free.


Having an extra copy of your passport is a good idea if it gets stolen or lost. Further, it makes sense to keep a copy of your passport with a relative or friend in home country to avoid getting into major troubles. Never forget to keep an electronic copy of the passport in your email. Identity thefts are becoming more common if we talk about credit cards. Thanks to the presence of radio frequency chips in the plastic currency that makes it easier for anyone with a portable card reader to steal confidential data. Keep an aluminium foil in your wallet or purchase RIFD-proof wallets and passport case to avoid this.


Many countries require you to take specific vaccinations particularly for Yellow Fever. So, ensure that you have those vaccination certificates. You can also ask a travel agent for updated information regarding this. Most importantly, buy the right travel insurance to combat uncertainties abroad.


Mobile apps turn out to be the best guides when you are in an unknown country. Whether you want to locate restaurants or take language lessons, there’s a mobile app for everything! Next, what if you are travelling to China and want to access Netflix or Facebook? Well, go for Virtual Private Network services. Further, if you want to make free international calls to your friends and family, go for T-Mobile Cell Service.


Use banks and ATMs to convert your money while travelling abroad. Currency exchange centers at the airports are not a good option. Also, while travelling in train or bus, it’s good to have some local cash, as credit or debit cards don’t work in such places. There are countries which charge entry and exit fees, which is not included in your flight cost. For instance, US citizens need to shell out USD $ 160 for entering in Argentina. It’s better to do a little research regarding such costs before holidaying abroad.

Clothing & Electronics

Always keep an extra set of clothes in your bag in case the luggage gets lost or arrives late. A Universal Plug Adaptor is a must-have thing for international travellers. Checking the voltage of your electronics is very crucial because it can be frustrating that inspite of having an adapter you are not able to charge the dryer or iPad.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned points can pave the way for smooth international travel. Also, while booking your air tickets, check out www.flightnetwork.com/airlines/ to save money on flights, hotels and much more.

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