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Birmingham Airport: UK’s Most Accessible Airport

Birmingham Airport has been described as the UK’s most accessible airport with a ‘catchment’ area of over 35 million people who can access the airport within 2 hours, this slightly more than Heathrow Airport. Its central location and proximity to major networks such as the M6, M42 and M6 Toll, along with various routes such as the A45, means that it is within a 2-hour travel window of over 35 million people, which equates to half of the population in England and Wales.

[mappress mapid=”6″]This research has spurred on the chief execs behind Birmingham Airport to push for expansion plans, and ensure the airport continues to add more destinations to its portfolio – especially long-haul destinations, the majority of which are currently served by busy south-east and London airports – and to better serve the British public.

What does this mean for customers? Greater investment in airport infrastructure for one, which applies not only to new destinations and long-haul routes, but to additional factors such as airport parking and better transport options.

Key Facts

  1. For a 60 minute travel time, Heathrow currently has the largest catchment for long-haul by road and rail at 11.2 million passengers, while Manchester (10.3 million), Birmingham (9.7 million) and Gatwick (9.7 million) are not far behind.
  2. For a 90 minute travel time, Birmingham Airport has the biggest catchment, picking up almost 20 million people, marginally more than Heathrow.
  3. For a 120 minute travel time, Birmingham Airport captures over 35 million people – half the population of England and Wales – significantly more than any other airport, and including people from West London, the Thames Valley and out towards Bath.

However you book your airport parking at Birmingham – whether it’s by booking direct, on arrival, through a comparison site or through a tour operator like Thomas Cook Extras Parking – no doubt you are already aware of the wide range of airport parking options at Birmingham Airport. Currently, this includes on-site parking facilities, both within walking distance of the terminal or within a free shuttle journey, and off-site options.

Birmingham Airport also offers a variety of on and off-site parking options, such as meet and greet and valet parking via the NCP. These services are ideal for busy customers, families or potentially vulnerable passengers who prefer to pay a little extra and take advantage of parking close to the airport terminal.

With the news that Birmingham Airport is the UK’s most accessible, this paves the way for new investment in the airport terminal and its periphery services – of which airport parking is a key facility.

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