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How to Find a Cut-Price Cruises

Cruise holidays have become enormously popular and, thanks to the innovative new cruise ships and exciting new onboard activities now available, they have opened up to new audiences too. Whereas cruises were once enjoyed by retirees and those with oodles of spare cash, many families, young couples and budget-conscious travellers are now trying out this style of holiday – and are coming back for more.

Cruising generally represents great value for money. After all when you consider the all inclusive nature of cruising, with 24-hour dining and widespread use of facilities, not to mention all those fantastic destinations you get to visit, it’s a pretty affordable way to visit multiple locations without forking out on separate flights, car hire or alternative transport options.

However, that doesn’t mean that cruise holidays come cheap. So if you’re after a cheap cruise – or if you’re just hoping to cut costs a little, there are a few tricks you can try.

Firstly, get online and use a tour operator to gain wide market coverage of all the major cruise operators. This lets you search for all the itineraries across the board on your preferred dates, so you can compare what’s on offer and filter the results by price too. Also, tour operators regularly advertise special offers so you can usually snap up a great deal along the way.

Searching for a late deal is another useful way to save money. Look for cruises departing within the next few weeks as many of these will be reduced, especially those departing fairly imminently. You can also search for those itineraries departing next year, as early bird deals are frequently available and, when you book in advance, you’ll have the added benefit of extra time to pay off the booking.

Then all that’s left to do is plan your holiday, pack your bags and disappear for a week or more of sun, sea and sailing.

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