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Lazy Days in Menorca

If you’ve got rest and relaxation on the agenda, with lazy days spent snoozing on the beach or pleasant walks through beautiful landscapes, Menorca would certainly tick all the right boxes.

As low-key holidays go, this stunning island certainly knows how it’s done. Most resorts are clustered around attractive beaches, many of which are beautiful golden-sanded affairs with scented pines providing some welcome shelter from the midday sun, and dramatic cliffs tumbling down to rocky coves or lovely horseshoe bays. This part of the world is infinitely beautiful and, thanks to its vast Nature Reserves, makes a great place for a nature-lover’s escape or a rambler’s retreat. Come and explore its sprawling plains and wide open spaces, hike up its hillsides or kick back and gaze at craggy mountainous peaks.

calan-forcat-menorca-spain-airial view
Cala’n Forcat, Menorca Airial View

The vibe here is laid-back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the tempo once in awhile  The main resorts like Cala’n Forcat provide all the classic holiday staples – a gorgeous beach (3 main beaches within walking distance), family-orientated entertainment, fantastic hotels (Budget: Talayot Apartments (£22/night +), Mid-range: Globales Club Almirante Farragut (£39/night +)) and a resort that serves up its fair share of buzz both day and night. It’s got a smattering of bars and late-night venues so you can come and enjoy a few sundowners or get your dancing shoes on for a night out.

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If you really want a bit of buzz, head to the island’s capital of Mahon for chic city culture with all the trimmings and oodles of historic sights. The former capital of is also well worth a visit. It’s a pretty town that’s packed with ancient sights and lovely architecture, with gothic-style buildings, churches and quaint cobbled streets. It’s also home to a swish port that’s fringed with swanky bars, boutiques and fabulous restaurants, perfect if you fancy a little life after dark.

When will you come and try the Menorca experience?

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