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Nile Rodgers And Chic Live At Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury History

People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but the one festival that everyone wants to perform at and see is Glastonbury.  Glastonbury is a music festival for the performing arts.  People travel all over the world to see bands perform, but if you ask them where they would like to perform, they would all most likely say Glastonbury

The festival organiser, Michael Eavis, a farmer in a Somerset valley, stated that he decided to host the first festival, then called Pilton Festival, after seeing an open air Led Zeppelin concert at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970; fourteen people invested everything they had to build the stage.

The first festival was in 1970 and was influenced by hippie ethics and the free festival movement. The festival retains vestiges of this tradition such as the Green Fields area which includes the Green Futures and Healing Field. After the 1970s the festival took place almost every year and still does to this day.

So who is Nile Rodgers and Chic?

When I heard that this man was playing this year at the Glastonbury festival for performing arts in Somerset.  I was overjoyed. He had stated that he had waited thirty years to be at this festival.  His music spans from the late seventies to the present where he is currently seeing massive chart success. This success is with the band Daft Punk that features Pharrell Williams on lead vocal.  The song sold over a million copies in the UK in just 69 days. In 60 years it is the 136th song to break the one million selling status. A remarkable achievement and one that doesn’t happen very often these days.

I first heard his songs by Chic on the radio and then went on to buy one of their biggest albums of all time C’est Chic back in 1978.  Their songs have had people hitting the dance floors to these upbeat disco sounds.  You will all know them when I tell you what they are.  The classic hits from Chic were, Le Freak, I want your love and Good times.  You will probably recognise the intro to “Goods Times” as the band “The Sugerhill Gang”, used the sample on their hit “Rappers Delight”. It helped to move the song from a pure disco song into the world of rap and hip hop. Sampling of major hits has become a trend for many bands.

Record Producer and Singer Songwriter

Although Nile Rodgers has had massive success with his band Chic, he has also wrote and produced some of the biggest songs and albums. He has worked with major artists from all over the world.  If you want a big hit and a catchy tune Nile is your man.

He has worked with Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger and the list goes on and on.

Now To The Performance

Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the best performances you will ever see.  This man performs all his tracks from the band Chic as well as the tracks he has helped pen and produce for other people.  A tight performance by the band, that transfers from record to live music on stage seamlessly.  Many upbeat dance tracks are hard to capture live and give the same impact, as they are all  produced in a studio using sampling machines.  This is not true however for this performance, a live band, with clear vocals, great music and those bass lines in the tracks that really standout.

This performance was not the closing one, this went to Mumford and Sons, but in an open air field, on a warm night, I believe that this was the closing act.  Everyone singing, partying and at the end getting on the stage and dancing to the last track.

A big thumbs up for me, I have grown up with all these tracks and love to hear and dance to every single one of them.   Good on you Nile!

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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