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When Dreams Come True

This is the first post from an inspiring young French girl. She become acquainted with Ian my son who writes on this site and has encouraged her to tell her story. She asked me to review her article and correct her grammar or spelling mistakes. I decided any correction would detract from the vibrancy and soulfulness of the article and so have left it just as it was sent to me….when you read this you will be charged with Nelly’s enthusiasm and will want to become involved.

As it happens …Paul and I are in Nepal just as Nelly is about to land here in Kathmandu to further her dream so we look forward to meeting her and seeing how else she can inspire us….her story starts early in her short life so let her tell you her story..

 My friend Ian

First of all, I would like to say thanks a lot to Ian, my favourite artist, who gave me the chance to write on this great website for sharing my passion of travelling with all of you…

Now please remember I’m French!!

This is my very first article on this site, so I’m gonna give my best to share my different experiences while travelling in this beautiful world.

Born to Travel

I have always thought I was born to travel…Even when I was a child, and like all the children, I had too many dreams…There were so many that I was thinking that one life would never be enough to make them coming true….

A Family Trait

That’s the reason why I started as soon as possible, following the paths of my older sister, Maud, working in the Humanitarian Background… I always have been in admiration for her, travelling by her own, even in the middle of Africa…When I was 16 years old, I’ve got my first stamps going to the beautiful Greece, then joining my dear sister in Egypt where she used to work for a year…Armed with our backpackers, we went through the civilizations, in the middle of nowhere where you can easily feel the spirit of Egyptian life’s style….walking into the Sinai desert for days with our camels and sleeping there with beduins! What a great experience we had, living the freedom life!

Wild times

Crazy Years passed until I got my communication ‘s license degree at the age of 21 and decided to live the American Dream, what I was dreaming about for years, in order as well to improve again and again my English skills…. February 2007, finally, I left for one year and half to live in Florida, in Orlando where I used to work in Disney World!! It has not been the best job of my life but a great experience to travel easily and meet people from all other the world ( Italy, England, Germany, Japon, Mexico, Canada, Brasil, South Africa, Namibia, Indonesia, etc…) I was living the Dream visiting so many National parks like Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Bryce (definitely my favorite one!), Badlands, Zion, Everglades, Monument Valley, Enchanted Rock…. Yes, I always loved nature, starting skying at the age of 3, rock climbing at the age of 9, trekking, well, feeling the heart of the life! Skydiving 2 times and waiting for the third one, surfing, dancing, listening to world music depending on which style of county I was located….!

The Americas

I also took the opportunity with cheap flights to visit the amazing Puerto Rico which I really wanted to see with my friend Mina! We did the tour of the island: saw the wonderful desertic beaches, trekking into El Yunke rainforest and swimming in the crazy waterfalls, salsa nights dancing with a world dance champion, etc….

Costa Rica, ”PURA VIDA” with all these volcanoes, the trekking through the forests and the green lands areas, trying Canopi experience which consists in jumping from mountains to mountains, from trees to trees with a cable and finishing your session with a crazy Tarzan Jump of 40 meters …! YEEEEEEEEES! Feeling free again!

Travelling around Bahamas and swimming with dolphins, lying down in the clearwaters, partying on the boats and drinking coconuts! Never alcohol, never smoking, it’s part of my life’s philosophy, and NO, “I’m never bored, I don’t need all this shit to feel good and happy!”

Cold is COOL

Escaping Canada and its Niagara falls during winter when there is no one at all and being completely freezing~! Some of you won’t like this part of my life, ahah,

Being cold has to be part of my life’s style loving the mountains! 😉

Dancing with people from the world in the streets of Brasil during the amazing Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro, watching the most wonderful show “Arquipancadas” into the stadium of samba, the Sambodromo, admiring the Pao de Acuzar from the top of one of the wonders of this world, the Corcovado, walking in Copacabana, Ipanema, … Taking a new flight to dance capoeira in Salvador de Bahia with Guarana juice and watching the sunset on the beach with Brasilian guys!! Some of you will definitely prefer THIS part of my life!!!! Ahah!!

Boyfriends are just a small part

Waking you up a morning and telling your boyfriend he is borying you and booking a ticket at the last minute to go to Tunisia, having oil massages and hammam sessions, walking in the dunes of Saraha, visiting villages lost in the mountains and eating couscous and fresh fruits with locals.

Booking a ticket to Texas while you are on crutches in France after a stupid accident on a pedalo boat, taking a bus for houuuuuuuuuurs to go down to Mexico, assisting to my very good friend’s wedding, Mar, in Zacatecas, partying with Mariachis, eating Mexican spicy food with a great family, visiting the earth of a magic country inked into a very interesting culture…


Life has been crazy all these past years and still now… .I want to say thanks again to all my friends I met on my long road, it really helped me improving my passion for languages, talking now English, Spanish and Italian! And french of course as a frenchy girl writer! 😉 I love this feeling to be able to talk to so many people without the fence of the language! And people who met me know how much I like talking and sharing stories! ahah!
I developped my passion for photography all along these trips and still now!

After having seen some parts of North, South and Central America and North Africa, I was thinking it was the time to see Asia….

My Grandad….  Nepal

February 2011, I lost the most important person to me, my grandfather…I decided to realize a new dream discovering the very first country I wanted to discover in ALL Asia: NEPAL! I promised him that if one day I had to go to this continent, I would chose this country, so here I planned to go….I worked a lot to finance my project to volunteer there…
November 2011, everything started….a new revelation…I have always wanted to see Nepal linked to my passion for mountains and being so curious to meet a completely different culture…so here I go….


On November 16th, my flight is leaving for the crazy Kathmandu…. going out of the airport, everthing is so new to my eyes! Cars, Rickshaws, people and people, merchants, smiles, traffic, nepali music, flags, good smell of foods….I join my partners Helene from France, Edna from Australia, Diego from Italy and Yusuke, from Japon…We are all here for the same target: going to Pokhara for the first volunteer project in an orphanage… 10hours of crazy bus, be ready for Nepal…!

For almost 3 weeks, we stay with the 13 orphans of Asha Foundation, and participate in a playground’s construction, help them to do their homework, live warming moments with all of them…Assim is the youngest, 3 years old, in beetween there are Enjol, Mina, Sujan, Sandip, Pormila, Ritu, Sumitra, Sudesh, etc… until Shiva the oldest one, 15years old…. I really attached myself to all having no parents and so desirous to share happiness moments like all human being… I couldn’t start better my experience in the Kingdom of Himalayas….Since the beginning of 2012, they are 16, three new girls joined them… For the people who know me while reading me, my name is Nelly but in Nepal, people call me Srijana, it means ”Creation”, it’s the orphans who chose that beautiful name for me.
The experience is just starting, I joined the south of Nepal in Lumbini, where Siddharta Gautama, the Bouddha was born 563 years before J.C… I assisted in the Great Sakya World Peace week, where I met thousand and thousand of monks, Bouddhists, Tibetan, from all other Nepal, India and the rest of Asia.


I became a volunteer painter with the talentuous Migmar Lama, to who I suggested my help, in the wonderful Karma Santeling Monastery…Spontaneity has always been one of my first quality… I found myself into a new world, a new way of thinking, seeing life with a different eye….

Bhorle, Chitwan – All types of work

I continued my road until the Gurung village of Bhorle, in Chitwan District, where I was volunteering giving English basic lessons in the Primary School, on the border of Trisuli river, from Play Group to Class 6. The village is marked by poverty and the missing of equipments. I immersed myself with villagers, sharing the culture and beautiful moments.

I also participated in painting a stupa and building bamboos fence for the workcamp with Puntudai, a kind villager…I attached myself to so many children again and again but most particularly to the cute and young Oudjol, 3 years and half, we became inseparables…He was the bravest, the cutest and the smiIest boy I ever met in my all life… I learnt with such a huge sadness few months ago his death, cratched by a car on the crazy road, and killed straight the way…..Still hurting me…

Trekking in Nepal

January 2012, time for relaxing and trekking…Bandipur, Devghat, I discovered the traditions and wonders of Nepal….Gosaikunda trek in the cold winter, I walk for 8 days, through the frozen lakes until the altitude of 4610 meters high….wonderful experience with my friend Govinda, Bhim Baba and Dave from California…

Sinigal Village

New step with my volunteer program, direction the village of Sinigal, on Banepa’s hills, in the Valley of Kathmandu, where I gave few lessons in Janajyoti School.
I joined 26 people from Taiwan, who were here for medical project and my friend Rich, from England who stayed to teach in the school. For myself, this is an environmental project this time where I involved myself building waterdrains with locals of Sinigal village in the Community Forest! New meeting, improving my nepali language little by little…sharing a lot with villagers…

More trekking

March, ready to trek again and do the Annapurnas Circuit for 3 weeks in total walking until 5416meters, my own actual record to bit! To resume, the Annapurnas Round, it’s a huge trekking getting into constant gorgious landscapes change, with the Gurung, Manangi and Thakali villages which all adopt different cultures…This is the way to jump into the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the crazy 7000 meters pics, the highest ones of this world…But it’s also the smell of the pines, the parfumes of the Buffalos, yaks, mountain goats and donkeys’ pooh…,and then the beautiful Rhododendrons flowers! All along the trail, it’s the meeting with an unique population, Tibetan merchandisers, children’smiles, temples, mani, flags and stones prayers, crazy bridges and various traditions…Finally, this is also the meeting with all the trekkers on the way, nature lovers just like me, coming from the entire world…! Without any doubt, this is maybe one of the best time I ever experienced in my life, the head full of images and unforgettable souvenirs…!

The Orphans

April, the pleasure to see again the orphans and to share this wonderful adventure with them, and time to sleep a bit to have massages and doing naps much deserved after all these efforts 😉

Then, ready to go to Dholka District, meeting the poor village of Thulupatal of my friend Govinda Tamang, 50 km away ” birds flying”of Mount Everest, Sagharmata in nepali…A huge asking of volunteers is requested to me by the principal of the village. Great welcoming from the very local villagers who still speak the Tamang dialect, great time again like every single day…!

Teaching again

I finished my adventure going to teach geography in Tatopani, 4km away from ”Tibetan boarder” ( I mean China…), in Manasarover School where I have the welcoming of the nice Indian teachers and the principal.
I took advantage to realize something which was something missing in my top list of crazy dreams: Bungy Jump at the top of the crazy Bothe Kosi, in more than 160meters up! I did it, what a great feeling of freedom!!

Nepally Dream

All in all, in Nepal, being there, a feeling, an envy, an ambition to create my own project, thus, Nepally Dream was born…A fusion of my own name and the country…

Nepally Dream was born…A fusion of my own name and the country

Nepally Dream has the aim to provide a necessary educative and pedagogical help to primary and secondary schools in Nepal. We will establish an English speaking volunteers network, motivated, to teach the language to Nepali children. Additionally we will organize cultural and playful events for the benefit of the country’s schools and for an orphanage in Pokhara.

Mr Harry, the orphanage’s manager, needs some support to develop infrastructures and equipments in the children building ( kitchen, toilets, regular showers), but also the necessary money to buy scolar furnitures, etc….

A new dream was born…a new project for the future years…

The others dream too

Yet, I’m not the only one who dream, THEY dream as well, these children of Himalayas.. they dream about travelling, they dream about learning English, they dream about a better world, for a better life..That’s the reason why I promised myself, I promised them, to give all my energy, from smile to smile, and to realize all together, this NEPALLY DREAM…

So if you’re ready for volunteering in Nepal and giving them a chance to be happy again and again, feel free to contact me….I’ll be back on May 8th to live in the gorgious country on earth…. I sent John, a great british friend, in Nepal, he arrived in Nepal five months ago to teach English to the children of Tuluphatal…All villagers are so happy to have him in their village and all the pupils love him!!

I’ll join him soon other there, being back myself to live other there to develop my projects and welcoming future new motivated volunteers!!!

Fund raising

Two music concerts events “SING FOR NEPALLY DREAM” have been organized few months ago and I just finished an photos exhibition and sold the frames as donations for children taken in pictures!! It has been a real success….I collected a lot of money to help nepali children….The beginning of many other ones…!!!!

See you soon in Nepal travelers!!!!

And have a look on my project’s page:


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. What a lovely post. A very talented women with a massive heart. I think it is wonderful the work you do to help these children and bring them the love and support that they deserve. Thank you for sharing

  2. Nelly brings another facet to what we all want to achieve on the site…it is great t see folks like Nelly and of course you too Ann really pouring out their feelings…long may it continue

  3. Thank you so much for your support! It’s true that I do all these things with my heart….They need help and I know that with small efforts,we are doing a lot! This is just the beginning of many projects for these children who really deserve our help! 😉