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Day One – I’m alive, the start of a golden age (and a travel diary…)

So, 21st of December turned out to be a load of old shit! I’m still alive, I even gave it an extra 24 hours in case the Maya’s were off by a day… Still here, though grateful to be alive, a little bit bummed out that nothing massive happened. No mutation of DNA, no vibrational energy change, no cataclysmic event that destroyed half the world, nothing.

Well, in fact, maybe all of the above has happened and I’m one of the few alive? One of the ‘massive’ things that did happen on the evening of the 20th was the Internet and telephone lines went down, so now writing offline on the 22nd, I’m still yet to find out whether anything did happen?

I decided to throw an ‘end of the world curry party’ for 11 people, turns out like most people in this world, the Greek’s are somewhat of a let-down and there ended up only being 4 people at the party, myself, Roman & Juliette (French WWOOF’ers/full-time travellers) and Hatti the Northern English girl who is, for the time I am house-sitting, my new neighbour.

So after tucking through what seemed like endless amounts of beautiful homemade curry which we spent the whole day preparing along with a countless number of japaties, we started on the beer and wine (again, enough for 11!), later came chess, card games, some magic (WTF?!) and more drinking! The countdown to the end of the world was quite uneventful, no signs of major catastrophe, no lights in the sky, very normal. :-(.

The next day they left after having been here for the previous 3 days. The hangover from hell soon hit, the rest of the day was a write-off which consisted mainly of eating and cleaning.

Now the 22nd, what did I get up to? Well now that Anika (a friend of mine) has left to have Christmas in Germany, I’m now in charge of looking after her 10 or so dogs, so have to feed them, give them water, walk them, pick up dog shit etc, all very fun. So after rolling out of bed at around noon following a sketchy hungover sleep, I consumed my double espresso for breakfast and peered outside only to see that it looked as though it had been raining all night and is still raining – what once was a dry river bed is now brimming with fresh water from the mountains around. I’m also greeted by two wet dogs (Leica and Anetta, the dogs I’m currently looking after). I put on my claimed ‘waterproof’ trousers and jacket and start marching up a slippery hill to tend to the dogs.

I walk back after doing my duties with +1 dog who was ironically called Paul, who makes quite a bit of noise no matter where you leave him. This dog, was causing problems with the other dogs at Anikas so I had to take care of him for 10 days… 3 hours later of continual barking, I decided to suit up with my soaking wet ‘waterproofs (not waterproof)’ and walk back up to Anikas (20 mins) in the pissing rain with this dog. I’m done with trying to look after it, it has clear mental problems and I can’t be arsed to deal with it.

When I get back, I instantly make a cup of tea to warm my bones prior to putting the fire on and realise that Cortina (Anikas dog) is chewing on my phone! – Fecking Dog!

After gluing the various parts of my phone back together, it still worked! – Good ol’ Samsung B2100!

Now I’ve sat down in front of the fire with some Christmassy Greek music playing on the radio in the background and writing the first entry in the travel diary.

So why the diary? Well, as I’ve decided to be a travel writer in my new life I figure I’d try and improve my writing whilst documenting what I’m doing, boring or not. I’ve never had a passion for the English language, neither been too sharp at writing, but figure I can and will change. If not for that reason, it will also provide some fresh content to the website every day to help with the Google rankings.

I figure it could get pretty boring at times as I will reserve the most interesting posts for the main content of the site and so keep this diary off the main menu.

Please, as always, feel free to add your comments below!

Day one… Done.

Lesson learnt: barking at a dog who is barking does not make it stop barking.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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