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Day Three – Screw You, Universe!

Day Three – Screw you, Universe!

Having been stuck at my house-sit for the last 4 days due to torrential rain and with no internet access or telephone line (more on that later), I was delighted to find out that all of my websites were down and had been from the day I got disconnected from the internet. Why? Well I decided to downgrade my VPS server to a less expensive one as no longer required (due to the sale of Doc Tube), and the new VPS container was shortly maxed out on disk space something I had overlooked.

So without the ability to check my emails and to see the numerous automated warning messages that get sent to you when your close to your limits, my automated backups accumulated, eventually causing the whole server to crash.

Now after 6 hours of talking to my hosting companys support team, all websites are currently up and running again. It definately shouldn’t have taken this long to resolve… note to anyone going to use Hostgator for their hosting.

This was a costly mistake on my behalf. Firstly, whilst people tell you that making backups is essential (which I have to agree), they also have to be carefully monitored, if they are not you run the risk of using all the space up on your server and causing a meltdown.

My second mistake was relying too heavily on emails for notifications of potential problems. Whilst this wouldn’t have been much of a problem back in the UK, the move to Greece has opened my eyes to the fact that the internet and phonelines continually go down, and there appears to be any urgency to fix them (probably due to the current economical situation, but party I think because of their ‘relaxed’ attitude and their unstoppable need to have siesta’s, even during the winter!).

I’ve sinced removed all old backups and re-confured them so this problem will hopefull never happen again.

Maybe an investment into some form of iPhone to help receive emails over the mobile telephone network? Perhaps there is a simpler solution, I’ll have to look into it.

Also just realised it’s Xmas tomorrow and i’m not doing anything! Thank fuck for that. I hate Christmas.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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