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Expect to see people like Ian here.....classic Brit abroad!!

What To Expect From Koh Phi Phi

As an overview of Koh Phi Phi I will try and collaborate as many different experiences and expectations as I can think of from the time I have had here.

Obviously Phi Phi is an island on the south west side of Thailand and lies just north of Phuket which is a notorious ‘moon party island’. The general feel around Phi Phi is a very safe one and everybody seems to be out for pretty much exactly the same thing – Fun times with alcohol combined with gorgeous beaches and scenery! We have tried to cram in both of these things and I can’t say I have been disappointed since I have been here. The island of Phi Phi is joined in the middle via a thin strip of land with adjacent beaches lining it. The thin strip of land is where you have all the bars, restaurants, accommodation and shops so it is impossible to not bump into someone you have either seen the night before or met previously on your travels. This is a great thing if you actually got on with people but could be a nightmare if you’ve had a fall out with someone. The drinking culture here is rife and the parties are fantastic, there is never a shortage of people to go out with. I myself have taken it easy the last couple of days to enjoy the more scenic areas like long beach and its surrounding areas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The waters here are the clearest I have seen in the last six and a half weeks and the sand is bright white.

Food is slightly dearer here than the other islands because you are confined to an almost ‘complex’ style environment so you generally have to pay more unless you go off the beaten track. Accommodation on the cheap is roughly 300 baht per person per night and you can times that by ten if you’re feeling flush or on a honeymoon ;). Western food is between 80-300 baht for a meal like a breakfast or something like a steak whereas Thai food comes in between 60-200 baht.

The temperature here varies between 30 degrees and 40 degrees this time of year so expect to sweat a lot and witness some quite brutal humidity. I would say the average age of this island is between 20-26, with a no holds barred approach being adopted by any age range. If you don’t like to party you can still enjoy quieter accommodation on the other beaches with fantastic bungalows featuring infinity pools, air con, breakfast/dinner and amazing street stalls to shop within. We have enjoyed our stay here intensely over the last 5 days and will cherish the memories we have gathered. No day has really been the same and as always it’s who you are with and what you choose to do that will make or break your experience anywhere in the world.

NB: The mosquitos here are the worst I have experienced so buy a coil for you room and wear repellent at night. They love your ankles and backs of your knees! Hope this helps.

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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