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Moments later he as crying profusely and asking for his mummy. Luckily I have his mum on speed dial....love you Paula!

‘Any Hole 600 Baht’ !!! Part One

So as part of our standard ritual of not doing things by halves we had a very steady day in Phi Phi yesterday. We enjoyed some great food, a mix of panang curries, yellow curries and a continental breakfast for captain safe (Scotty) before having a little stroll about to see what else was going on in town. We had arranged to meet up with Grainne and Ceira around evening to have a few drinks as a pre game warm up and it wasn’t long before the hours of the day vanished and the evening hung over our heads.

We met up around about 7 pm and had yet more food, more curry and more laughs before deciding on the poison of choice for us to drink during our evening’s events. As I can remember it was a ropey bucket of Hong Thoong and coke off the street vendor at the cost of 140 Baht that led me down the ropey looking alleyway leading down to Slinky’s beach bar. It was here where all of us could not believe how many tattoo studios and piercing parlours there were bearing in mind at this point it was around 11pm with their prime clientele being pissed up people and dare devils! We waved at a guy and took a photo of him getting his own name tattooed on his ass whilst his girlfriend just watched it happen and still have no idea why you would get that particular tattoo done ;).

We proceeded with our walk and discussed what we all wanted done, whether it be tattoos or piercings and as it happens everybody wanted something doing. We walked into the open air tattoo studio and eyed up what was going on in there, the girls checked out the piercings cabinet with Scotty whilst I spoke to a girl as she was having an anchor bamboo tattooed onto her thigh. This in itself is very random when you think about it, haha. The sign above my head read ‘any hole 600 Baht’ and yes that means any hole anywhere on your body can be pierced at the cost of 600 baht. A few years back I had my lip pierced so you don’t have to be a genius to work out what happened shortly after my realisation. Within 5 minutes I was sitting in the chair just like many of the other people we had passed to get to this tattoo studio and was presented with a very sterile tray with various gizmos in to pull off the procedure. I can vouch for the hygiene and sanitisation fully for this studio and would probably say it is a more sterile environment than some of the British tattoo parlours.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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